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Keys to Decolonizing Plant Medicine Workbook

Ready to Begin the Most Powerful Healing Work You Will Ever Do?

Download this free self-study workbook and get started decolonizing your own heart and mind:

  • Learn how colonization persists in sacred ceremony spaces
  • Begin the powerful work of reconciliation & healing
  • Activate and engage in the reciprocity that is needed to heal our planet

An essential antiracism tool for anyone who is considering or growing a business as a therapist, coach or healer in the psychedelic sector... yours for FREE!

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Get the Keys to Decolonizing Plant Medicine Culture

Keys to Decolonizing Plant Medicine Culture

If Sacred Plant Medicines Have Become an Integral Part 

of Your Spiritual Practice, Identity, or Vocation

Get Ready to Begin the Most Profound Healing Work You Will Ever Do!

  • Uncover the myriad ways neocolonialism persists in plant medicine culture, how it continues to harm the indigenous, black, and people of color attending ceremonies.
  • Recognize, take responsibility for, and dismantle the many ways you may have internalized, as well as perpetuated the socially-engineered system of oppression that governs our society, whether you wanted to or not.
  • Explore powerful strategies to activate authentic and impactful reciprocity, and support the indigenous movement.

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