Workshop – Keys to Decolonizing Plant Medicine Culture


Are sacred plant medicines a core part of your spiritual identity or vocation?

The globalization of plant medicines like ayahuasca has unfolded much like the expansion of yoga to the West: there are now far more non-indigenous people drinking ayahuasca, holding ceremonies, and making money from plant medicines than there are indigenous.

Most would agree that increased access to plant medicine healing is beneficial to humanity.

How might it be possible for people from the Global North to participate in medicine culture without inadvertently perpetuating colonialism and cultural appropriation?

In this Live Workshop, we’ll discuss:

  • The most common misunderstandings white folks have about the cultural appropriation of plant medicines.
  • The harm that comes from unintentionally weaponizing well-meaning spiritual truisms in racialized society, and the antidote to this.
  • How unexamined colonialism and white supremacy creates harm in the plant medicine community, and how to heal this.
  • The myriad ways to become a true ally to the indigenous movement, that are far more effective than keyboard warriorship.

This is an ideal workshop for people who have been racialized as white, who consider the use of ancestral plant medicines to be a core part of their professional or spiritual practice, who genuinely wish to make a massive, positive impact in the world.

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Thursday, March 11th

2pm – 4pm EST (New York) Time

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Saturday, March 13th 

10am – 12pm EST (New York) Time


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