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Deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, Lorna Liana discovered her purpose and her divine calling while drinking ayahuasca with indigenous wisdom keepers. She was given a mission:

“To leverage emerging technologies to preserve indigenous traditions, so that ancient wisdom can benefit the modern world, and technology can empower indigenous people.”

In pursuit of this mission, Lorna became a new media strategist for sustainable brands, social ventures, and visionary entrepreneurs, helping them attract their tribe and ignite a movement around their mission-driven businesses.

Through podcasting, video blogging, and social media, she shares the stories of both indigenous people and the world’s foremost experts in psychedelic science, modern shamanism, and consciousness research to inspire each and every one of us to explore the depths of our minds, spirits, planet…and evolve.

Lorna Liana Biography

Lorna Liana is the CEO of EntheoNation, a media company covering psychedelics, plant spirit shamanism, and visionary culture. She is also the Founder of The Plant Spirit School, an online school offering workshops, programs, and 1-to-1 mentoring to individuals and professionals in the psychedelic and plant medicine sector.

With over 25+ years of psychedelic exploration and 100s of ceremonies, Lorna is an advocate for the safe, intentional use of entheogens as a tool of self-mastery, as well as the practice of sacred reciprocity.

She credits the intentional use of ancestral plant medicines, such as ayahuasca and magic mushrooms, for healing a lifetime of racial and colonial trauma. Her experience growing up in colonial Hong Kong informs her work on plant medicine decolonization and inspires her to further the expansion of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the psychedelic sector.

Having personally experienced the pervasive lack of post-ceremony psychedelic integration support in plant medicine culture, Lorna was inspired to launch the Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification Program, which is designed to provide plant medicine practitioners with essential psychedelic harm reduction training and support them in becoming thriving integration coaches in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

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  • Keys to Becoming a Thriving Plant Medicine Integration Coach
  • Strategies for Expanding Sacred Reciprocity in the Psychedelic Sector
  • Psychedelic Capitalism vs Sacred Commerce - Creating a Regenerative Renaissance
  • Expanding Diversity and Equity in Psychedelic Spaces
  • How to be a Psychedelic Integration Provider that's Safe, Qualified, and Good
  • Keys to Claiming Your Integration Career Calling

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