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Is an integration practicum retreat right for you?

Unlike most plant medicine retreats (that are entirely oriented towards personal healing), integration practicum retreats are exclusively designed for aspiring or existing plant medicine integration coaches or therapists to cultivate and practice their integration skills under the guidance of mentors.

The Plant Spirit School is an educational platform brought to you by EntheoNation, with workshops, courses, and high-level training designed to support emerging leaders in catalyzing their careers in the Psychedelic Renaissance.   

We offer FREE Catalyst Sessions to help you chart your path forward in this expanding professional sector. Together, during the Catalyst Session, we will:

  • Explore the sacred career calling that you envision for yourself and whether this practicum retreat might be right for you
  • Discuss what you’ll learn during this 8 week spiritual accelerator and how it will help catalyze your thriving vocation 
  • Map out what type of professional training might be an ideal vehicle to realize your dreams, and explore whether any of our programs align with your vision.

The promise of psychedelic medicine to address the global mental health crisis is only as strong as the availability of experienced entheogenic specialists, who possess not only intellectual knowledge, but embodied wisdom in their field.
You've heard the call. Are you ready to walk this path of sacred service?


our programs vary in price, depending on the length, location, and level of support provided.

our practicum retreats

$3500 - $7500

we offer training programs to support different stages of the leadership journey.

our professional training programs

$970 - $25,000

from monthly membership to high-end, creative agency services, it is an honor to serve emerging leaders of the renaissance.

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You want to become a thriving integration coach. We can help you get there.

 If your Soul Calling and our approach align, you'll be invited to take the next step. If not, no worries, you'll still get clarity of mind and guidance on other trainings.

Here's how to apply:

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Fill out the online application form below (2-5 Min). The form will autosave your answers if you need more time.

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Here's what students of our Integration Coach Certification Program have to say about the quality of their experience in the Plant Spirit School.

Bruriyah De Leon


Plant Spirit School

"Your program is absolutely spectacular. I can see how much energy you’ve invested into it. It’s so incredible and world class. I’m just so grateful to be a part of it in any capacity."

Plant Spirit School Student


Plant Spirit School

"I did a lot of research before I chose the Plant Spirit School for my Plant Medicine Integration Coaching certification and I now know I found the right people and organization to do this training with."  


Plant Spirit School

"I love the transparency of faculty, cohort, the human element, the resources, continuous feedback to improve, the respect to indigenous traditions and honoring the lineages."


Lorna Liana, Founder of EntheoNation and The Plant Spirit School, helps visionary leaders launch and grow evolutionary online programs that create magic and money. Here's what they have to say: 

Marie Mbouni


High Impact Manifestation Coach


I "knew" that Lorna & I were meant to work together, that I had my credit card in hand when we hopped on our discovery call.

Working with her was like magic, and that magic attracted money.

I grew my email list from zero subscribers to 2000 fans and made $20K after launching my shamanic business.

One client even paid me $7K in cash!

Jocelyn Mercado


We Are Sacred Planet

8000+ Email subscribers,
$120K in revenue

Lorna, your guidance and coaching has truly changed my life! As a result of creating my first online summit in your mentorship program, I was able to generate an abundance of income - enough to quit my corporate finance job and support my family doing the work that I love every day.

Since I launched, I have consistently generated $120K per year income, entirely from my life coaching business and my email subscriber list has grown to 8000+

Aluna Lua

Aluna Lua, Entheogenic Priestess, Ascension Academy

“I've learned so much in the program.

I would say #1 is strategy and structure for my business. #2 is the huge network of incredible medicine people from all over the world that I met through Lorna and through the Plant Spirit School. And #3, I would say the amount of techniques for support that I can provide for my clients.

The content itself made me a better professional. I would absolutely recommend this program. This program is valuable for people that are working in the plant medicine world and psychedelic industry.” 

ABout the founder, lorna liana

Lorna Liana

Deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, Lorna Liana discovered her purpose and her divine calling while drinking ayahuasca with indigenous wisdom-keepers. She was given a mission:

“To leverage emerging technologies to preserve indigenous traditions, so that ancient wisdom can benefit the modern world, and technology can empower indigenous people.”

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In pursuit of this mission, Lorna became a digital media strategist to sustainable brands, social ventures, and high-tech companies, as well as an online business coach to visionary entrepreneurs. She is the CEO of EntheoNation, a media company covering psychedelics, modern shamanism, and visionary culture. She is also the Founder of The Plant Spirit School, an online school offering workshops, programs, and 1-to-1 mentoring to individuals and professionals in the psychedelic and plant medicine sector.

With over 25+ years of psychedelic exploration and 100s of ceremonies, Lorna is an advocate for the safe, intentional use of entheogens as a tool of self-mastery, as well as the practice of sacred reciprocity. She credits the intentional use of ancestral medicines, such as ayahuasca and magic mushrooms, for healing a lifetime of racial and colonial trauma. Her experience growing up in colonial Hong Kong informs her work on plant medicine decolonization and inspires her to further the expansion of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the psychedelic sector.