MARCH 19-29, 2023








MARCH 19-29, 2023


With Lorna Liana & Friends

About The Soul Purpose Vision Quest

integration practicum retreat

March 19-29, 2023

An 8-Week Spiritual Accelerator to Catalyze Your Thriving Vocation in the Psychedelic Renaissance

Spend 10 life-transforming days in Peru's Sacred Valley, where you will receive:

  • 6 shamanic arts & integration coach training sessions, so that you can uplevel your plant medicine ceremony skills
  • 5 plant medicine ceremonies (ayahuasca & huachuma) so that you can clear any blocks to your soul purpose
  • 2 despacho rituals led by Andean lineage priests, to strengthen your right relationship with the land, the culture, and the medicines
  • 4 unforgettable visits to ancient Incan power portals & on-site esoteric teachings, so that you may receive the wisdom of the ancestors

are you feeling called to explore a vocation

As a Psychedelic Therapist, Facilitator, Guide, Sitter, or Integration Specialist?

  • Have you been regularly working with visionary plants and fungi and feel a soul-calling to support others in the most healing, transformational work of their lives?
  • Are you an aspiring or existing coach that regularly attends plant medicine ceremonies, who wishes to offer psychedelic integration, shamanic practices, or microdosing as part of your transformational services?
  • Are you a member of a lineage-based or New Age plant medicine community or entheogenic church who wishes to support others in your ceremony circle through trauma-informed integration?
  • Have you sat or apprenticed with indigenous healers or entheogenic clergy for years, but don’t wish to go back to school for 2-5 years just to be considered professionally “qualified” to offer integration services?

What if you could join a practicum retreat for aspiring integration specialists so that you can cultivate the practical skills needed to be a provider that's safe, qualified, and good?

Are you ready to heed the call?

what is an integration practicum retreat?

Soul Purpose Vision Quest Peru Practicum Retreat Temple

Different than the vast majority of plant medicine retreats that are entirely oriented towards personal healing, Soul Purpose Vision Quest is designed exclusively for aspiring and existing plant medicine integration coaches. Our ideal retreat participants are ceremony participants, healers, herbalists, therapists, doctors, and transformational coaches who are interested in cultivating a thriving vocation serving entheogenic clients. 

In this practicum retreat, you will learn from indigenous wisdom keepers and seasoned integration coaches who have been actively healing clients, facilitating ceremonies, hosting retreats and leading integration programs for years, if not decades. Here's what you will experience:

  • A retreat program that integrates ancient and contemporary healing modalities, so that you can support client transformation in a way that is sacred, culture-based, and relevant to modern life
  • Highly effective transformational tools that anyone can use, without having to be a licensed therapist, mental health counselor, or medical professional
  • Hands-on practice in facilitating integration circles with your retreat cohort so that you might gain the confidence in facilitating group transformation.
  • Metaphysical teachings and activations at sacred Inca power portals, so that you might align with the wisdom of the ancients as you chart your soul-powered career path in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

why join an integration practicum retreat?

Soul Purpose Vision Quest Peru Practicum Retreat Rooms

Currently, the rising demand for psychedelic retreats and experiences outpaces the supply of qualified psychedelic-assisted therapy practitioners. There is a tremendous need for qualified and experienced coaches and therapists to support people through the profoundly transformational process.

Training programs for psychedelic-assisted therapists and integration specialists are emerging to address this need, but many notable programs are unable to graduate students quickly enough, due to academic requirements for admissions.

Many of these programs have accepted students who were able to meet the academic requirements, but who, have little to no psychedelic experience. Critics of these admissions policies question how practitioners who are psychedelic-naive themselves can adequately support clients and patience integrating entheogenic experiences. 

Because of the continued prohibition of psychedelics in most locales, many of these schools are unable to offer legal retreats for students to gain practical, entheogenic experience, and instead offer breathwork or cannabis retreats as proxies for the psychedelic experience.

At the Plant Spirit School, we do not believe that a practitioner that has academic credentials in psychotherapy or medicine is inherently "more qualified" or "safe" on the basis of intellectual knowledge.

With foundational training in psychedelic harm reduction and trauma-informed care, experienced plant medicine ceremony participants, entheogenic church members, underground facilitators, healers, or transformational coaches can also become psychedelic integration providers, guides, and facilitators that our safe, qualified, and good. 

This is why, the Plant Spirit School is honored to offer Plant Spirit Journeys as a complementary practicum experience to our Plant Medicine Integration Coach Certification Program.

If you are an existing or aspiring coach who wishes to offer plant medicine integration coaching as a transformational modality to your practice, you are invited to apply for a Career Catalyst Session to determine your best pathway forward towards creating a thriving vocation in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

About the sacred sites

Soul Purpose Vision Quest Sacred Sites Peru

The Sacred Valley is a magical place. On non-ceremony days we will journey to ancient temples, hot springs and some of the most sacred and well known sites in the world.  


The world-renowned, sacred site of Machu Picchu is located above the Wilka Nota river and is home to the altar of Apu Salkantay, the most important of the Incas’ spirit gods. At this sacred site, you will be able to connect to the energies of the Incan traditions and understand their reverence for the sun, moon, and Mother Earth. 


The town is home to natural hot baths that provide some well-needed respite after traversing the mountains of the Sacred Valley. Accessible only by train, Aguas Calientes is located on the banks of the Vilcanota River and is flanked by lush, green mountain walls that rise to the height of 400 meters on either side.


Ollantaytambo, located in the north of the Sacred Valley, is a living Inca town, overlooked by an impressive ancient citadel. The mountainside is home to elaborate terraces, temples, pyramids and astronomical observatories, showcasing the Incas’ highly advanced understanding of architecture, astronomy, and engineering.


The Andean town of Pisac, nestled in the southern end of the Sacred Valley, is known for its Incan ruins and impressive market, which sells produce, textiles, and souvenirs. The locals of Pisac are known for keeping tradition, with many of the women adorning the traditional Andean outfits. Visitors enjoy views of the spectacular Incan ruins which cling to the cliffs above the town, made up of a large complex of terraces, residences, guard posts, watchtowers, and a ceremonial center.


50km Northwest of Cusco and 3,500m high lies Moray, an enigmatic archeological site containing ancient Inca ruins. The vast, spectacular ruins are composed of three groups of circular terraces (muyus in Quechua) stretching to 30m deep. The terraces’ design, depth and orientation toward the sun and wind has created microclimates and temperature differences of up to 5 degrees celsius between the top and bottom.

snapshot of the 10-day itinerary

Day 1 — Arrive at retreat venue, dinner, and Welcome circle introducing the Soul Purpose Vision Quest (SPVQ) framework

Day 2 — Trainings: Andean Cosmology & Despacho Ceremony. Evening Ayahuasca ceremony #1.

Day 3 — Morning integration circle + SPVQ activation. Afternoon Sacred Site tour. Training: Training: the Shipibo Science of Integral Healing, and Ancestral Ceremony Skills.

Day 4 — Trainings: Forgiveness as a Navigation Tool & Ancestral Ceremony skills. Evening Ayahuasca ceremony #2.

Day 5 — Morning integration circle + SPVQ activation. Afternoon Sacred Site tour.

Day 6 — Trainings: Core Shamanism & Soul Retrieval. Evening Ayahuasca ceremony #3.

Day 7 — Morning integration circle + SPVQ activation. Afternoon Sacred Site tour.

Day 8 — Morning Huachuma ceremony #1. Evening Cacao Ceremony.

Day 9 — All-day guided tour of Machu Picchu

Day 10 — Morning Huachuma ceremony#2 & Despacho Ceremony #2. Final Celebration.

Day 11 — Breakfast & depart

The Program includes

  • Welcome visioning circle & introduction to Soul Purpose Vision Quest framework
  • 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies with Shipibo master plant healers
  • 2 Huachuma (San Pedro) activation ceremonies
  • 6 small-cohort peer-led integration sessions
  • Yoga and meditation
  • 2 Despacho ceremonies
  • All food, lodging, and travel, from arrival in Cusco to departure
  • Guided esoteric tours of sacred sites (including Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, and Moray), along with on-site activations.
  • Closing night celebration with local musicians
  • 2 online preparation meetings in advance of your arrival
  • 4 online soul purpose integration meetings after the retreat

meet the wisdom keepers

We will be joined by 3 indigenous wisdom keepers and 2 teachers of Andean plant medicine traditions.

meet the co-facilitators

We will be joined by 4 Facilitators..

About the Plant medicines


Ayahuasca is a psychoactive brew and ancestral plant medicine made from the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the leaves of the Psychotria viridis shrub.

 The name "ayahuasca" comes from the Quechuan language and means “Vine of the Spirits"; it is used interchangeably to refer to the vine itself, as well as the brew. However, ayahuasca holds an important place in many South American cultures and may be referred to by different names depending on who is using it, including yagé, daime, hoasca and uní.


San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) is a tall, fast-growing cactus native to the Andes mountains. It has long been used in Andean shamanism for its psychedelic properties, and as a treatment of physical ailments. It is still commonly used in Peru (known as Huachuma), Bolivia (known as Achuma), and Ecuador (known as Aguacolla).

The long-lasting mystical and sensory experience that results from ingesting San Pedro can be used for personal transformation, spiritual exploration, or even healing.


Limited Availability - Reserve Your Spot Now

plant spirit school students


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Early Bird

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Yaya Gravelle, Plant Spirit School Student 

"The learnings have been deep, rich and practical. The head coaches and faculty have been more than outstanding and so supportive every step of the way.

As for the staff, those present and behind the scenes have always been responsive and helpful. I will be proud to have this certification because it is preparing me for the work happening and the work going forward. My personal transformation has been unexpected but very welcome.

Thank you to all of the Plant Spirit School team. Keep up the amazing work."

Submit your application below

how to join the practicum retreat

  • Apply for a complimentary call with one of our Catalyst Coaches, to explore alignment
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive an online calendar link to book your Career Catalyst Session.
  • If participation is a fit, you will be invited to submit payment to secure your spot.

terms & conditions

  • Your first payment will be refunded in full if your application/health intake form is not accepted.
  • You have until December 19, 2022, to request a refund for any reason. You’ll be refunded minus a $250 processing fee.
  • Payment to EntheoNation is refundable until December 19, 2022, minus a $250 processing fee. After December 19, the retreat is 50% refundable until January 19, 2022, minus the $250 processing fee.
  • The final amount received must total the exact retreat fee. You’re responsible for any additional fees (i.e., transfer and/or exchange fees) that the bank charges. If paying from a U.S. account, Paypal typically won’t have fees. Contact Customer Support if paying from a non-U.S. bank account.

cancellation & refund policy

  • The logistics required for planning an international event are considerable, and deposits paid to our vendors are non-refundable. For this reason, our cancellation and refund policy is as follows:
  • Payment to EntheoNation is refundable until December 19, 2022, minus a $250 processing fee. After December 19, the retreat is 50% refundable until January 19, 2022, minus the $250 processing fee.
  • Payment to EntheoNation is refundable until December 19, 2022, minus a $250 processing fee. After December 19, the retreat is 50% refundable until January 19, 2022, minus the $250 processing fee.
  • In the highly unlikely event that the retreat is canceled on our part, your money and your deposit will be returned minus an administrative fee of USD $100.
  • *Please note that this refund policy pertains only to the cost of the actual event.

    *Arrangements, agreements, contracts, and other obligations regarding accommodations, flights, travel documentation including visas and/or passports, COVID tests, etc. are the responsibility of the participant/applicant.


  • Peru currently requires masks in public enclosed spaces and on public transportation.
  • Before boarding the plane, you’ll need to complete an electronic affidavit of health.
  • Before boarding the plane, all travelers may show a vaccination card with the required doses completed up to 14 days before the flight.
  • Those travelers not fully vaccinated must show a negative PCR test issued up to 48 hours before boarding.
  • If you arrive early, we ask that you minimize the risk of Covid-19 by avoiding large crowds and using masks in indoor spaces so that the retreat can remain COVID-free.


What makes us different from other plant medicine retreats?

This retreat is specifically designed for plant medicine facilitators, ceremony space-holders, entheogenic church leaders and integration specialists. Many Western operated retreats are run by Western facilitators and team members, with one or two poorly-compensated, token indigenous healers. More than half the SPVQ team are indigenous and Peruvian co-facilitators.who are being compensated at par with the Western facilitation team.

What’s the application process?

Step 1: Apply for a complimentary call with one of our Catalyst Coaches, to explore alignment.

Step 2: If your application is accepted, you will receive an online calendar link to book your Career Catalyst Session.

Step 3: If participation is a fit, you will be invited to submit payment to secure your spot.

Step 4 - If participation is a fit, you will be invited to submit payment to secure your spot.

Step 5 - You must pass the full medical assessment in order to attend the retreat.

How did you determine the price?

This is a practicum retreat for leaders and professionals who have entheogenic experience who wish to offer integration services. This is a high-touch retreat at a high-end retreat center, supported by 9 facilitators - which include 5 wisdom keepers.

We have 4 Western trainers flying in from different parts of the world who will teach specific integration modalities so that participates can gain and embody the skills needed to work with entheogenic clients.

These trainings are what we teach in the Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification program, and cannot easily be replicated by local Peruvians who are unfamiliar with our philosophy and frameworks related to trauma-informed care and psychedelic harm reduction.

We make sure that our indigenous wisdom keepers and local service partners are well-compensated. Finally, we allocate 10% of profits towards our Sacred Reciprocity Program, which includes charitable contributions to local NGOs.

How much does the retreat cost?

Early Bird Pricing is $6,597 USD for a double occupancy room. Early Bird Pricing ends on December, 21, 2022 at 11:59PM.

Standard Pricing is $7,597 USD for a double occupancy room.

Single Occupancy Rooms can be booked for an additional $1150 USD.

Do I need to have experienced psychedelics to join this retreat?

This retreat is a practicum retreat for those who have or wish to grow professional careers in the Psychedelic Renaissance. It is designed to support psychedelic therapists, facilitators and integration providers in cultivating the skills to work with entheogenic clients.

We prioritize applicants who have attended entheogenic ceremonies on a regular basis for at least one year. We feel that it is essential that a psychedelic facilitators and integration providers are familiar with psychedelic states of consciousness before working with others in this capacity.

We do not have the capacity to support newcomers to psychedelics in a retreat designed for experienced professionals.

Are the indigenous being exploited to produce this retreat?

All wisdom keepers and co-facilitators are being paid the compensation that they have requested, an amount that is both fair, and above local market rates. Our wisdom keepers willingly participate in this retreat with love, joy, and gratitude to share their culture with people from so far away.

Are the plant medicines being exploited to produce this retreat?

The Maestros make the medicine by hand, with love, according to their tradition, using both plants from their own garden, along with wildcrafted plants from the forest.

The Maestros mostly serve their local Shipibo community, and not ayahuasca tourists en masse, as high volume retreat centers do. Nor do they do they ship ayahuasca in bulk to customers in other countries.

Huachuma cactus grows abundantly in the Andes and is not being depleted. 

Why is it so unusual for a retreat to offer post ceremony integration support?

Some ceremony facilitators do offer integration packages but many do not. 

The ones that do typically have a psychotherapy or coaching background. Others, such as indigenous ceremony leaders, shamanic healers, and medicine musicians may not be well-resourced or trained to offer ongoing support. 

Ceremony guardians and helpers, volunteer members of the community who assist the ceremony, often do not have the skills or capacity to provide ongoing integration support, either. What happens all too frequently is that participants are left to process the insights, emotions, and traumas activated by the ceremony experience entirely on their own. 

When are the integrations calls?

There will be live 90-minute Zoom calls on Saturday at 10AM Pacific in the two weeks leading up to, and in the four weeks following the retreat. All calls will be recorded and available to you are replays. Dates and topics are as follow.


  • Saturday, March 4, 2023 - Intentions & Outcomes
  • Saturday March 11, 2023 - Culture & Logistics


  • Saturday, April 1, 2023 - Integrating Wisdom
  • Saturday, April 8, 2023 - Activating Purpose
  • Saturday, April 15, 2023 - Claiming Your Gifts
  • Saturday, April 22, 2023 - Creating Your Offer

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