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Mallku Aribalo &

Marc-John Brown

Power Portals of the Inca Retreat




The ancient Inca had esoteric connections to the Earth. This information was encoded within the sacred sites of Peru. Join us as Mallku presents remarkable revelations about Peru's Sacred Valley so that you can interpret these power centers and explore your own profound mystical depths.

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During this free masterclass, Mallku will discuss how he felt a connection to his ancestors from his early days, prompting him to learn more about ancient Andean culture and how it influenced his existence. While exploring this depth of knowledge that belonged to the Incas, Mallku came across the ley lines – sacred alignments between Inca cities and settlements, set up to mirror important planetary patterns. Inca settlements were even designed to be shaped in certain ways as a tribute to sacred geometry. This sacred geometry can be utilized in a way similar to plant medicines, as a way to remember our true nature.


Soul Purpose Vision Quest Sacred Sites Peru

Here is a taste of what you will learn in this masterclass

  • Learn the mysteries of the Incan architectural accomplishments… and what we can learn from Andean archeo-astronomy as a path of liberation.
  • Understand the sacred alignments between Inca cities and settlements and planetary patterns.
  • Hear examples of powerful ancestral Andean wisdom that are currently unknown to us, but have the potential to be rediscovered.
  • What sacred sites Mallku will be taking us on during our upcoming Soul Purpose Vision Quest Practicum retreat in Peru, March 19-22, 2023.
  • Bonus: get a free copy of Mallku's book, " The Awakening of the Puma" in PDF format.