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Maestro Teddy Wilder Romas Cairuna,
Samia Biruany Huni Kuin, Lorna Liana,
Marc-John Brown & Aluna Lua



Get Soul-Aligned Strategies for Growing a Sacred, Reciprocity-Oriented Business As a Plant Medicine Integration Provider

If you're a facilitator, guide, healer, coach, or therapist who shares holistic, shamanic, and ancestral approaches to healing and transformation, join us live at:

February 27 - March 3
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for this 5-Day Sacred Revenue & Reciprocity Challenge

...And Get Ready to Rise as a Leader of the Renaissance!

100% of the revenue generated from the Sacred Revenue & Reciprocity Accelerator goes to support indigenous sovereignty through our Sacred Reciprocity Fund.

Your participation will directly contribute to indigenous communities.
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Are You a Plant-Medicine Inspired

 guide, facilitator, ceremony leader, therapist, or integration specialist?

Do you long to grow a sacred business that leaves a lasting positive legacy?

Are you ready to accelerate financial abundance in a high-integrity way, and become a force for prosperity in your community, through the beacon of your sacred values?

Have ancestral plant medicines transformed your life that you dream of being able to give back to indigenous communities in a way that’s meaningful to THEM?

As interest in the healing potential of visionary plant medicine expands around the world, there is a tremendous need for experienced service providers who are safe, qualified, and culturally-informed to support people through the profoundly transformational process, especially in Western societies.

A need for cross-cultural bridgekeepers who are familiar with the growing and evolving landscape of global medicine culture and the numerous ways in which people are undertaking psychedelic experiences, especially with ancestral plant medicines.

Bridgekeepers who understand the needs of people in industrialized societies of the Global North, and how the more holistic approaches of ancestral lineages of the Global South can help.

But maybe you feel deeply conflicted. Maybe:

  • You recognize that the economic forces driving the expansion of the Psychedelic Renaissance have their roots in colonialism, and are uncertain how to grow an ethical service-based business that doesn’t inadvertently perpetuate inequality
  • You wish for your business to be a force of wealth distribution in your community, as well as financial support for important causes, but you are worried that raising your rates will make you an “elitist”
  • You are a developing unique products, programs or services, and wish to grow a company that makes a meaningful social impact in the psychedelic sector, but are not sure what causes to align with
  • You have been very prosperous in your underground practice, and ready grow a more visible brand, but unsure how to do so in a way that reflects “right relationship” to the medicines you work with, and table”, but this also limits your ability to support heir cultures of origin
  • You have a full therapy practice, and have hit an income ceiling…how might it be possible to raise more to give more, if you don’t have extra billable hours to offer?
  • You have kept your prices low, so that you remain “afford causes you deeply care about. You feel as if you are making insufficient impact.
  • You struggle with the narrative that “true healers should heal for free”, which prevents you from charging higher fees, but fills your calendar with freebie seekers. You know that there must be a better way.

Here’s what you DO know.

Sacred plant medicines and ancestral practices have been a defining influence on who you are, and you have deep cultural appreciation, respect, and honor for the way that they have helped you. Yet your gifts, skills, experience and philosophies are also deeply rooted in the Western world.

While your teachers might live in villages and forest communities where exchange for their healing and spiritual care takes a myriad of forms, from help with the upcoming harvest, the offering of freshly hunted wild game, or chickens instead of cash, their reality is not your reality, NOR the reality of the people you serve.

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You and your clients are citizens of prosperous, industrialized countries in the Global North, one that is founded upon a capitalist economy, where the vast majority of people have to generate enough recurring, monthly income in order to pay for for rent, gas, electricity, insurance, Internet, mobile phone service and more, on a monthly basis. Therefore you must be able to build a service-business model that generates ample revenue for you to survive, thrive, and give back within a capitalist system you have limited control over.

And you are conscientious enough to recognize that, as ancestral medicines continues to expand being their cultures of origin, those who are in positions of privilege - the growing wave of nonindigenous plant medicine shamans, therapists, coaches, guides, healers - are benefiting so much more from the Psychedelic Renaissance, than the indigenous who were the ancestral wisdom keepers.

So if the question about how to grow your spiritually oriented, service-based business in a way that is ethical, abundant, and gives back in a meaningful way is at the forefront of your mind, then you are invited to explore ALL the possibilities, during this powerful 5 day challenge!

100% of the revenue generated from the Sacred Revenue & Reciprocity Accelerator goes to support indigenous sovereignty through our Sacred Reciprocity Fund.

Your participation will directly contribute to 

indigenous communities.



If you are a psychedelic or plant medicine ceremony leader, facilitator, guide, healer, therapist, or coach who offers sessions by the hour, or organizes regular circles, retreats, meditations or song circles that involve selling individual seats each time, know that there is a better way.

DiscoverThe 3 Pillars of

AUTHENTIC reciprocity-oriented revenue

If you are a psychedelic entrepreneur, small business owner, or service provider who wishes to leave a lasting positive legacy through a Sacred Reciprocity program that reflects your values, join us for this powerful 5-day master class series!



For so many of us, whose lives and vocations have been profoundly transformed through our work with visionary plant medicines, it can be hard to ask for adequate financial compensation for the sacred work we do, especially if we are operating spiritually oriented businesses.

However, unless we are operating a nonprofit organization that is funded through government or foundation grants, and individual donors, we MUST charge enough for our services…or we will go out of business.

If you dream of growing a business that is an unstoppable force for good, it is essential you design it in such a way that it will support you, your team, and your causes through sustainable, ethical profit.



One of the biggest challenges that many transformational service providers face is is the struggle between offering services that are affordable and equitably priced, versus high-end premium offers that reflect the value for the high-touch, support, care, expertise, experience, and skills you provide, for all the years you spent mastering your craft.

However, starting low is exceedingly difficult at the in the early stages of your business, especially if you don’t have a large, existing audience or know how to run profitable ad campaigns.

Learn how to shift from the constant hustle of searching for new clients to growing recurring revenue programs.



If you truly wish to grow an equitable business that is a force of liberation and positive social impact, you must FIRST steward your company to financial success. We’ll explore the 3 foundations of a reciprocity-oriented business - Life Sustainability, Team Sustainability, and Community Sustainability.

Utilizing the law of reciprocity in real-life practice not only creates a respectful foundation of doing business, it shifts psychedelic capitalism from a place of simply taking. You can differentiate your business by becoming curious, understanding all stakeholders, what their needs are, and how to move forward together. Creating a balance is vital and relationships are at the center of this.

Here's what you will learn

  • Ethical Revenue: 3 powerful reasons why people are choosing values-oriented psychedelic businesses, organizations and service-providers
  • Ethical Commitment: What an authentic, sincere commitment actually looks like, and why it’s rewarding for you, your business, your community, and your causes
  • Recurring Programs: It is essential that you have in place a high-end “signature program” that serves as an anchor of financial stability for your service-based business, while generating funds to support your causes or scholarships for worthy, low-income clients.
  • Recurring Clients: In order to end the endless hustle for new clients, you will need to have a system set up that allows you to take automatic monthly payments.

In 5 days you'll develop

  • Your Sacred Vision 
  • Your Core Values
  • Your Reciprocity Oriented Business Model
  • Your Core Commitments
  • Equitable Event Idea Generator
  • Your Impact Community
  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Dream Come True Program Title
  • Your Reciprocity-Oriented Contribution Structure

A Cross-Cultural Collaboration




Lorna Liana

CEO of EntheoNation & Founder of The Plant Spirit School

CEO of EntheoNation & Founder of The Plant Spirit School



Marc-John Brown

Head Coaches, Plant Spirit School Integration

Coach Certification Program

Head Coaches, Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification Program



Aluna Lua

Multi-Dimensional Artist, Entheogenic Specialist,

Sacred Business Mentor

Aluna Lua

Multi-Dimensional Artist, Entheogenic Specialist, Sacred Business Mentor

Teddy Wilder Romas Cairuna

Teddy Wilder Romas Cairuna

Shipibo Master Plant Healer

Shipibo Master Plant Healer

Sâmia Biruani Huni Kuin

Sâmia Biruani Huni Kuin

Leader Of The Mawa Isa Keneya

Leader Of The Mawa Isa Keneya

Learn More about:


Lorna is Founder & CEO of EntheoNation, Host of the Plant Spirit Summit & Founder of the Plant Spirit School.

Back in 2004, while drinking visionary plant medicines with indigenous shamans in the Brazilian Amazon, she discovered her soul's mission:

“To leverage emerging technologies to preserve indigenous traditions, so that ancient wisdom can benefit the modern world, and technology can empower indigenous people.”


Marc-John is a conscious entrepreneur from Edinburgh, as well as a Head Coach at the Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification Program. Among his many callings are: ceremony & retreat facilitation, plant medicine integration and coaching, writing and public speaking, indigenous capacitation and liaising.

He has been a practitioner of modern shamanism since 2008, and these studies have taken him to work, and be in contact with, tribal shamans of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Korea, and Malaysia.

Aluna Lua

Aluna Lua is the founder and CEO of the multimedia production company Ascension Arts. She works as a performing artist, ceremony guide, plant medicine integration coach and expert Tobacco Keeper and Kambo practitioner.

Lua is from Brazil and was raised as a performance artist and dancer in Sao Paulo. After 14 years of deep initiations with the Santo Daime church and multiple indigenous tribes in Brazil and South America, Lua now lives in Los Angeles and serves her community as a respected ambassador of indigenous tribes, guardian of the medicines and trusted ceremony facilitator.

As a successful entrepreneur, Lua has developed a passion in teaching sacred business, creative direction and branding with the intention of supporting her clients to generate sustainable wealth, cultivate sacred reciprocity with indigenous people and create positive impact in the world through artistry and service.

Teddy Wilder Romas Cairuna

Teddy has more than 15 years of experience working with medicinal plants, cooking ayahuasca, and as a teacher and guide.

Teddy first cooked ayahuasca with his grandfather, who was a traditional healer, at the age of 14. Soon after, he completed his first Master Plant dieta, and was crowned Onanya at 26, considered fit to heal and sit with elders in ayahuasca ceremonies.

Sâmia Biruani Huni Kuin

Sâmia Biruani is from Aldeia Pinuya, located near the city of Tarauacá, Acre, Amazon. She is one of the leaders and coordinators of the female cultural group Mawa Isa Keneya, which does an important job of strengthening the study of traditional chants, together with the instruments and studies of forest medicine and women's healing.

She recently returned to Acre from a journey of immersion in Europe, taking the energy of mother nature in her tradition outside of Brazil. She is currently on the path to becoming a Pajé, having already done the Samakey, Muka's diet, further strengthening the Huni Kuin women's empowerment movement.

Aluna Lua

 Aluna Lua,
Entheogenic Priestess,
Ascension Academy

“I chose Lorna as my private mentor because I was impressed and inspired by the quality of her media platform and online business systems.

I am an advocate of the Brazilian indigenous communities and last year I reached out to Lorna for support.

In a few months, we brought indigenous wisdom keepers to speak at different global online conferences and created a live virtual workshop that collected over $7k in donations!

I am so grateful to finally meet a powerhouse woman in the entheogenic community that holds the same integrity with the medicines and traditions like I do.” 

Become an Unstoppable Force for

ethical income in the psychedelic renaissance

The psychedelic sector is one of the fastest-growing professional sectors in the world. As the Psychedelic Renaissance expands, the economic benefits of this $3.2 billion dollar industry are predominantly flowing towards venture-backed companies and other large-scale commercial interests, whose primary motives are profit maximization, rather than the expansion of healing in a way that is equitable and inclusive.

As interest in ancestral medicines expands around the world, growing numbers of plant medicine inspired practitioners from the Global North are joining this emergent service sector to build thriving vocations as ceremony facilitators, therapists, coaches, guides, and sitters. The wave of ayahuasca awakenings igniting the Western world have made a significant demographic impact - now more non-indigenous ceremony facilitators and participants than there are indigenous.

In spite of the economic boom, indigenous communities in the Global South continue to struggle for sovereignty, in the face of continued violence, political oppression, economic poverty, and loss of ancestral territories. There is an urgent need for more support from allies in the Global North.

How might it be possible for service providers to engage with the global expansion of ancestral plant medicines in a way that is ethical, sustainable, inclusive and in right relationship with the indigenous communities that have been the stewards of these ancient practices?



5 day challenge - The Sacred Revenue & Reciprocity Accelerator Bundle

what you'll learn

  • The true meaning of ethical profit in the psychedelic healing space and where its relevance resides.
  • How we can bake in reciprocity as an integral part of our business model and how profit enhances this.
  • The true meaning of cross-cultural program offerings and how to use this to deeply honor indigenous wisdom lineages, rooting said offerings in responsibility and integrity.
  • How to powerfully create empowered partnerships that help you to build a business that is equitable and inclusive.

what you'll get

  • Lifetime access to the replay recordings so that you can review the trainings at your own convenience
  • Downloadable fill in the blank workbook so that you can gain crystal clarity on your sacred revenue plan for 2023
  • List of organizations to align with to jumpstart your Sacred Reciprocity Program
  • A fill in the blank Sacred Reciprocity statement and pledge so that you can lead with your values in a clear and powerful way, so that you can attract the soulmate clients who will choose YOU over the myriad other service providers in your space


your bonuses

Bonus 1

In many indigenous communities, the practice of giving back is considered the most important, backbone principle of life. For the plant medicine community, sacred reciprocity entails a restitution for receiving sacred experiences and ancestral medicines often guarded for centuries by indigenous wisdom keepers.

Sacred Reciprocity School is a collection of workshops and resources exploring strategies that support the global expansion of plant medicines with integrity, in allyship to indigenous people and the planet.

Get inspired by case studies of plant medicine inspired individuals and organizations actively engaged in furthering indigenous sovereignty, and join the movement!

Bonus 2

Part antiracism training, part decolonization workshop, this compact training will help you identify colonial, discriminatory, appropriative, and extractive influences in the psychedelic and plant medicine community, as well as within your own psyche. You will receive the keys to systematically dismantle these internalized mechanisms and replace them with inclusivity, kindness, support, and reciprocity.

Featuring in-depth study modules, as well as self-reflection guides and workshops with both Western and indigenous space holders, the Keys offer unique and necessary material to explore these vital topics

Mareesa Stertz of Lucid News

Mareesa Stertz,
Documentary Filmmaker,
Lucid News

“Forever grateful to the works of Lorna Liana and EntheoNation for being a powerful force in educating the psychedelic space on how to help this movement unfold in a grounded, sustainable, ethical way.

 It’s through this channel that I found much of my orientation and education around honoring the work of the indigenous, how to participate in medicine work in a way that gives back, and in-depth conversations around the role businesses play in reciprocity; all important elements I'm so glad are available that help me feel informed and empowered in the psychedelic space.”

What Is


Sacred Reciprocity refers to the mutual exchange of value and energy that must take place between all living things in order to maintain harmony and balance in the natural world. This concept of giving and receiving has its origins in many indigenous cultures – in Quechua, for example, the word for sacred reciprocity is Ayni.

For Western people using ancestral plant medicines, sacred reciprocity looks like giving back to indigenous groups, perhaps financially or by working to fight ecological issues related to their community. It also involves engaging in responsible, sustainable, and respectful use of the medicines.

What Does it Mean to be a


A “liberatory leader” is someone who wishes to leverage their position of leadership to make a meaningful contribution towards collective liberation. They have a strong commitment to social justice and are engaged in the ongoing work of antiracism, diversity, equity and inclusion.

In the Psychedelic Sector, this may involve using their privilege to elevate thought leaders from marginalized backgrounds or offer BIPOC scholarship for their programs. Or doing the work to create safer, more inclusive ceremonial spaces for BIPOC participants, who may be healing from violence and racial trauma. They recognize that the work of dismantling systems of oppression is both internal as well as external, might often feel thankless and fraught with hostility by those who refuse to believe that systemic inequality continues to exist. The work of creating an antiracist, reciprocity-oriented business takes additional time, energy, and resources, on top of the responsibilities of running a company. But they do it because it is right. They want:

  • Want personal and collective freedom
  • Yearn to practice radical service and create a unique impact in the community
  • Equity minded businesses 


We welcome anyone who wishes to uplevel their own practice and contribute towards co-creating a safe, inclusive, and diverse medicine community, in right relationship to the ancestral cultures that continue to hold these medicines sacred.

This 5-day challenge is ideal for:

  • A Western plant medicine facilitator holding nontraditional ceremonies with medicine from Hawaii, who feels called to deepen your understanding of ancestral ways and indigenous culture, and make a difference
  • A psychedelic facilitator, guide, therapist or integration provider whose thriving vocation grew out of their life-transforming experience with indigenous wisdom keepers in their native communities, who feels called to show up in solidarity
  • A high-end retreat organizer that organizes plant medicine retreats
  • A high-impact healer, whose healing modalities that clients pay you to for, originate from cultures other than your culture of origin, and you recognize that it’s time to honor the wisdom lineage from which you derive your income
  • A transformational coach, media influencer, or online educator that regularly attends plant medicine ceremonies, for whom your ayahuasca healing experience is part of your “personal brand story”, who recognizes that it’s time to share the prosperity
  • A psychedelic entrepreneur who wants to grow a socially responsible company with a flagship Sacred Reciprocity program that isn’t a feeble PR fig leaf, but game-changing stake in the ground for conscious capitalism

this is not for you if:

The Plant Spirit School is not a psychedelic facilitator or guide training program; we do not teach how to administer psychedelic medicines. We advocate that anyone seeking to facilitate psychedelic ceremonies and sessions learn from an appropriate elder, within a community of experienced cohorts, in the modality they wish to practice in.

For this reason, this 5-day challenge is not ideal for:

  • Those who believe that capitalism is inherently evil (rather than a neutral system of value exchange), who are not open to learning about the differences between toxic capitalism, conscious capitalism, or the principles of sacred commerce.
  • Those who believe money is inherently evil, and are not open to learning how to engage in commerce in a sacred way, that generate ethical profits, or the different forms of value exchange, of which money is just one of them.
  • Those who wish to learn how to facilitate ceremonies or administer medicine as a way to become personally wealthy, rather than as a way to expand healing, create community and engage in sacred service.
  • Those who assume that any partnership or collaboration with indigenous wisdom keepers and leaders “must be exploitative”, and are unable to see indigenous healers or leaders as having their own agency to choose how they wish to engage with allies, partners and organizations.
  • Those who find conversations about systemic privilege, racial inequity, and decolonization to be divisive, and prefer to avoid them because they create “a negative vibration”.
  • Those who wish to profit from the Psychedelic Renaissance without considering and advocating for reciprocity.
  • Those who wish to profit from the Psychedelic Renaissance without considering and advocating for sustainability.
  • Those who wish to profit from the Psychedelic Renaissance without considering and advocating for diversity, equity, ethics, responsibility, integrity, and inclusion.
  • Spiritual bypassers who believe that their personal spiritual practice, level of spiritual realization and personal habits are “reciprocity”, but who haven’t actually made any direct financial or charitable contributions that have benefited a less-privileged community… and do not feel obligated to, because they have “realized nonduality.”
  • Keyboard warriors who are triggered by the language of this landing page, who wish to criticize or condemn this master class series, but who are not actually supporting indigenous causes in tangible, community-empowering ways.

Kyle Buller, Co-Founder of Psychedelics Today

“Lorna recently helped my team and me out with a launch strategy for an upcoming training program. Lorna provided such valuable and high-level information during our discovery call, which helped us tremendously in our plan and strategy.

I highly recommend Lorna if you are looking for marketing and online business coaching/services, especially for those in the psychedelic/plant medicine space. 

Many of us working in this space are dedicated to serving, but sometimes get stuck or don't know how to execute the vision or mission. Lorna can definitely help.”

10% of profits go to support EntheoNation's


Here are some of the ways EntheoNation supports indigenous sovereignty:

  • Direct financial contributions to communities in the Amazon, such as the Huni Kuin community of Novo Futuro
  • Securing speaking engagements for indigenous wisdom keepers in global online conferences
  • Production of indigenous-led music and documentary film media projects
  • Donations to notable NGOs supporting indigenous sovereignty and the protection of plant medicines

We are not yet a 501c3, but envision launching a Foundation in the future.


Ideas do not exist in a vacuum. I wish to acknowledge these tremendous thought leaders who have had a profound, lasting impression upon my values, my commitments to social justice, and approach to entrepreneurship. The journey of liberatory leadership is an ongoing evolution, involving continued education, self-awareness, self-reflection, self-improvement, as we utilize our power and privilege to dismantle external and internalized systems of oppression that have their roots in colonial conquest.

Layla Saad


Me and White Supremacy

Layla Saad’s seminal, best-selling book, Me and White Supremacy, played a profound influence in helping me...

Read more

Layla Saad’s seminal, best-selling book, Me and White Supremacy played a profound influence in helping me see all the ways in which colonialism and white supremacy continue to pervade the global psychedelic and plant medicine sector in overt and covert ways.

If you wish to contribute towards a psychedelic sector that is more diverse, equitable and inclusive, the work starts with:

  • Examining your own white privilege
  • Understanding what allyship really means
  • Anti-blackness, racial stereotypes, and cultural appropriation
  • Changing the way that you view and respond to race
  • Anti-racism work is about improving life outcomes for black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC). The life outcomes for indigenous people in the cultures of origins of the ancestral medicines that have become commodities of the Psychedelic Renaissance have continued to decline. This is why sacred reciprocity and antiracism work are irrevocably connected.

    Ayman Sawaf


    Sacred Commerce book

    The work of the late Ayman Sawaf shaped my philosophy around ethical business as a spiritual practice...

    Read more

    The work of the late Ayman Sawaf, his partner Rowen Gabrielle, and subsequent book Sacred Commerce: Business as a Path of Awakening by Matthew and Terces Engelhart, shaped my philosophy around ethical business as a spiritual practice.

    Sacred Commerce is the practice of business as a path of awakening and self-realization that has its origins in the Merchant Priesthood of Ancient Egypt. Merchant Priests were responsible for maintaining balance in society, creating a healthy, sustainable economic foundation through trade, which was seen as the exchange of energy.

    In Sacred Commerce, profit is considered to be an expression of love, a source of nourishment that provides prosperity to all stakeholders. Profitable enterprise can be a powerful force for positive change, supporting a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive society

    Trudi Lebron


    The Antiracist Business book

    Through Trudi Lebron’s work, I’m deepening my understanding of what it truly takes to grow a business that is...

    Read more

    Through Trudi Lebron’s work, I’m deepening my understanding of what it truly takes to grow a business that is also a force for liberation, and the deep commitments needed to being an equity-centered leader.

    “Liberatory leadership” is a leadership style that is rooted in antiracism and the advancement of the collective. This approach to leadership centers justice, transparency, responsibility, and participation. It uses the power it carries to lift up, empower, include and create opportunities that cause people to increase their self-determination, self-efficacy, and ultimately, freedom.

    Liberatory leadership requires leaders to be accountable to our power, rather than exploiting it or neglecting it. For a business to be liberatory, it needs to FIRST be financially successful, so that team members are paid equitably AND so that there is surplus abundance to give back in an impactful way



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    100% of the revenue generated from the Sacred Revenue & Reciprocity Accelerator goes to support indigenous sovereignty through our Sacred Reciprocity Fund.

    Your participation will directly contribute to 
    indigenous communities.