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Exploring the Mexica Tradition: Temazcal, Vision Quest, & Moon Dance

Abuela Gloria Gonzalez

Ceremony Leader and Spiritual Guide

What you'll discover:

  • The spiritual meaning and benefits of temazcal
  • What it takes to be a temazcal guide and the rituals and medicines that surround temazcal
  • The origins of the vision quest and dual moon dance and how she started working with these traditions

About Abuela Gloria Gonzalez

Abuela Gloria González, whose spiritual name is Nanantzin Atekokolli, is a spiritual guide and conductor of Native American traditions, including Temazcal, Vision Quest, and Dual Moon Dance.

She has been leading Temazcal and women’s circles since 1998, and is a custodian of the Mexica Toltec tradition for Colombia. She also performs Tonal readings and shares and practices Toltec knowledge.

Where to find Abuela Gloria Gonzalez

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