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Becoming the Medicine: The Subtle Art of Sacred Medicine Music

with Abuela Gloria Gonzalez, Anahita Anais, Alexander Beiner & Mark Plotkin

In this panel, we’re going to explore the intricate relationship between music and sacred medicines. We’ll dive deep into the role that medicine music can play both inside and outside of ceremony, how it can facilitate deep healing when paired with plant medicines, and share advice for those interested in learning how to play medicine music.

You'll hear from:

Abuela Gloria Gonzalez Moderator

Ceremony Leader and Spiritual Guide

Abuela Gloria González, whose spiritual name is Nanantzin Atekokolli, is a spiritual guide and conductor of Native American traditions, including Temazcal, Vision Quest, and Dual Moon Dance.

She has been leading Temazcal and women’s circles since 1998, and is a custodian of the Mexica Toltec tradition for Colombia. She also performs Tonal readings and shares and practices Toltec knowledge.

In this interview, we explore the spiritual meaning and benefits of temazcal, what it takes to be a temazcal guide and the rituals and medicines that surround temazcal. Abuela Gloria also talks to us about the origins of the vision quest and dual moon dance and how she started working with these traditions.

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Anahita Anais

Founder & Integrative Microdosing Expert, Microdose Guru

Anahita teaches individuals how to consciously explore psychedelic microdosing in combination with a wide range of cutting-edge integrative modalities to attune their body, mind, and spirit for optimal health, balance, and alignment.

She is also one of the core faculty at The Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification program, designed to empower plant medicine people to grow their thriving vocation in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

In this talk, she shares some of the most effective approaches she applies when working with trauma, as well as leveraging the power of microdosing psychedelics for healing trauma.

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Alexander Beiner

Co-Founder, Rebel Wisdom

Alexander is a writer, podcaster, and facilitator. He is one of the founders of the media platform Rebel Wisdom, and an executive director of Breaking Convention.

In this talk, he shares his thoughts on psychedelic mainstreaming and psychedelic capitalism, and discusses some of the ways we can create a healthy psychedelic ecosystem. Beiner also discusses these topics in his upcoming book The Bigger Picture: How psychedelics can help us make sense of the world.

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Mark Plotkin

Amazon Conservation Team, President

Mark Plotkin is an ethnobotanist who serves as President of the Amazon Conservation Team, and host of the popular podcast, Plants of the Gods. He is the author of several popular books, the best known of which is Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice.

In this talk, he shares about the impact the Psychedelic Renaissance is having on indigenous societies and wild populations of plants and animals.

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