Plant Medicine

A 4-Month Certification Program
for Plant Medicine People

FALL enrollment is open!
SEPT 10 - JAN 10, 2024

Decriminalization and legalization of psychedelics as breakthrough treatments for mental health are right around the corner.

If you are feeling called to step into a higher level of service on the plant medicine path, and you wish to learn how to professionally support those who are integrating entheogenic experiences...

...then the Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification program may be your next most powerful step in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

with the plant spirit school

Psychedelic medicines as breakthrough therapies hold huge promise for a world in the grip of a mental health crisis. As a result, the psychedelic sector is one of the fastest-growing professional sectors in the Global North.

The rapid expansion of this emergent field of mental healthcare and personal transformation is creating endless opportunities for highly-skilled, experienced coaches and therapists.

While psychedelic therapy programs have high bars for entry and typically focus on a clinical framework, integration coaching is open to all those passionate about working with shamanic, energetic, spiritual, multidimensional, and holistic modalities.

The Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification program features a hybrid curriculum which incorporates ancestral shamanic and spiritual approaches, contemporary harm reduction and healing practices, as well as effective, ethical business development training.

If you are interested in growing your vocation in the Psychedelic Renaissance, our program will give you the well-rounded knowledge you need to leverage your experience with sacred medicines and transform it into a thriving career calling.

The promise of psychedelics to address the global mental health crisis is only as strong as the availability of qualified integration specialists who can support clients through the most transformational experience of their lives...

The psychedelic renaissance needs more integration specialists...

Are you ready to heed the call?

  • Have you been regularly working with visionary plants and fungi and feel a soul-calling to support others in the most healing, transformational work of their lives?
  • Are you an aspiring or existing coach that regularly attends plant medicine ceremonies, who wishes to offer psychedelic integration, shamanic practices, or microdosing as part of your transformational services?
  • Are you a member of a lineage-based or New Age plant medicine community or entheogenic church who wishes to support others in your ceremony circle through trauma-informed integration?
  • Have you sat or apprenticed with indigenous healers or entheogenic clergy for years, but don’t wish to go back to school for 2-5 years just to be considered professionally “qualified” to offer integration services?
  • Are you being disqualified from notable psychedelic-assisted training programs because you are not a licensed or aspiring therapist even though you have more psychedelic experience than most of the faculty in these programs?

What if it were possible to dismantle the gatekeeping and catalyze a culture of peer-to-peer integration, so that anybody anywhere can connect with an ideal integration provider that’s safe, qualified and good?

Kyle Buller, Co-Founder of Psychedelics Today

“Lorna recently helped my team and me out with a launch strategy for an upcoming training program. Lorna provided such valuable and high-level information during our discovery call, which helped us tremendously in our plan and strategy.

I highly recommend Lorna if you are looking for marketing and online business coaching/services, especially for those in the psychedelic/plant medicine space. Many of us working in this space are dedicated to serving, but sometimes get stuck or don't know how to execute the vision or mission. Lorna can definitely help.”

why you? why now?

The Psychedelic Revolution in Psychiatry is Here.
However… It’s Mostly Still Illegal

Psychedelic medicine is a promising new frontier in psychotherapy, but many indigenous cultures have been using visionary plants and fungi for healing and spiritual purposes for millennia.

While the FDA has granted "breakthrough therapy" designation to MDMA, esketamine, and psilocybin, these treatments remain mostly illegal, causing people to go underground or abroad to access psychedelic-supported healing.

However, psychedelics are not a silver bullet – the most powerful, transformational work is accomplished during the integration period after the experience. Unfortunately, many plant medicine ceremony circles, churches, and retreats don’t have the capacity to offer ongoing integration support. Many don’t even believe integration support is their responsibility.

As a result, participants often find themselves back in their default world, cut adrift after the ceremony or retreat, having to resolve activated traumas, integrate visionary experiences, process profound realizations by themselves.

Currently, the demand for psychedelic experiences exceeds the supply of qualified psychedelic-assisted therapy practitioners. The most prestigious psychedelic training programs are not graduating students fast enough, and those that do graduate tend to be clinical in orientation.

This has led to criticism of institutional gatekeeping by the wider psychedelic community, which includes many people who have vastly more hands-on, real-world entheogenic experience than the faculty teaching these programs.

There is a tremendous need for experienced integration specialists who are safe, qualified, and good to support people through the profoundly transformational process. A need for integration providers who are familiar with the growing and evolving landscape of global medicine culture and the numerous ways in which people are undertaking psychedelic experiences.

Is this you?

Become a Plant Medicine Integration Coach


The Plant Spirit School Coach Certification program is a training program for plant medicine integration specialists, taught by experienced ceremony facilitators, therapists, and coaches, who continue to lead ceremonies and transform their clients. This immersive Coach Certification program is designed to give you a complete toolkit to provide integration support for others, as well as techniques you can use on yourself, to self-integrate your own healing journeys. 

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You will receive the knowledge and tools to be able to navigate the Wild West of the Psychedelic Renaissance, increase the likelihood of safe, transformational experiences, while minimizing harm from risky admixtures, medical contraindications, predatory shamans, and unskilled facilitators, for yourself and others.

By the time you finish, you will be familiar with the different medicines and common practices that you can expect to encounter as a participant in the contemporary plant medicine culture. You will have tools that you can use on yourself and others in your community to connect to the healing power of plant medicines, release trauma, and rewire self-limiting beliefs.

Weekend virtual retreats offer an opportunity to dive deeper into ceremonial and transformational experiences, as participants and to gain skills as practitioners. A 10-day practicum retreat in Peru offers a life-transforming cultural immersion into contemporary ceremonial healing with huachuma and ayahuasca, taught by Q'ero and Shipibo wisdom keepers.

In This Comprehensive Training, You’ll learn about: 

  • Therapeutic applications of psychedelics and the emergent ecosystem of psychedelics-assisted therapy.
  • The neuroscience of psychedelics as it relates to healing, creativity, cognitive enhancement and behavior change.
  • Psychedelic ethics, safety & harm reduction, including legality, medical screening, client intake and handling spiritual emergencies.
  • Practical and transformational frameworks for ceremony preparation, navigation, and integration.
  • Psychedelics and neuroplasticity, including tools techniques to rewire negative beliefs, emotions and behaviors.
  • Microdosing for intuition & creativity, sourcing, dialling in dosage and optimizing your protocol, plus frameworks for evaluating and tracking progress.
  • Trauma-informed integration, plus tools and techniques for supporting clients if a trauma response occurs.
  • Sacred ceremonial medicines, including their safety profile, risks and benefits, as well as cultural overview
  • The Shipibo science of integral healing including purification, protection and cultivating plant spirit allies through dieta with master plant.
  • Contemporary shamanic healing arts, including core practices such as shamanic journeying, medicine wheel, and soul retrieval.
  • Amazonian healing & purification tools, and how to use them, including Agua de Florida, mapacho, and hapé.
  • Inclusive space-holding & integration circle facilitation, as a community-building, revenue-generating practice in social justice
  • Growing an online coaching business founded upon the principles of Sacred Commerce.
  • Decolonizing your plant medicine practice and implementing a Sacred Reciprocity program in your coaching business

who we are

The Plant Spirit School Coach Certification Program was created with love for ceremony practitioners that appreciate Western transformational modalities and science while living a lifestyle interwoven with the shamanic healing arts. We are educators, therapists, coaches, healers, ceremony facilitators, guides, trip sitters, activists, and bridgekeepers.

Like you, we are interdimensional journeyers and manifestors of synchronicities, connoisseurs of visionary art, tea, and high vibrational music. Together, we are fulfilling a Soul Purpose that spans time and space, accompanied by our spirit guides and allies, as perpetual students in the Great Mystery School of Life.

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**Teaching team is subject to change


We, the Plant Spirit School faculty, see an urgent need for more people in the plant medicine community to have the requisite psychedelic harm reduction training – the kind that students in psychedelic-assisted therapy training programs receive – especially for those that are currently leading ceremonies, supporting ceremonies or offering transformational services that advocate for or include the use of entheogens.

This is because psychedelic psychotherapy is a different discipline than shamanic healing, and the vast majority of people who participate in plant medicine ceremonies receive information that is lineage-based, faith-based, or channeled, rather than evidence-based.

“The Medicine told me so, and my intuition confirmed this…”

Over the years, we’ve witnessed considerable harm come from belief-oriented paradigms, from dangerous drug contraindications (ayahuasca and Bufo) to harmful conspiracy theories, malpractice, and misinformation that gives rise to preventable deaths.

Because much of the rapidly expanding psychedelic sector remains unregulated and underground, the potential for harm is increased, as more inexperienced and unsafe shamans, facilitators, and retreat operators enter a burgeoning and increasingly lucrative market that's now super-charged with tech and cannabis investment capital.

Furthermore, we couldn’t help but notice the skew of power in the psychedelic sector to benefit venture capitalists and shareholders who are predominantly white and male and are driving an explosion of treatments and services catering to the predominantly white and affluent.

For this reason, we believe that the decolonization of plant medicines is important work that needs to happen RIGHT NOW.

If we wish truly for planetary healing, then medicine must be accessible to all.

It is our sincere hope that the Plant Spirit School Coach Certification Program will graduate future leaders of integrity, who will further diversity, equity, and inclusion in the psychedelic sector so that sacred medicines may be safely accessible to all who need healing. Haux haux!


As an advocate for Sacred Reciprocity in the Psychedelic Sector, Lorna presents master classes, panel discussions, trainings, and workshops on the many ways organizations and individuals can support indigenous sovereignty and plant medicine sustainability.

Lorna consults with psychedelic companies to develop reciprocity programs that align with their values. As a result of this work, over $100K in charitable contributions have been allocated towards NGOs operating in the Amazon. As a company, our Sacred Reciprocity program focuses on these two areas:


Because EntheoNation is a media company, we support the indigenous inclusion in media, including conference speaking engagements, as well as the production of video documentaries and sacred medicine music, through our collaboration with the Huni Kuin of Brazil and the Siekopai of Ecuador.

We do this because we feel it's important that the indigenous have a seat at the table in the Psychedelic Renaissance so that they can tell their story, share their perspectives, and express their most pressing concerns. Lest their voices are drowned out by the cacophony of online influencers from the West who are co-opting and dominating the global conversation about ancestral plant medicines.

Reciprocity organizations


We make charitable contributions to organizations like Amazon Watch, Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative, Pachamama Alliance, and Amazon Conservation Team, and other NGOs engaged in advocacy, capacity building, and sustainability initiatives with indigenous communities in the Amazon Basin. 

We are honored to support the Huni Kuin village of Novo Futuro, in Acre Brazil in a variety of community-empowering initiatives, such as the installation of a solar water system, as well as the construction of their music house, maloca, and community center for plant medicine dietas.

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10% of Profits Will Be Allocated to Our
Sacred Reciprocity Fund


The movement to decriminalize and legalize psychedelics is expanding, the number of people who need service support and guidance is only going to increase, and the number of vocational opportunities will continue to multiply. This training will tremendously increase the qualifications of anyone already fulfilling these responsibilities or intending to serve in the following roles:

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Transformational Coaching

Health and wellness influencers, peak performance specialists, and executive coaches are increasingly pivoting to promote psychedelics, microdosing, and plant medicine ceremonies as tools of human optimization. Naturopaths, holistic healers, energy healers, and herbalists are also increasingly including entheogens in their natural healing protocols

Looking at their blogs, YouTube trip reports, and podcasts, it’s evident that many of these coaches are relatively inexperienced with these medicines, with fewer than 10 ceremonies under their belt.

Most are not trauma-informed and are uninformed about psychedelic safety and harm-reduction and the difference between decriminalized and legal, thereby putting their clients at risk.

We recommend that coaches who are advocating for entheogenic plant medicines receive practical harm reduction training.

Our faculty experts have got you covered!

Improve your ceremony skills

Many people in this sector come to do plant medicine work through lineage-based traditions, spiritual communities, entheogenic churches, or neoshamanic circles.

Much of the information passed down may reflect cultural tradition, wisdom, lore, and reflect alternative paradigms of healing. This has created a gap in evidence-based education on harm reduction – we will provide this for you.

There is also an urgent need for ceremony facilitators, organizers, guardians, and assistants to offer ongoing integration support to ceremony participants. We’ll equip you with the skills you need to offer this too.

In this program, we’ll teach you how to host a peer-to-peer integration circle, both online and offline, as an ongoing, community building, revenue-generating, client-attracting activity.

Develop Personalized Microdosing Programs

Microdosing is the practice of taking small, sub-perceptual amounts of psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD for a variety of therapeutic benefits, including mood elevation, enhanced cognition, creativity, pain management, and addiction recovery.

However, this practice of taking small amounts of entheogenic plants and fungi for healing and spiritual guidance goes back for millennia. We will explore the different medicines that are increasing in popularity for microdosing, dosages, and protocols.

You also get intake worksheets, progress surveys, and journaling exercises, so that you can easily develop a personalized microdosing program for yourself and others. 


Create 1-1 Private Mentoring Programs

We will teach you how to create private mentoring programs and packages for 1-to-1 client work.

You’ll learn how to structure your programs around progress milestones so that your client moves towards their deeply desired outcomes in clear, measurable ways.

The skills you learn in this program can be applied to help your clients rewire self-limiting beliefs, move through blockages, and recommit to their vision so that the empowerment and transformation they receive from working with you is priceless.

Host, organize plant medicine ceremony

Organizers are those who handle the logistics of a ceremony or retreat. Ideally, the ceremony facilitator should not be handling ceremony logistics, and instead should have a team member who handles reservations and payments, intake forms and liability waivers, preparation, onboarding, and arrival logistics. This is because ceremony facilitators need to conserve their energy to lead the work, be completely present for participants and become a clear spiritual channel for the divine.

This role is especially important for organizers and venue hosts who are receiving indigenous and mestizo ceremony leaders from other countries who cannot be responsible for any logistics.

As the organizer and host who is responsible for the well-being of your local community, you will also need to establish agreements with visiting medicine men and women on expectations and appropriate conduct to minimize potential conflicts that can arise from cross-cultural exchange.

Don’t worry, we will give you all the templates you need for this role!

Create Safer Ceremony Spaces

Increasing numbers of sacred ceremonies, retreats, journeys, and circles are being led by people who are straight, white, and cisgender, many of whom are not trauma-informed, remain unaware of systemic privilege and oppression, and have not done any antiracism work.

This creates situations whereby the facilitator unknowingly creates harm for BIPOC and LGBTQA+ participants through racial microaggressions or spiritual bypass. Because entheogenic medicines tend to reveal past traumas so that they may be healed, many BIPOC and LGBTQA+ folks may find themselves addressing personal and generational trauma from systemic oppression.

You will learn how to minimize harm and create more welcoming, inclusive, and equitable spaces for BIPOC and trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folk so that they feel safe enough to surrender and receive the healing they deserve.

Lead Integration Circles

The rollout of legal psychedelic therapies and increasing decriminalization movement will result in a proportionally increasing need for integration support.

Integration circles are a great way to provide this support and build community while offering an essential service that also creates revenue. They are also a powerful way to attract private clients who need deeper, personalized integration support.

Learn how to host and facilitate an in-person or virtual integration circle step by step. 

Teach Online Workshops, Courses & Programs

You’ll learn highly effective strategies to build your thought leader status with wider audiences, and create online workshops and courses for larger groups of people.

Group programs allow you to serve more people at a lower price point while generating more income for the same amount of coaching time consumed by a VIP client.

There is more upfront technical work that must be done in order to successfully launch group workshops, courses, and programs. We will give you the blueprints and templates you need to scale your coaching practice with clarity and ease.


Charlie Giles,
Sacred Wound Medicine, Plant Spirit School Graduate

“The Plant Spirit School has been an incredible experience to immerse myself in these last 6 months. The speakers have been passionate, professional and so informed on the topics that they are sharing. The community of students is one of the most valued aspects and the support team has been 100% available at all times.

Importantly it feels as though the information I am learning has brought out the confidence and skills needed to be a professional, trauma-informed and culturally inclusive Integration Coach.”


So many transformational programs teach you their coaching frameworks and modalities, but don’t teach you how to properly build a business that attracts ideal clients! So many students graduate not knowing where to find their first clients and spend countless hours giving away free sessions in the hopes that a freebie seeker will pay them one day, while their bank accounts grow lower. This is tragic.

This is why you will also receive training on how to grow an online coaching business from Lorna Liana after first developing your knowledge of the different medicines, harm-reduction skills, trauma-informed care, cultural awareness, and common practices present in traditional and contemporary plant medicine culture.

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Principles of Sacred Commerce

Sacred Commerce is the practice of business as a path of awakening and self-realization. Just because business is a spiritual path of awakening, does not mean that you must perform your services for free, or feel bad for charging what you are worth!

In Sacred Commerce, profit is an expression of love, a source of nourishment that provides prosperity to all stakeholders. We’ll explore what creating a sacred business entails, in the culture you create, the agreements you make, and the ways you promote your offers.

Discover what it means to leverage your sacred business as a force for liberation. 

Ethical Marketing & Communications

Marketing in the psychedelic sector is much like medical marketing. We’ll explore the ethical nuances of marketing and communications in the psychedelic field, where anecdotal evidence dwarfs data from long-term placebo-controlled studies, and researchers continue to disagree on the benefits and risks of microdosing. 

Learn to navigate an environment where incorrect information can be a matter of life and death, and unsubstantiated claims can lead to false hope and devastating disappointment.

We’ll also cover strategies and tips for business owners to grow their brand and reach ideal clients online while avoiding some of the pitfalls that can be triggered by the words you use on your website.

Common Challenges of Psychedelic Brands

Publishers, online conference organizers, and course creators in the psychedelic sector frequently encounter business-disrupting obstacles, even if their content is only ever about research, science, expert interviews, live panels, culture, or the latest news. 

AI-driven account disabling, automatic group deletion, content blocking, and shadow-banning are frequent sources of headaches for business owners and media platforms in this space who have valuable thought leadership to share.

Transformational Program Design

Stop charging by the hour and create transformational programs instead. Because the truth is, your clients don’t really care how many hours they spend on you, they just want to get the results you promise.

Creating high-end, high-touch transformational packages for private clients or group programs is not only more lucrative for you, it’s a more fulfilling client experience.

You’ll learn how to design an offer strategy that allows you to serve different clients at different investment levels so that you can offer ideal fit programs for different clientele.

Client Attraction Strategies

Now that you have your offers, you have your agreements and waivers, and you are ready to exactly do you get clients, especially the ideal clients that are a joy to work with, whose lives you can meaningfully transform?

We’ll explore the most effective strategies and skills for online client attraction and lead generation, ensuring that those who need you, can see you. 

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall with your marketing, or exhausting yourself creating content that doesn’t bring you clients. Get a proven strategy that works!

Online Business Fundamentals

Attracting ideal clients is one part of the online business challenge, successfully closing sales is another. If you do not have an automated sales system set up, chances are, you are losing sales. 

You’ll learn how to set up an automated online business system that allows you to easily book discovery session calls with ideal prospects, build your email list, capture online sales, set up payment plans, e-sign client agreements, and enroll them into your training. 

No more chasing people down by email with your Paypal link – there is a better way!

Aluna Lua

Aluna Lua, Entheogenic Priestess, Ascension Academy

“I've learned so much in the program.

I would say #1 is strategy and structure for my business. #2 is the huge network of incredible medicine people from all over the world that I met through Lorna and through the Plant Spirit School. And #3, I would say the amount of techniques for support that I can provide for my clients.

The content itself made me a better professional. I would absolutely recommend this program. This program is valuable for people that are working in the plant medicine world and psychedelic industry.” 


PSS Front Facing Digital Bundle_preview


You will receive 1-2 live calls every week with Lorna and/or a guest teacher exploring theory, techniques, and strategies to increase your integration skills and capacity to serve others as a leader in your community, while building an integration coaching practice. Expect to spend 4-6 hours a week exploring the intersection of ancestral plant spirit healing and psychedelic medicine. You will have the opportunity to practice the transformational skills you learn in pairs, and in groups at certain times.

You will also have the opportunity to attend a virtual weekend workshop each month to deepen your experience, embody the transformational shifts for yourself, and learn how to facilitate the modalities being taught.


You will get a collection of templates, checklists, handouts, and worksheets that you can use for yourself and others, to support your integration practice and the different leadership roles that you might be called to fulfill in your community. Students who pass the certification exam will earn the right to private label many of the business templates we provide for their own coaching practice.



Over the years, EntheoNation has created a vast library of content on the safe, intentional use of sacred plants and fungi. Students will have access to the online members portal, where you can access the main program, plus a library of additional resources, which include an extensive collection of PDF guides, expert interviews and video training. These resources include:

The Sacred Ceremony Resource Collection
Resources to support your plant medicine practice, such as:

  • Essential List of Facilitator Screening Questions
  • Guide to Ayahuasca Preparation
  • Sacred Visions Integration Journal
  • Modern Shamanic Guide to Sacred Amazonian Snuff
  • Ancient Medicines of the Maya
  • Homeopathic Plant Medicine Rituals for Personal Practice

The Integration Coach Success Kit
Resources to support your coaching practice, such as:

  • The Soul Purpose in Your Hero’s Journey
  • How to Find Your Ikigai
  • Irresistible Program Positioning
  • How to Design Your Sacred Signature System
  • Discovery Session Application Process
  • Simple Sell Sheet Template for Coaching Programs
  • Transformational Client Intake Form


Be part of a supportive community of aspiring and experienced integration specialists. You’ll also be invited to join the school Facebook group and a secret Signal group where you can ask questions of a more sensitive nature.

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Your enrollment includes complementary access to our Spaceholder School membership level of our online community called Global Medicine Tribe. GMT Spaceholder School workshops are designed to help you develop core practical skills using ancient and modern modalities of transformation. Here are some of the virtual retreats you will have access to in the Spaceholder School workshop archive, with more workshops scheduled to come!


Your instructor: Skye Weaver Earth Medicine Mentor

Learn how to organize and run your own integration circles so your psychedelic community can be supported in the important work between ceremonies.

Skills: Integration circle facilitation, self and co-regulation, harm reduction, event organization and promotion

**Topics and dates of Global Medicine Tribe are subject to change


your bonuses

Bonus 1

In many indigenous communities, the practice of giving back is considered the most important, backbone principle of life. For the plant medicine community, sacred reciprocity entails a restitution for receiving sacred experiences and ancestral medicines often guarded for centuries by indigenous wisdom keepers.

Sacred Reciprocity School is a collection of workshops and resources exploring strategies that support the global expansion of plant medicines with integrity, in allyship to indigenous people and the planet.

Get inspired by case studies of plant medicine inspired individuals and organizations actively engaged in furthering indigenous sovereignty, and join the movement!

Bonus 2

Part antiracism training, part decolonization workshop, this compact training will help you identify colonial, discriminatory, appropriative, and extractive influences in the psychedelic and plant medicine community, as well as within your own psyche. You will receive the keys to systematically dismantle these internalized mechanisms and replace them with inclusivity, kindness, support, and reciprocity.

Featuring in-depth study modules, as well as self-reflection guides and workshops with both Western and indigenous space holders, the Keys offer unique and necessary material to explore these vital topics

Bonus 3

Microdose Nature covers the therapeutic benefits of microdosing, the latest scientific research, the most popular natural psychedelics for microdosing, their properties, protocols, and dosages, as well as strategies for managing risks and optimizing the experience.

Discover a new way to integrate an ancient plant medicine practice into contemporary life as a way to enhance intuition, creativity, focus, and mood. This compact video training includes guest interviews, as well as handouts and worksheets to log daily dosage, follow your desired protocol, and track progress during your regimen.

Beth Weinstein

Beth Weinstein, Psychedelic & Spiritual Business Coach

“As someone who has been working with sacred plant medicines for 25+ years, I know the real deal from the charlatans: Lorna Liana really truly walks the walk in the medicine world.

I’ve taken Lorna’s courses and if I was going to learn how to be a psychedelic integration coach from anyone, it would definitely be her. She’s also one of the best digital marketers in the sector, with beautiful websites, uber-successful summits, and excellent content.” 


Successful certification is dependent on attendance, test scores, homework assignments, and practicums, the completion of all fees, as well as the signing of an Ethics Pledge, as a statement of your commitment to upholding integrity and ethics as a plant medicine integration coach in the psychedelic sector.

Once certified you are entitled to use the title “Plant Spirit School Certified Integration Coach'' in your marketing, and to use the exercises, tools, practices, and processes covered in the training. We will also provide you with a Certification Badge that you may use on your website and in your marketing collateral.

Certified students will furthermore be allowed to white label the templates provided in our Integration Coach Success Kit, and replace the headers with your own brand for use with your own clients. Certified students will also have the opportunity to join the Plant Spirit School as paid assistant coaches or integration circle facilitators based on outstanding demonstration of skills, and available positions.



75+ hours of core training

6-8 live calls a month

6 virtual weekend retreats

Coach Certification Course Manual

On-Demand Video Library with 100+ Hours of Content

The Sacred Ceremony Resource Collection

Integration Coach Success Kit

Ethnobotanical Partner Discounts

Bonus #1: Sacred Reciprocity School

Bonus #2: Keys to Decolonizing Plant Medicine Culture

Bonus #3: How to Microdose Nature


Call schedules vary week by week depending on the modality being taught, Guest Faculty availability and time zone. In general, Zoom calls will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are up to 90 minutes in length. Virtual retreats take place once a month, and may be 1 or 2 half day experiences, for 2-3 hours in duration each day..


9AM Pacific | 12PM Eastern | 6PM CET


12 PM Pacific | 3PM Eastern | 9PM CET


our programs vary in price, depending on the length, location, and level of support provided.

our practicum retreats

$3500 - $7500

we offer training programs to support different stages of the leadership journey.

our professional training programs

$970 - $25,000

from monthly membership to high-end, creative agency services, it is an honor to serve emerging leaders of the renaissance.


Marie Mbouni


High Impact Manifestation Coach


I "knew" that Lorna & I were meant to work together, that I had my credit card in hand when we hopped on our discovery call.

Working with her was like magic, and that magic attracted money.I grew my email list from zero subscribers to 2000 fans and made $20K after launching my shamanic business.

One client even paid me $7K in cash!

Jocelyn Mercado


We Are Sacred Planet

8000+ Email subscribers,
$120K in revenue

Lorna, your guidance and coaching has truly changed my life! As a result of creating my first online summit in your mentorship program, I was able to generate an abundance of income - enough to quit my corporate finance job and support my family doing the work that I love every day.

Since I launched, I have consistently generated $120K per year income, entirely from my life coaching business and my email subscriber list has grown to 8000+