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The Plant Spirit Summit
The Plant Spirit Summit

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Panel Discussion

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Psychedelic Retreats

If you’ve been looking to go for an ayahuasca ceremony or retreat, you’re well aware that the landscape is not without shadows. Whether you’re considering an international trip or a more local ceremony circle, you need to know what to look out for when entrusting someone with your life and spiritual wellbeing.

Although the prospect of healing and growth through psychedelics is alluring, remember that many self-proclaimed ‘shamans’ enter the psychedelic retreat industry with a lack of experience and intentions clouded by ego. Your safety is paramount, and our panelists provide practical advice so you can make informed decisions when the opportunity comes along.

In this 90-minute panel discussion, you will learn about both the light and shadow aspects of the psychedelic retreat industry - from authentic experiences in pristine, safe, and accessible environments to concerns about predatory behavior and industrialization of sacred medicine.

You’ll hear from:

Tim Cools |Founder of Psychedelic Experience

Tim Cools is a conscious entrepreneur, certified mindfulness teacher, and leadership coach. He is the founder of Psychedelic Experience, an online platform for facilitating global healing and personal growth via safe and responsible use of plant medicines and transformative psychedelic treatments.

Where to Find Tim

Adeptus Psychonautica
Rob| Psychonaut YouTuber - Adeptus Psychonautica

Rob started his channel Adeptus Psychonatutica in 2018 as a creative hobby which documented his own journey with plant medicines. The channel grew over time and has established itself as a place for grounded, no-nonsense commentary, on all things relevant to the psychedelic discourse. 

Where to Find Rob

Erica Jung Headshot
Erica Jung | Spiritual & Integrative Healing Guide

Erica Jung has been hosting and organizing international retreats for over 8 years. Her 20-year career in healing spans western psychology, nursing, yogic science, energy healing, somatics and plant medicines. A wide and integrative background helped shape Erica's unique approach as well as cultivate understanding in what makes an experience positive and effective, and what makes it harmful. Her passion is to help breakdown barriers of access for people and raise the bar in standards when it comes to holding space for people's deepest vulnerabilities. 

Where to Find Erica

IG: @erica.jung

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