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The Psychedelic Renaissance Needs More Integration Specialists

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Maybe you're...

  • Uncertain about how to bring in a healthy flow of new clients to turn your inspired vision into a real financially thriving plant medicine integration business
  • Unsure about how plant medicine integration and psychedelics will fit into your existing business but know there is massive potential for expansion.
  • Not inspired to take on years of additional school to become a therapist
  • Wanting to earn a certification to show your expertise and build trust with your future clients

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If you are a seasoned participant of plant medicine ceremonies, you may be wondering if you need to go back to school to get a degree in psychotherapy in order to be considered “qualified” to support others with entheogenic integration.

If you are a successful coach, service provider, or healer looking to add integration services, you may have the same question about "qualification" and want know how to attract ideal clients and distinguish yourself amongst all the other healers and coaches.

Together, during the Catalyst Session, we will:

  • Explore the sacred career calling that you envision for yourself, whether becoming an integration coach might be right for you.
  • Map out the most powerful steps you need to take to manifest this vision in the next 12 months.
  • Discuss what professional training might be an ideal vehicle to get you there faster.

The promise of psychedelic medicine to address the global mental health crisis is only as strong as the availability of gifted entheogenic specialists.
You've heard the call. Are you ready to walk this path of sacred service?

Kyle Buller, Co-Founder of Psychedelics Today

“Lorna recently helped my team and me out with a launch strategy for an upcoming training program. Lorna provided such valuable and high-level information during our discovery call, which helped us tremendously in our plan and strategy.

I highly recommend Lorna if you are looking for marketing and online business coaching/services, especially for those in the psychedelic/plant medicine space. 

Many of us working in this space are dedicated to serving, but sometimes get stuck or don't know how to execute the vision or mission. Lorna can definitely help.”


The Plant Spirit School is an integration coach training organization, offering educational programs and practicum retreats for plant medicine people who wish to cultivate the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to become a Leader of the Renaissance. 

We have a proven approach that will accelerate your impact and income.


Receive essential education in psychedelic harm reduction and trauma-informed transformation, so that you can create a safe, inclusive integration space for yourself and others.


Learn and practice a variety of transformational tools, from shamanic healing practices to Western therapeutic modalities, to heal trauma, overcome challenges and reach goals faster.


Get proven online strategies to grow your integration coaching practice, and overcome some of the unique challenges that confront psychedelic content creators.


Lorna's unique medicine involves helping plant medicine leaders launch and grow evolutionary online programs that create magic and money. Here's what they have to say: 

Marie Mbouni


High Impact Manifestation Coach


I "knew" that Lorna & I were meant to work together, that I had my credit card in hand when we hopped on our discovery call.

Working with her was like magic, and that magic attracted money.

I grew my email list from zero subscribers to 2000 fans and made $20K after launching my shamanic business.

One client even paid me $7K in cash!

Jocelyn Mercado


We Are Sacred Planet

8000+ Email subscribers,
$120K in revenue

Lorna, your guidance and coaching has truly changed my life! As a result of creating my first online summit in your mentorship program, I was able to generate an abundance of income - enough to quit my corporate finance job and support my family doing the work that I love every day.

Since I launched, I have consistently generated $120K per year income, entirely from my life coaching business and my email subscriber list has grown to 8000+

Aluna Lua

Aluna Lua, Entheogenic Priestess, Ascension Academy

“I've learned so much in the program.

I would say #1 is strategy and structure for my business. #2 is the huge network of incredible medicine people from all over the world that I met through Lorna and through the Plant Spirit School. And #3, I would say the amount of techniques for support that I can provide for my clients.

The content itself made me a better professional. I would absolutely recommend this program. This program is valuable for people that are working in the plant medicine world and psychedelic industry.” 

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Career Accelerator. 

If your Soul Calling and our approach align, you'll be invited to take the next step. If not, no worries, we'll still give you a roadmap to a  thriving career and clarity of mind. Here's how to apply:

Step 1

Fill out the online application form below (2-5 Min). The form will autosave your answers if you need more time.

Step 2

If your application is accepted, you will receive an online calendar link to book your Career Catalyst Session.

Step 3

By booking a session, you commit to show up for yourself and attend the session at the approved timeslot.

Testimonials & Case studies

from our STUDENTS:

❝I initially signed up for this program for the business aspect and everything shared with us far surpassed my expectations.

❝My experience in the Plant Spirit School has been amazing. The 3 things that have been most transformational to me are trauma-informed care, the knowledge of the different traditions,

and the community.❞

❝I feel like I've graduated into more of myself thanks to the content and the people. Now I have a whole new family.❞

❝This program came to me so synchronistically. It was divine alignment. When I was reading about the program, my body was ringing because I felt like “yes,” this is exactly what I'm looking for. It was so beyond what I had even expected.❞

❝This covered everything. The content spoke to my soul. It's just been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.❞

❝You will learn so much from many different teachers from all over the world. Really the specialists in their space.

❝From receiving the call to work with plant medicine to aligning with this program, I couldn't imagine a better container.❞

❝All the instructors gave a deep breadth of information and a really solid journey that helped change me as a coach

❝Every week we have some incredible guest lecturers and speakers, as well as integration sessions and community.❞

Such an amazing group of instructors. So different, every single one of them, and they all had so much to offer.❞

❝I've learned so much in the program. I would say #1 is strategy and structure for my business. #2 is the huge network of incredible medicine people from all over the world that I met through Lorna and through the Plant Spirit School. And #3, I would say the amount of techniques for support that I can provide for my clients.❞

❝I would highly recommend the Plant Spirit School for anyone interested in learning about plant medicine, trauma informed care and coaching integration. I would also recommend this program if you care about indigenous reciprocity. That was a huge focus during the program. That's very important to me and my mission❞

❝This program is giving people who want to do this from a heart-centered and soul-centered place the chance to work with others in the field. And it doesn't limit you to only being a licensed therapist, because not all of us want to go down that route. So I would recommend it for people who are truly healers in their heart.❞

❝I think what's possibly the most valuable resource coming out of this course is the network of people who have organized themselves together. Our cohort, the people who are really serious, have created a peer support group and are regularly reviewing material and also coaching each other's business development.❞