Vision Quest

Online workshop

for Coaches, Therapists, Healers
& Sacred Ceremony Facilitators


Vision Quest

virtual workshop

for Coaches, Therapists, Healers
& Sacred Ceremony Facilitators

JUNE 2 & 4, 2022

A 2-Hour Experiential Online Workshop for plant medicine people interested in providing psychedelic integration services as a vocation.

10% of profits go to EntheoNation's Sacred Reciprocity Fund supporting indigenous sovereignty.

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Turn Your Sacred Ceremony Experience Into a Thriving Vocation

You’ve heard the whisper… or perhaps the mandate is loud and clear. You’re being called to fulfill a sacred purpose.

The message comes through your sacred visions, through your dreams, in medicine ceremony, with the plant teachers, through your spirit guides, from the forest around you…

The time is now!
There is no time to waste. You are being called to claim your sacred gifts and become the medicine of our times.
Whatever transmission you are receiving… you’re receiving it for a reason.

You are being invited to remember WHY your Spirit chose to come to planet Earth.

As difficult as it may be to recognize in a world in disarray… know beyond a doubt that you were made for these times.
Your unique shamanic gifts are the reason why you are here on this planet, at this critical moment.

Because the world is waking up to the healing power of ancient medicine.

Perhaps you’ve been working in secret, underground, all this time.
Allow me to help you step up and serve in a much bigger way so that you can grow a thriving, sacred vocation in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

Danielle Negrin, Executive Director of SF Psychedelic Society

“Lorna has generously supported, guided and helped me strategize my previous launch in a deeply impactful way.

She has a deep understanding of marketing, strategy, building an audience and unique tools to elevate a business. Thank you Lorna for your visionary guidance, expertise and willingness to help others thrive!”



What Soul Purpose is Being Revealed in Your Ceremony Visions?

  • You will learn to decode the messages received in your visions to uncover your unique purpose and soul medicine in life.
  • You will explore the wisdom and gifts from your own journey of healing and transformation that make you uniquely qualified to coach and mentor others on a similar journey.
  • You will gain clarity on the many attributes of the soulmate clients you are destined to serve, so that you may magnetize them forward towards your offerings.


What Fears & Obstacles Are Preventing You From Stepping Into Purpose?

  • We will uncover the most common fears and obstacles that prevent plant medicine practitioners from fully sharing their gifts.
  • We will examine how the colonization of sacred medicine, education, and professional legitimacy creates these barriers, and how to dismantle these systems of oppression within ourselves.
  • You will gain clarity on the skills you will need to become an integration provider that’s safe, qualified, and good…and how to acquire these skills.


How Might it Be Possible to Claim Your Shamanic Gifts & Rise Into Sacred Leadership?

  • You will discover how to claim shamanic gifts in a way that is relevant in these modern times, even within the science-obsessed culture of the Psychedelic Renaissance.
  • You will increase your capacity to be of service within your growing community and become a trusted advocate for the safe, and responsible use of sacred plants and fungi.
  • You will be empowered to co-create a psychedelic culture that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive, for participants as well as healers and space-holders.

Kyle Buller, Co-Founder of Psychedelics Today

“Lorna recently helped my team and me out with a launch strategy for an upcoming training program. Lorna provided such valuable and high-level information during our discovery call, which helped us tremendously in our plan and strategy.

I highly recommend Lorna if you are looking for marketing and online business coaching/services, especially for those in the psychedelic/plant medicine space. 

Many of us working in this space are dedicated to serving, but sometimes get stuck or don't know how to execute the vision or mission. Lorna can definitely help.”


Lorna Liana

Hi, my name is Lorna Liana!

I'm the CEO of EntheoNation, a psychedelic media publisher, and Founder of the Plant Spirit School, an educational platform offering workshops, courses, and programs for people interested in exploring modern shamanic plant medicine culture safely and with integrity.

If you are feeling called to step into higher leadership as a sacred ceremony space-holder, and offer your gifts in a much bigger way, but aren’t sure if there is even a seat for you at the table in a Psychedelic Renaissance that overvalues science and Western academic credentials over experience in the shamanic and healing arts… you are in the right place.

Perhaps you long to be of greater service, but hesitate to step forward, because: 

  • You have extensive ceremony experience, yet it feels like few people see your value, just by virtue of the fact that you don’t have the requisite academic credentials 
  • You have been completely dedicated to mastering shamanic healing arts but are worried no one will hire you or take you seriously because you are not a psychotherapist, mental health counselor or medical professional
  • You have been a successful transformational coach or therapist, but are unsure how to integrate the sacred medicine work you’ve been doing all this time with your current client offerings
  • Or perhaps you feel confident in your knowledge and training, but are unclear how to go about sharing your work and knowledge in a visible way when your entheogenic work has been discrete and underground for so long.

I understand how frustrating this must feel, especially if you know beyond a doubt, that the sacred medicine path is part of your soul purpose, and you’ve dedicated years to working with and supporting others in navigating entheogenic states. 

Right now, the media darlings of the Psychedelic Renaissance are scientists, psychotherapists, and medical professionals with training in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

The unsung heroes of the Renaissance are the unknown underground facilitators, ceremony leaders, indigenous wisdom keepers, and their apprentices who have been dedicated to holding sacred space for hundreds if not thousands of people, for years if not decades. 

Indigenous peoples have been consuming entheogenic plants and fungi for healing and spiritual guidance for millennia, and shamans have been healing their communities for generations without even a college degree.

But here’s the deal…

Your shamanic and ceremonial gifts are urgently needed right now, even if the gatekeepers say otherwise!

You see, as the Psychedelic Renaissance expands, more and more people are seeking psychedelic medicines in order to experience their therapeutic promise, in a world that seems increasingly unstable.

But psychedelics are still mostly illegal, and legally administered ketamine in a clinic is, for many people, both cost-prohibitive and unappealing.

After 2 years of lockdowns, self-isolation, and social distancing, a powerful longing for sacred reconnection with the earth, like-minded community, and spiritual communion with natural medicines is surging around the world. 

It is no surprise that more people than ever are seeking out plant medicine retreats and ceremonies than ever before. Because it’s not just the medicine that heals.

It’s the community.

Unfortunately, as interest in entheogenic experiences increases, more and more people are being left without post-ceremony integration support. It’s hard enough to find a qualified therapist, let alone a psychedelic integration therapist! 

There is an urgent need for seasoned medicine ceremony participants to step into higher service NOW as the next vanguard of integration support as psychedelics rapidly go mainstream. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is, and always will be a need for psychotherapeutic ways of working with psychedelic medicines, for the validation that scientific research can provide, and for clinical approaches to mental health services. 

AND there is a need to reclaim the sacred, rewild the human spirit and revitalize our culture in ways that are inclusive, equitable, and spiritually fulfilling.

Because these are sacred medicines of the earth, ancestral medicines not only have the capacity to heal our body and mind but to connect us deeply to the vast, interconnected, multi-dimensional Universe that shamans have long traversed. 

Aluna Lua

Aluna Lua, Entheogenic Priestess, Ascension Academy

“I chose Lorna as my private mentor because I was impressed and inspired by the quality of her media platform and online business systems.

I am an advocate of the Brazilian indigenous communities and last year I reached out to Lorna for support. In a few months, we brought indigenous wisdom keepers to speak at different global online conferences and created a live virtual workshop that collected over $7k in donations!

I am so grateful to finally meet a powerhouse woman in the entheogenic community that holds the same integrity with the medicines and traditions like I do. 



Condor Eagle Prophesy Soul Purpose Vision Quest

The Eagle and the Condor is an ancient Amazonian prophecy that speaks of a time when humanity splits into two distinct evolutionary paths—that of the Eagle, and that of the Condor.

The path of the Condor is the path of the heart, a feminine way of being that values intuition and living in harmony with the earth. The path of the Eagle is the path of the mind, a masculine way of being that values logic and industrial progress. 

According to the Eagle and Condor prophecy, starting from the 1490s, the world would experience a 500-year period during which the Eagle people would become so powerful, that they would conquer lands far and wide, and almost drive the Condor people out of existence.

During this period in world history, Western imperial powers did conquer, kill and oppress the indigenous peoples of many regions and cultures… a phenomenon that continues in a myriad of forms to this day.

The prophecy also says that during the next 500-year period, starting in the 1990s, the potential would arise for the Eagle and the Condor to come together, and “fly in the same sky”. This reunion would then create a new level of consciousness awakening for humanity.

The prophecy speaks of this potential but does not predict how this will happen. It’s up to us to activate that potential!

As the Psychedelic Renaissance expands, we can see the prophecy of the Condor and Eagle playing out. 

The Condor People, the indigenous peoples, shared their sacred ancestral medicines with humanity, and continue to share their culture and ceremonies around the world, as interest in psychedelic medicines grows. 

The Eagle People have made tremendous progress in understanding the therapeutic potential of these medicines, from a scientific perspective. The psychiatric and medical-industrial complex is beginning to dominate the psychedelic sector, through capital financing, patents, regulatory policy, and anti-competitive practices. 

Sacred medicines have the potential to heal and awaken. How do we ensure access to this ancient way of healing remains inclusive, equitable, and accessible to all?

10% of the profits go to support EntheoNation's


Here are some of the ways EntheoNation supports indigenous sovereignty:

  • Direct financial contributions to communities in the Amazon, such as the Huni Kuin community of Novo Futuro, Brazil, and the Siekopai community in Ecuador
  • Securing speaking engagements for indigenous wisdom keepers in global online conferences
  • Production of indigenous-led music and documentary film media projects
  • Donations to notable NGOs supporting indigenous sovereignty and the protection of plant medicines

We are not yet a 501c3, but envision launching a Foundation in the future.

What's included in the Soul Purpose Vision Quest workshop

SPVQ Digital Bundle

This is what you'll get with your purchase:

  • On-demand access to the 6 Soul Purpose Vision Quest training modules
  • Study guides and handouts for you to do self-reflective journaling
  • 5 bonus interviews on how you can utilize the shamanic arts to grow your sacred business, including:
  • Rituals & Plant Magic for High-Performance Leaders | Lola Pickett
  • How Your Spirit Guides Can Help Build & Run Your Sacred Business | Yamile Yemoonyah
  • The Power of Your Karma for Soul-Aligned Success | Tara Eleanor Divina
  • How to Create a High-Vibe, High-Integrity Shamanic Business | Tricia Eastman
  • Magic of Circle & Your Business | Sora Surya No

Is Soul Purpose Vision Quest
 right for me?

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • An experienced ceremony participant who wishes to cultivate your leadership abilities so that you can be of greater service to your medicine community
  • An aspiring or existing therapist or coach who wishes to incorporate plant medicine integration into your practice as a new transformational modality
  • A shamanic, spiritual, or holistic healer who wishes to offer transformational programs that include the use of plant medicines
  • A ceremony space holder, retreat organizer, or venue host, who wishes to establish safe, inclusive healing spaces

This workshop is not for you if you:

  • Are not ready to claim your soul purpose right now
  • Do not wish to step into greater leadership in your plant medicine community
  • Are not interested in cultivating an above ground career vocation as an integration specialist
  • Do not believe that integration skills are necessary as a medicine ceremony space holder, angel or guardian
  • Do not believe that access to sacred medicines, as well as the entire psychedelic sector, needs to be decolonized
  • Are in a state of activated trauma and need to focus on healing right now
Marie Mbouni


High Impact Manifestation Coach


I "knew" that Lorna & I were meant to work together, that I had my credit card in hand when we hopped on our discovery call.

Working with her was like magic, and that magic attracted money.

I grew my email list from zero subscribers to 2000 fans and made $20K after launching my shamanic business.

One client even paid me $7K in cash!

Jocelyn Mercado


We Are Sacred Planet

8000+ Email subscribers,
$120K in revenue

Lorna, your guidance and coaching has truly changed my life! As a result of creating my first online summit in your mentorship program, I was able to generate an abundance of income - enough to quit my corporate finance job and support my family doing the work that I love every day.

Since I launched, I have consistently generated $120K per year income, entirely from my life coaching business and my email subscriber list has grown to 8000+

Beth Weinstein

Beth Weinstein

Psychedelic & Spiritual Business Coach

As someone who has been working with sacred plant medicines for 25+ years, I know the real deal from the charlatans: Lorna Liana really truly walks the walk in the medicine world.

I’ve taken Lorna’s courses and if I was going to learn how to be a psychedelic integration coach from anyone, it would definitely be her. She’s also one of the best digital marketers in the sector, with beautiful websites, uber-successful summits, and excellent content.

Mark John Brown


Founder of Jungle Wisdom Academy

From a woman with a truly massive heart and an equally massive brain to match it, this course equips you with the tools you need to navigate the ever-emerging psychedelic renaissance with an ethos of strong ethics, responsibility, intercultural awareness and respect, compassion, empathy, and inclusivity.

Not only has Lorna imparted her own expert knowledge and wisdom in this course, but she has also delivered some unquestionably powerful and influential voices from the very frontline of the world of intercultural plant medicine practices.

Ana Holub


Psychedelic integration coach and author of Forgive and Be Free

Lorna is an informed, articulate and caring teacher. She's put together an excellent course for anyone who's interested in changing our global culture to one of healing, sustainability, and respect.

Decolonizing Plant Medicine Culture helped me learn about decolonization and what I can do to support indigenous communities and their essential knowledge of plant medicines. Highly recommended!



This workshop is for anyone who is interested in working with clients that are integrating entheogenic states of consciousness as a coach or therapist. It's especially for those who are actively researching psychedelic training programs and are confused by the variety of training programs emerging in the space.


The Workshop modules, handouts, and bonus content are hosted in the Members Area, where you can download them instantly to your computer, laptop, or smartphone. Please note that, in order to access this content, you will need to create an account on


Content is available in the members area for one year; however, you can download the files directly to your devices and keep the digital files forever.


We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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