Sitting for the Psychedelic Experience 

Guided CannAbyss Meditation

LIVE Online 2-day workshop

led by Skye Weaver

October 22 & 23
10AM - 12PM Pacific Time*

Learn how to hold space with confidence 

AND experience the healing properties of Cannabis

*Can't make it live? No worries — the recording is included in your ticket purchase!


Sitting for the Psychedelic Experience 

Guided CannAbyss Meditation

ONLINE workshop

led by Skye Weaver

October 22 & 23
10AM - 12PM Pacific Time*

Learn to become a non-judgmental, ethical & competent psychedelic facilitator/sitter

*Can't make it live? No worries — the recording is included in your ticket purchase!

Want to trip sit for friends, family, or even  professionally? Interested in experiencing the sacred medicine of Cannabis?

Join live on Sat & Sun, October 22 & 23
10AM Pacific | 1PM Eastern | 7PM Central Europe Time

10% of profits go to EntheoNation's Sacred Reciprocity Fund supporting indigenous sovereignty.

A 2-Day Online Workshop for deepening insight into issues that may arise in medicine circles outside of the plants' lands of origin.

Join us live on
October 22 & 23
10AM Pacific | 1PM Eastern | 7PM Central Europe Time

10% of profits go to EntheoNation's Sacred Reciprocity Fund supporting indigenous sovereignty.

Awe-inspiring, healing, and downright magical… 

Psychedelic journeys can be all of the above. But how about if things get tough? 

Providing safe, healing spaces is essential for harm reduction in the Psychedelic Renaissance. Especially as psychedelic sessions, ceremonies, and retreats become more common.

Imagine a loved one going on a psychedelic journey for the first time. 

You’d want someone seasoned and trustworthy holding space for them, right?

This is where skilled trip sitters come in. 

So if you’re thinking about trip sitting for loved ones or even felt called to trip sit professionally, this powerful 2-Day workshop is perfect for you. 

You'll learn how to offer healing spaces for psychedelic experiences.

On day two you'll take your own journey with Cannabis - the sacred Mother Medicine. 

Cannabis is what we call a "Somatic Psychedelic". This means she scans the body to identify and move trapped trauma stored in the body and the nervous system as tension, chronic pain or disease.

Join us as we explore non-ordinary states of consciousness in a safe and navigable way.

Here's what to expect:

  • Day 1 - How To Trip Sit

    Develop the skills to provide expert support during psychedelic sessions.

    You’ll learn:

    • What's the difference between a trip sitter and facilitator 

    • How to set up a space, journey intentions, and session boundaries

    • How to create agreements for an integral container

    • How to support someone through a "bad trip" or challenging experience 

    • How to clear the energy of any surfaced emotions 

    • How to close out the journey 

  • Day 2 - Psychedelic CannAbyss Meditation 

    We will guide you through a live cannabis meditation, opening you up to deep transformation and healing in a safe and sacred container. 

     The meditation combines: 

    • Mindfulness practices 

    • Conscious cannabis imbibing 

    • And evocative music

    Our circle will conclude with some integration time where you can journal and share about your experience.

    Don’t miss out on 2 delightful days.

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Meet the host, Skye Weaver

Skye Weaver

Skye Weaver is an Earth Medicine Mentor, Psychedelic Self-Care Specialist and Lead Facilitator for Medicinal Mindfulness’s psychedelic therapy and guide training, "Psychedelic Sitters School."

Utilizing the pioneering work of Daniel McQueen, Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapist, and her training in Hakomi, a mindful somatic psychotherapy, Skye Weaver facilitates CannAbyss Solo Journeys, a legal 1-on-1 medicine journey utilizing Cannabis as a spiritual catalyst for trans-personal growth.

This workshop is ideal for you if:

  • You have considered trip sitting for friends or family members. 
  • You feel called to become a professional trip sitter.
  • You want to join many others who've turned their presence and passion into their vocation.
  • You want to deepen their connection with Cannabis as a medicine.

Whatever the reason, you will be guided through a magical journey with the Mother medicine. 

Register now so you don’t miss out! 

What's a Guided CannAbyss Meditation?

On day two we'll open Sacred Space in preparation for the guided Cannabis meditation. 

When used with intention and within a safe container, Cannabis gives us healing experiences akin to mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, Ayahuasca and even 5-MeO-DMT.

Cannabis is the "medicine of consent".  She allows you to be an active participant in your journey. She gives you choice and agency in the psychedelic space, allowing you to feel safe in your own experience – making her brilliant for people with trauma. 

Working with cannabis helps you build your navigation and resiliency skills. And is a wonderful way to sharpen up your toolkit for experiencing "bigger medicines".

With cannabis, you are no longer a leaf on the river. Instead, you navigate the river in a kayak with an ore, helmet, and life vest. You build your skills, muscles, and ability to ride the rapids of life.


❝ I now have a great appreciation for cannabis.  It has a power that I have never experienced before and took me to new depths which were very surprising.  It reminded me of the work I have done with other “stronger” plant medicines.  The breath work and basic meditative practices in addition to the use of cannabis helped to clear some emotional and psychic blocks that I had been carrying.  Skye was there to help me process and integrate after the experience and I felt that was an essential part in the ceremonial experience. ❞ - Josh L.


❝ I had an absolutely beautiful and profound experience at CannAbyss, and was left with several major insights to integrate and apply back to my daily life. Thanks to the sacred and safe space Skye creates and holds, I was able to enter into a visual state I've never allowed myself to experience with cannabis. I saw my thought patterns as sacred geometry leaving my mind and creating my world. I saw the energy block that's been creating dis-ease in my body as light and had a profound emotional release regarding that. I was able to reparent myself and give my inner child the unconditional love and healing reassurance she has been needing ❞ - Kate S.

❝ I had a deep experience myself, as I continued uncovering some very deep memories that have been arising in these ceremonies over the last few months. It felt amazing to be in a safe, supported environment where I felt I could go deeper than I sometimes do on my own. It was particularly incredible for me to see how this medicine can have such an amazing impact on other people. I am so excited to offer this to others one day.❞ - Lara W.

10% of the profits go to support EntheoNation's


Here are some of the ways EntheoNation supports indigenous sovereignty:

  • Direct financial contributions to communities in the Amazon, such as the Huni Kuin community of Novo Futuro, Brazil, and the Siekopai community in Ecuador
  • Securing speaking engagements for indigenous wisdom keepers in global online conferences
  • Production of indigenous-led music and documentary film media projects
  • Donations to notable NGOs supporting indigenous sovereignty and the protection of plant medicines

We are not yet a 501c3, but envision launching a Foundation in the future.



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Cannabis is a psychedelic?

Yes! When we use cannabis with intention and within a safe container, she becomes a shapeshifter. She opens us up to healing experiences similar to mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, Ayahuasca and even 5-MeO-DMT.

Cannabis isn't my medicine… What if I get too paranoid?

The antidote is in the medicine! CBD can help you "sober up" and come back to your base line faster. In fact, unlike other psychedelics, cannabis has a relatively short duration, clocking in at 4 hours from imbibing till sober.

You can also go as deep (or not) as you'd like. Try starting light with 1 puff then feeling where you're at before taking another hit. You can always smoke more.

What if I can’t make the workshop live?

Don’t worry! We’ll send you the recording which is also included with your purchase.

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