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Enhance your shamanic skills by forming an alliance with the tobacco Master Plant

Learn How to Safely & Authentically Administer Hapé to Yourself and Others

Hapé Medicine Online Initiation

A Master Class for Hapé Facilitators and Shamanic Practitioners
hosted by Plant Medicine Priestess Aluna Lua

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Truly uplifting and loving seminar. Deep insight into working in harmony with beautiful sacred Hapeh. Highly recommend this online workshop to deepen your journey with the medicine and holding space.

Sean D.

It was very helpful to see application for another in process. And I love how much personal touch was involved.

Jordan G.

Every aspect of the use of Hape was covered!

Maryanne G.

Are you ready to uplevel your shamanic skills by learning how to properly serve sacred Amazonian snuff?

Rapé (also called hapé, hapeh, rapeh, and rapey) is a tobacco-based snuff used in South American shamanism. This ancient medicine is a mixture of powdered plants, usually containing some kind of tobacco and tree ash, which is blown into the nose of the receiver through a special pipe called a kuripe or tepi.

In Amazonian lore, tobacco is considered a Master Plant. It plays a central role in ceremonial work, and its spirit is invoked to purify, protect, and rid the receiver of negative energies, as well as to cleanse and prepare their mind for other powerful plant medicines such as ayahuasca.

To initiate those interested in working with hapé, we’ve invited Brazilian Plant Medicine Priestess Aluna Lua to hold this very special 3-hour online Master Class on Hapé Medicine Facilitation.

★ The Plant Spirit School Master Class Series ★

Hapé Medicine Online Initiation
with Aluna Lua

Hape bundle

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Why Work With Hapé?

Indigenous belief holds that each plant is imbued with a spirit, and tobacco (Nicotiana rustica) is considered to be among the most sacred teachers in Amazonian plant medicine. It cleansesprotects, and grounds the receiver, and catalyzes stronger connections with other plant spirits.

As the unifying thread of communication between humans and the spirit world, tobacco is used in many ways in Amazonian shamanic rituals; one of the most intimate and powerful forms of working with this Master Plant is by receiving a soplada of hapé.

Hapé can be taken standalone or as part of a plant medicine ceremony. Its effects include physical and emotional purging, feelings of meditative groundedness or nearly psychedelic journeying, and an increase in the receiver’s ability to connect with other plant medicines and extract new meaning and power from them.

With interest in this ancient Amazonian snuff growing in the Global North, many have been feeling called to serve this medicine. However, one must be familiar with a range of cultural and practical aspects of working with hapé in order to approach this powerful spirit with proper respect and intention, and harness its healing and visionary potential in full.

Purchasing indigenous-made hapé also helps support the economic sovereignty of many communities who rely on the financial lifeline that their laboriously hand-crafted, wild-sourced medicines bring in.

Hapeh really is something beyond this physical realm! When I commune with Hapeh, I sit there and my right hand always seems to find a way to land on my heart and I sit there and just smile and FEEL. It is so beautiful.


It grounds me and helps me connect more deeply to my body, my surroundings, to my power, to go deeper in meditation and spiritual work. It also helps me sit in and trust my own judgment. It aids me in focus and manifestation.

Karl K.

My grandmother (paternal) died of lung cancer and had smoked toxic commercial tabacco for years. The very first time I received Rapé I received a great healing around my relationship of hate and grudge against tobacco for her death. My grandmother was there with me during that first ceremony and her memory within me was healed. I understood it wasn't the tobacco that made her sick or suffer.

Laura J.

Who This Master Class is For

This is an ideal initiation for those who feel called to share hapé and facilitate hapé circles in an safe, responsible, respectful way. It was designed for you if you:

  • Are seeking more grounding, presence, and divine support to release your old self and embody the new.
  • Have been receiving healing from the medicine lately and feel called to go deeper.
  • Feel a level of respect and humility toward this medicine no matter how long you’ve been working with it.
  • Are feeling a call to participate in the energy cleanse process of the collective.
  • Feel ready to strengthen your relationship with the medicine with more prayer, songs and traditions.
  • Feel called to support indigenous fair trade, and thus their fight for sovereignty, while simultaneously learning how to wield a powerful plant medicine.

What You'll Learn

Sign up for this Master Class and:

  • Be initiated into Divine Father Tobacco Wisdom, so that you can connect with this Master Plant Teacher whenever you need support.
  • Receive the Principles of Impeccable Tobacco Guardianship, so that you can administer hapé medicine safely and with the highest, healing energetic frequency.
  • Learn Different Hapé Administration Techniques to support different shamanic intentions.
  • Practice the Art of Self-Application & Serving Hapé to Others, so that they can appreciate the flavors and subtle energies of the medicine.
  • Get an introduction to Huni Kuin traditions and the terms used to describe their medicine practices.

What You'll Get

Your purchase includes:

  • On-Demand Access to the 3-hr Hapé Medicine Facilitation Master Class recording
  • The Master Class Slide Deck [PDF]
  • A special bonus video - The Art of Hapé in the Brazilian Amazon
  • EntheoNation's Modern Shamanic Guide to Sacred Amazonian Snuff [PDF]
  • A 10% off coupon code for hapé products purchased from EntheoNation partner vendors

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Meet Your Teacher

Aluna Lua | Ascension Academy

Aluna Lua is a Brazilian plant medicine priestess and trusted advocate of the Brazilian indigenous people. She is a dedicated lightworker, fully devoted to serving the community as an entheogen educator, lifestyle artist, and master of ceremony.

Lua has spent time with multiple indigenous tribes across the Americas and has been a student of different plant medicine cultures for the last twelve years. She embodies her messages and teachings in and through a professional expression of multidimensional art sharing her angelic voice and sacred dance.

Aluna Lua

With Lorna Liana

CEO of EntheoNation & Host of The Plant Spirit School

My name is Lorna Liana and I’m the founder of EntheoNation, a media platform that publishes educational content about psychedelics, modern shamanism and visionary culture. My vocation as an Internet marketer, online business coach, and digital publisher was ignited deep in the Brazilian Amazon in 2004, where I was a guest of the Huni Kuin community of Jordão, in Acre Brazil.

Ayahuasca helped me heal a decade of suicidal ideation and self-hate that I had developed from a childhood marred by intense, daily racial harassment as a child of Taiwanese immigrants growing up in the United States and later, as one of the dominated Chinese majority in colonial Hong Kong, which was ruled by the British. 

Lorna Headshot Photo

In my 18 years of working intentionally with psychedelics for healing and personal growth, I’ve come to understand the extent in which racial trauma pervades communities of color, especially black, brown, and indigenous communities in white-dominated, colonized countries, plus the promise of psychedelic medicine to heal this trauma.

Over the last 20 years, my activist work in indigenous rights and cultural preservation has brought me to:

  • The highlands of Chiapas, where I spent time as a human rights observer in an indigenous Zapatista community, documenting the Mexican government’s campaign of low-intensity warfare against indigenous highlight communities.
  • To indigenous communities in the lowlands of the Ecuadorian Amazon, to bear witness to the largest oil spill on the planet and biggest environmental lawsuit in history
  • To India, Nepal, and Tibet, to distribute aid to Tibetan communities in exile, people who fled persecution by the Chinese Communist government
  • A multitude of indigenous communities in restricted territories of Acre Brazil, as a guest of Huni Kuin, Yawanawá, Ashaninka, Kuntanawa and Puyanawa tribes

While I am not indigenous, nor do I claim to be a representative of any indigenous nation, I am blessed to have spent time in indigenous homes around the world, where I shared their ceremonies, food, fires, hopes, challenges and dreams. In the spirit of reciprocity, I am committed to deepening my work as an ally through financial support and by elevating indigenous perspectives through my work in media and online education.


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