Soul Purpose Vision Quest Retreat March 19-29, 2023

An 8 Week Virtual and In person Experience to Unwell and Unleash Your Soul Purpose

10 Days in Sacred Valley, Peru

3 Temazcal Purification Rituals

5 Unforgettable Visits to Ancient Incan Power Portals

2 Huachuma Ceremonies with Soul Purpose Activations

6 Shamanic Arts and Integration Coaching Training Sessions

3 Ayahuasa Ceremonies with Shipibo Master Plant Healers

WHO THIS practicum retreat IS FOR

Anyone who wishes to learn how to optimize their entheogenic experiences using effective frameworks, tools, and techniques

Experienced ceremony participants who wish to cultivate their leadership abilities so that they can be of greater service to their medicine community

Aspiring or existing therapists and coaches who wish to incorporate plant medicine integration into their practice as a new transformational modality.

Aspiring or existing psychedelic professionals who wish to understand, learn, and incorporate shamanic healing paradigms into their practice

Medical professionals and naturopaths who wish to incorporate evidence-based psychedelic integration into their practice.

a practicum retreat experience for integration providers


Retreat preparation and intention setting

Ancestral tools for cleansing, clearing, and protection


Forgiveness as a
navigation tool

Soul retrieval and power
animal activation


Integration circle

program design


Teddy Wilder Romas Cairuna

Teddy has more than 15 years of experience working with medicinal plants, cooking ayahuasca, and as a teacher and guide.

Rosaura Cairuna Canayo

Rosaura was born in 1960 in the Shipibo Konibo community of Pahoyan, Loreto, in the Peruvian Amazon.

maestro danilo Flores Apaza

Danilo Quispe Apaza is a Papamisayoq, a “lineage priest” and practitioner of the Q’ero wisdom lineage of his Andean ancestors, a path that he has been training in since he was 2 years old.