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Prospectus for The Plant Spirit School 2022


  • A curriculum that integrates ancient and contemporary healing modalities, so that transformation is sacred, culture-based, and relevant to modern life
  • Highly effective transformational tools that anyone can use, without having to be a licensed therapist, mental health counselor, or medical professional
  • A trauma-based approach to working with coaching clients who are still in expanded, highly-sensitive emotional states after their ceremony
  • How to grow a thriving, heart-centered integration coaching practice, while overcoming the unique challenges of establishing a service-based business in the psychedelic sector


You're invited to join the Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification Program. Not your typical psychedelic therapy training program taught by the same old rotation of academics, therapists, and scientific researchers, this program is also a Career Accelerator, designed to help you build a transformational coaching practice online.

You will learn from seasoned practitioners, therapists and coaches who have been actively healing clients and leading ceremonies, retreats and integration programs for years, if not decades. Here's what to do next:

Apply for a Career Catalyst Session

Congratulations for enrolling in the Plant Spirit School Coach Certification Program

If you are an existing or aspiring coach who wishes to offer plant medicine integration coaching as a transformational modality to your practice, you are invited to apply for a Career Catalyst Session to determine your best pathway forward towards creating a thriving vocation in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

Currently, the rising demand for psychedelic retreats and experiences outpaces the supply of qualified psychedelic-assisted therapy practitioners. There is a tremendous need for qualified and experienced coaches and therapists to support people through the profoundly transformational process.

Together, during the Catalyst Session, we will:

  • Explore the sacred career calling that you envision for yourself, whether becoming an integration coach might be right for you.
  • Map out the most powerful steps you need to take to manifest this vision in the next 12 months, and
  • Discuss whether the Plant Spirit School is an ideal vehicle to get you there faster, or whether it makes sense to go back to school to become a therapist.

PLEASE NOTE: We are only allocating Catalyst Sessions to applicants who are committed to growing a thriving career as an integration coach or therapist in the rapidly expanding legal psychedelic sector, right NOW, who are actively looking into professional training.

We understand that legal psychedelic medicine is a new frontier and that the choice of professional training programs is a serious one. If it feels aligned, we may explore whether the Plant Spirit School Coach Certification training is the right fit for you at this time.

Complimentary Catalyst Sessions are limited and only offered certain times of the year. If you are ready to step into leadership in the rapidly expanding legal psychedelic sector, submit your application and claim your Career Activation roadmap today!