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Can Psychedelics Heal the World?

The public attitude toward psychedelic medicines is shifting, but can they truly transform our world for the better?

Psychedelic Medicine Is Moving from Research to Regulated Healthcare

Dozens of new studies on psychedelic medicines have come out over the last few years, showing that ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin combined with psychotherapy result in substantial, sustained reductions in mental health disorder symptoms

Countries funding psychedelic research now include: Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK, and the US.

The US NIH has given $4 million to Johns Hopkins to investigate if psilocybin can help people quit smoking.

The Australian government has poured $15 million into research on psilocybin mushrooms, ketamine, and MDMA for PTSD and depression.

The Global Psychedelic Drugs Market is projected to reach $10.75 billion by 2027, up from $4.75 billion in 2020.

What are the implications for society and humanity of psychedelic medicine going mainstream?

Join the Plant Spirit Summit to explore the many riveting topics at the core of the Psychedelic Renaissance and the Global Shamanic Revival.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining:

The Shipibo Art of Integral Healing with Master Plants

Honoring Ancestral Wisdom & Shamanic Healing in a Material World

Grounding the Vision: The Art of Integration

Psilocybin for the Masses - Lessons from Oregon

Psychedelic Capitalism vs Sacred Commerce - Creating Regenerative Renaissance

Keys to Advancing Psychedelic Decriminalization Holistically

Mareesa Stertz of Lucid News

Mareesa Stertz,

Documentary Filmmaker, Lucid News

"Forever grateful to the works of Lorna Liana and Entheonation; for being a powerful force in educating the psychedelic space on how to help this movement unfold in a grounded, sustainable, ethical way. It’s through this channel that I found much of my orientation and education around honoring the work of the indigenous, how to participate in medicine work in a way that gives back, and in-depth conversations around the role businesses play in reciprocity; All important elements I'm so glad are available that help me feel informed and empowered in the psychedelic space."

View 18 live panel recordings with experts & community leaders


The 5-part psychedelic integration Career experience (4 panels + 1 workshop)

Interested in becoming a psychedelic integration specialist?

Learn the ins and outs of being a professional integration provider from seasoned experts, so that you can learn what it takes to be an integration specialist that's safe, qualified, and good. Get stories from the trenches, essential de-escalation strategies, favorite transformational modalities, and unconventional wisdom & best practices from the psychedelic underground.


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Can Psychedelics Heal the World?

A handbook for psychedelic advocates & culture creators

Psychedelic medicine is heralded as the new frontier of psychotherapy. Get ready to discover:

The most commonly used natural psychedelics & their therapeutic benefits.

Which psychedelic plant medicines have long-standing ceremonial use.

What promising psychedelic therapies are available (& on the horizon)… & how long will it take for ordinary people to have access?

Learn the options available to seekers of facilitated psychedelic experiences in a world that still considers psychedelics to be dangerous, of no medical value... and continues to prohibit their use.

Deepen your capacity to navigate the nuances and complexities of the Psychedelic Renaissance, so that you can co-create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive psychedelic culture!

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Soul Vine
tam integration
Lynn-Marie Morski, Plant Medicine Podcast

Lynn-Marie Morski,MD, JD,

Host Of The Plant Medicine Podcast

"EntheoNation is an invaluable voice in the rapidly growing psychedelic sector, covering a wide range of perspectives that make the promise of psychedelic medicine so intriguing. From the latest research in psychedelic science to the holistic frameworks of Indigenous wisdom keepers to intrepid journeys of world-traveling ethnobotanists and cultural anthropologists, you will discover a fascinating world of healing and awakening that is relevant to complex modern times."

Voices of the Amazon

See an exclusive indigenous-filmed mini documentary

The Guidance of Yaje - Ancestral Siekopai Medicine Trailer

Directed by Siekopai leader Jimmy Piaguaje and produced by filmmaker Kumiko Hayashi, this short film will give you a glimpse of the importance of yajé for the Siekopai nation, the role this sacred medicine has played in the preservation of their culture, and the shamanic secrets passed on to the current generation of healers by ancestral wisdom keepers.

Condor Eagle: Alliances to Heal

The inspiration to gather ancestral wisdom keepers to share their ceremonies and culture gave rise to the Condor Eagle Festival in Alto Paraíso, Brazil, which attracts healers, musicians, activists, and visionaries from around the world. This documentary explores the origins of the festival and the perspectives of indigenous wisdom keepers on the phenomenon known as the Psychedelic Renaissance.

Novo Futuro: A Huni Kuin Renaissance | Teaser

Filmed in the Huni Kuin community of Novo Futuro in Acre, Brazil, this mini documentary, Directed by Brazilian filmmakers Lara Jacoski and Patrick Belem from Bem-Te-Vi Produções, shares the tribe's decision to open their village to outsiders and seek alliances with people from the Global North.

Sign up for free to watch the full film + premiere screening with the director & producer.

Plus - hear from indigenous wisdom keepers and thought leaders

Taita Giovanni Moriano

Traditional doctor of yagé medicine

Taita Giovanni Moriano (born Luis Evelio Moriano) is a traditional doctor from the Awa community of Putumayo, Colombia. Taita Giovanni has been serving yagé for over 30 years and founded his maloka, “Inkal Awa” (“people of the river and the mountain”), in Medellín 25 years ago.

Fernando Choa Falla


Fernando Choa Falla, whose spiritual name is Nɨmairatofe (meaning “tree of wisdom”), is an author, speaker, and ancestral wisdom keeper from the Witoto indigenous community of Amazonas, Colombia. He is the author of three books and is currently working on his fourth.

Roberto Piaguaje

Traditional Siekopai Healer

Roberto is a connoisseur of medicinal plants native to the Amazon Rainforest. He lives in the present day Siekopai territory located in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon. He is one of the wise men of the indigenous Siekopai Nation.

Juana Payaguaje

Siekopai Wisdom Keeper

Juana is a wise woman from the Siekopai Nation. She holds the traditional practices of women’s healthcare that were taught to her from the Siekopai grandmothers. She knows the care that women must take into account when drinking Yaje and other plant medicines.

Cecilio Soria Gonzales

Shipibo Activist & Communicator

Cecilio Soria Gonzales is a qualified lawyer and Shipibo communicator, the founder of Voz Indigena: La Hora Shipiba, a magazine and radio show about indigenous nations published in Shipibo and Spanish. Cecilio’s work promotes Shipibo culture and Shipibo empowerment and seeks to protect the rights of Peru's indigenous populations.

Jimmy Piaguaje

Siekopai Leader & Filmmaker

Jimmy Piaguaje is a young indigenous leader of the Siekopai nation. He is a communicator for the organization Alianza Ceibo, partner of Amazon Frontlines. He is currently producing his feature length fiction film, Wajokone, about his grandparents confronting the first Spanish invaders.

Victoria Corisepa

Indigenous Leader & Activist

Vicky Corisepa is from the 2000-strong Amazonian Harakbut tribe of the village of Shintuya in the Madre de Dios region of Peru. She has dedicated herself over the past few years to growing her knowledge of the wider world and of the political dynamics that directly affect the series of communal lands across which her people are spread.

Jaime Corisepa

Ex-President of FENAMAD

After serving 2 years in the Peruvian army, Jaime Corisepa Neri, born Mek Topo of the Harakbut community, started working for the National Federation of Río Madre de Dios and tributaries (FENAMAD). He became president of this organization in 2010 and currently in the process of creating a self-governing body for the Harakbut Nation.

and hear the voices of the Amazon!

Featured Speakers

Anahita Anais

NeuroHealth & Psychedelic Expert at

Anahita Anais
Anahita Anais, is a NeuroHealth & Emotional Agility Coach, and Microdosing Expert, who supports individuals and couples to heal their nervous systems so they can live, love, and lead from deep inner harmony.

Mark Plotkin

Amazon Conservation Team, President

Mark Plotkin
Mark Plotkin is an ethnobotanist who serves as President of the Amazon Conservation Team, and host of the popular podcast, "Plants of the Gods." He is the author of several popular books, the best known of which is "Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice."


Greg Lawrence

Psychedelic integration specialist

Greg Lawrence
Greg Lawrence is a psychedelic integration and transformational coach, speaker, educator, and integration circle facilitator.

Crystal Dawn

MD, Herbalist

Crystal Dawn
Crystal is a family and functional/integrative medicine woman, herbalist, writer, speaker, and world traveler who informs and empowers people toward a more healthy, and wholesome holistic life.

Paul Antico

Managing Director, PsychedeLiA Integration

Paul Antico
Paul Antico is the Managing Director of Los Angeles based PsychedeLiA Integration, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2016. He is trained as a Certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Dr. Gabor Maté’s elegant and insightful approach to healing that fully supports plant medicine work.

Abuela Gloria Gonzalez

Ceremony Leader and Spiritual Guide

Abuela Gloria Gonzalez
Abuela Gloria, whose spiritual name is Nanantzin Atekokolli, is a spiritual guide and conductor of Native American traditions, including Temazcal, Vision Quest, and Dual Moon Dance. She has been leading Temazcal and women’s circles since 1998, and is a custodian of the Mexhica Toltec tradition for Colombia. She also performs Tonal readings and shares and practices Toltec knowledge.

Skye Weaver

Earth Medicine and Women's Leadership Mentor

Skye Weaver
Skye is a recovering overachiever who now supports overworked CEO's, entrepreneurs and psychedelic facilitators in developing tools and creating experiences to create more spaciousness in their lives, feel resourced in their bodies and tap into their inherent wisdom for a more sustainable, and regenerative path of service.

Elio Geusa

Director, AYA Healing Retreats

Elio Geusa
Elio has worked with people living with intellectual disabilities and mental health conditions. He has also had the privilege of supporting refugee populations to overcome the trauma of displacement throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Aluna Lua

Entheogenic Guide, Mentor, Founder of Ascension Arts

Aluna Lua
Lua is a multidimensional Brazilian Artist and Spiritual Entrepreneur who facilitates plant medicine ceremonies and initiations and runs an online mystery school which supports lightworkers to integrate their transformational experiences.

Daniel Shankin

Founder, Tam Integration/Psilocybin Summit

Daniel Shankin
As a psychedelic integration coach, Daniel serves people with emerging spiritual visions as they find ways to weave their new-found truths into their lives in a way that is sustainable, harmonious, compassionate and wise.

Richard Louis Miller

Clinical Psychologist, Author & Radio Host, Mind, Body, Health & Politics

Richard Louis Miller
Dr. Richard Louis Miller has been a clinical psychologist for 56 years. After serving on the faculty at University of Michigan and Stanford he founded the world renown Health Sanctuary at Wilbur Hot Springs and the nationally acclaimed Cokenders Alcohol Drug Program.

Atira Tan

Head of Integration, AYA Healing Retreats

Atira Tan
From the slums in Nepal to the Amazonian jungles in Peru, Atira has touched the lives of thousands of women, men, and children around the world, supporting them through her 19 years of experience in various somatic and creative trauma recovery approaches.

Ivaylo Govedarov

Sacred Medicine Retreat Facilitator and Integration Coach

Ivaylo Govedarov
Ivaylo is an ancestral medicine retreat facilitator and guides various practices and rituals around breathwork, meditation, men’s work, Wim Hof Method, cacao and mushrooms. He also is a support at other ancestral medicine ceremonies such as Temazcal, Kambo and Bufo.

Beth Weinstein

Psychedelic & Spiritual Business Coach

Beth Weinstein
Using her experience growing multiple businesses along with neuroscience-backed methodologies, spiritual teachings, over 30 years of experience working with entheogenic medicines, and practical business action plans.

Ali Maya

Ceremonial Healer, Musician, and Guide

Ali Maya
Ali has been a student and teacher of indigenous shamanism, somatic-transpersonal psychology and world mysticism traditions for over 25 years. She holds two masters and doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, exploring the interface of these three threads.

Carlos Tanner

Ayahuasca Foundation

Carlos Tanner
Carlos is the director of the Ayahuasca Foundation, a unique retreat center that also hosts educational courses and conducts plant medicine research in the Peruvian Amazon.

Martha Hartney

Attorney & Drug Reform Advocate

Martha Hartney
Martha J. Hartney is an estate planning attorney in Colorado. She was the first attorney to graduate from the CIIS Certificate Program in Psychedelic Therapies and Research.

Alexander Beiner

Co-Founder, Rebel Wisdom

Alexander Beiner
Alexander Beiner is a writer, facilitator and cultural commentator. He's the co-founder of Rebel Wisdom, a media platform and retreat organization, and of Open Meditation, a non-religious meditation school based in London. He's also the author of a novel on shamanism, and an executive director of Breaking Convention.

Brad Adams

Founder and CEO, Los Angeles Medicinal Psychedelics Society (LAMPS)

Brad Adams
Brad Adams received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology at USC, and recently left his Clark-Kent job at the UCLA Medical Center. He is the Founder/CEO of the Los Angeles Medicinal Psychedelics Society (LAMPS), was Chair of the Los Angeles Psychedelic Science (LAPSS 2018) Planning Committee, and was again for LAMPSS 2021.

Kat Courtney

CEO, Plant Medicine People, AfterLife Coach

Kat Courtney
Kat is an 18-year veteran of Plant Medicines, a traditionally trained Ayahuasquera and Huachumera, a pioneer in the Psychedelic Integration space, the author of the book Plant Medicine Mystery School, and an outspoken messenger for safe and ethical relationships with all the sacred plants.

Meet your hosts

Lorna Liana

Lorna Liana, MBA is the CEO of EntheoNation, a media company and educational platform covering psychedelics, ancestral plant medicines, and global medicine culture.

She is also the Founder of The Plant Spirit School, which offers a plant medicine integration coach certification program designed to help plant medicine practitioners become thriving integration coaches in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

Her latest venture, Plant Spirit Journeys, offers community-oriented, culture-based plant medicine healing retreats in collaboration with indigenous wisdom keepers. Plant Spirit Journeys are designed to support integration professionals in cultivating their entheogenic skills, so that they may rise as Leaders of the Renaissance.

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Marie Mbouni, MD, has been called the entrepreneurs’ shaman. She is a spiritual guide, a consciousness coach, and a trauma-informed sacred ceremony and integration facilitator. 

Marie is founder of Heart Leadership and the Source Codes Mystery School. She is a leading expert in guiding high-performing leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, and creatives to get reconnected and manifest their fullest expression — where true healing happens — so they can achieve high levels of performance, holistic success, alignment, and joy.

Lacey White

As a holistic fitness coach, Lacey is a conscious advocate for embodied wellness as well as a tool for personal and community healing. Currently based in Southern California, Lacey lends her support to projects promoting the ethical education of psychedelic medicines.

As the Program Manager at The Plant Spirit School, she oversees the Psychedelic Integration Coach Certification Program and supports students along their transformational journey towards becoming safe and competent integration providers. She is an avid writer, a compassionate spaceholder, and an eternal learner.

Here's what past attendees had to say

Innovative, insightful and enjoyable. A great opportunity to learn more about the past, present and future of shamanism and the use of psychedelic plant medicines. It was such a joy to witness the open sharing of information and the push to educate and uplift the community. Whether you're interested in traditional practices, modern research or just want to learn more about how the path of shamanism can help you in your own life, this course has much to offer and is a great source of knowledge and inspiration for the journey.

Vicki I

This was one of the most cutting edge, varied and fascinating events I have recently attended. There were such thought provoking, knowledgeable and inspiring speakers in an emerging and necessary field for our times. Whether you are just curious about this, dipping your toe in, fully immersed or studying there was a speaker for every realm such as the history of psychedelics, culture, techniques, modern vs traditional approaches or science. So much to get your teeth into.. Loved it and can't wait for more.

lucy m.b.

I was enamoured by the Summit due to Lorna’s intellect, her comprehension of the vast array of topics she covered and her ability to connect with shamanic perspectives from so many different walks of life. Her interviews were able to bring out the best in all of her guests for listeners to enjoy. It was a wonderful experience to be part of such a gathering of entheogenic practitioners and other complementary modalities. Lorna’s broad spectrum of knowledge and hard work were evident in the quality product that she produced. At a time of global emergence of the use of entheogenic substances, this topic, and the responsible and ethical use of entheogenic substances, is perhaps of greater relevance than ever before.

carol s.

This was the highlight of my year! I was blown away by the quality of the content and the integrity of the program, with a diverse array of captivating speakers. It was an incredible gift to learn directly from master medicine practitioners all over the world. It helped me to better understand my own calling and deepen my relationship with the plant teachers in my personal journey, and each talk left me feeling excited and inspired to learn more. This was a huge service to the medicines and to Pachamama at a time when this work is entering mainstream consciousness like never before.

tara r.

There was valuable information for seasoned voyagers and newbies alike. The speakers all had valuable insights from their years of experience working with entheogens and the topics covered were diverse and inclusive. The highlight for me was to see the underlying cohesion of emerging shamanic & entheogenic culture and gaining a better understanding of its scope. Hours of intriguing listening to be sure!

scott f.

This was one of the most cutting edge, varied and fascinating events I have recently attended. There were such thought provoking, knowledgeable and inspiring speakers in an emerging and necessary field for our times. Whether you are just curious about this, dipping your toe in, fully immersed or studying there was a speaker for every realm such as the history of psychedelics, culture, techniques, modern vs traditional approaches or science. So much to get your teeth into.. Loved it and can't wait for more.

lucy m.b.

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Isn’t “shaman” and “shamanism” technically from Siberia?

A shaman can be defined as an earth-centered community guide and healer who travels between worlds to gather and transmit information that helps individuals and the community.

While the origin of the word “shaman” is believed to come from the Tungus Evenki language of North Asia, whose word “saman” means (very roughly) holder of knowledge. The term “shamanism” was first applied by Western anthropologists as outside observers of the ancient religion of the Turks and Mongols, as well as those of the neighbouring Tungusic and Samoyedic-speaking peoples.

Upon observing more religious traditions across the world, some Western anthropologists began to also use the term in a very broad sense. It was used to describe unrelated magico-religious practices found within the ethnic religions of other parts of Asia, Africa, Australasia, and even completely unrelated parts of the Americas, as they believed these practices to be similar to one another.

Mircea Eliade, Romanian historian and leading interpreter of religious experience, writes "A first definition of this complex phenomenon, and perhaps the least hazardous, will be: shamanism = 'technique of religious ecstasy'."

While it may seem impossible to define such a broad range of phenomena experienced by a pantheon of distinct spiritual and religious practices under a single word derived from North Asian culture, and some argue, to do so is “cultural appropriation”...

The truth is, from a linguistic perspective, language often follows and evolves based on commonly accepted understanding of what a word means by its users. So while the word curanderismo is more accurate when describing ayahuasca shamanism, and pajelança is more accurate in describing shamanism on the other side of the border in Brazil, in the English language the word “ayahuasca shamanism” dominates keyword searches for this phenomenon.

And so it is that “shaman” and “shamanism” have become the accepted, most commonly used words that describe the ancient practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with a spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world in order to affect real change.

A “shaman” is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits. A shaman acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using magic to cure illness, foretell the future, control spiritual and elemental forces, and affect outcomes in the physical world. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.

Is it cultural appropriation to sell digital content about indigenous wisdom and medicine?

This is not an event based on indigenous teachings. This Summit is a practical orientation guide to contemporary medicine culture and presents a general overview of core shamanic concepts found across numerous cultures.

This program does not offer any indigenous spiritual teachings that are considered to be secret or restricted knowledge reserved for people initiated into a specific lineage.  

This program does present different cultures and spiritual traditions, so that if students wish to receive indigenous teachings directly, they will be better oriented towards connecting with a lineage and teachers.

All experts featured in this program have shared their knowledge freely. The indigenous who are featured in this event have granted permission for their knowledge to be shared in the program.

Is the commercialization of plant medicines exploitative of indigenous people?

The commodification of plants, and the expansion of their commerce beyond their native regions has been a practice as old as human civilization. Coffee, cinnamon, potatoes, ginseng, tobacco, sage, and reishi mushrooms were all once “indigenous”.

Many plant medicines, like ayahuasca, have been “commercialized” for a long time already. Like doctors of today, in the Upper Amazon, shamans and healers have always received payment for healing services, whether in cash, food, or traded labor, like helping out with the harvest.

These sacred plant medicines were long administered as part of a holistic health care system, by shamans and healers who received some form of exchange for their services.

Shouldn’t sacred plant medicines be free?

While indeed the plants growing in Nature ARE free, it takes a lot of time, energy and expertise to find them, extract them, then make them into medicine. It also takes considerable time, energy, and expense to lead an all-night ceremony. Typically this labor isn’t free.

Most of the people who believe that “sacred plant medicine should be free” are Westerners who confuse plant medicine shamanism with Eastern spiritual traditions, where spiritual services were conducted for free for the community, and the community regularly tithed the monastery cash and harvest on a monthly basis, allowing monks and nuns to focus entirely on spiritual practices.

To expect indigenous people and native Amazonians to do all of this without pay, is not so different to the colonialism that once made the indigenous slaves of the conquistadors.

We expect to be paid for our work. We pay doctors in the West. Why shouldn’t plant medicine healers and shamans be paid well also?

10% of the profits go to support EntheoNation's

Sacred Reciprocity Fund

Here are some of the ways EntheoNation supports indigenous sovereignty:

Direct financial contributions to communities in the Amazon, such as the Huni Kuin community of Novo Futuro

Securing speaking engagements for indigenous wisdom keepers in global online conferences

Production of indigenous-led music and documentary film media projects

Donations to notable NGOs supporting indigenous sovereignty and the protection of plant medicines

We are not yet a 501c3, but envision launching a Foundation in the future.

Lovingly brought to you by our amazing sponsors & partners!

tam integration