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Psychedelic medicine is heralded as the new frontier of psychotherapy, even though many psychoactive plants have long been used ceremonially by indigenous cultures. In this primer, you will discover:

  • The most commonly used natural psychedelics and their therapeutic benefits.
  • Which psychedelic plant medicines have long-standing ceremonial use.
  • What promising psychedelic therapies are available (and on the horizon)… and how long will it take for ordinary people to have access?

PLUS, the options available to seekers of facilitated psychedelic experiences in a world that still considers psychedelics to be dangerous, of no medical value... and continues to prohibit their use.

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Novo Futuro|The Huni Kuin Cultural Renaissance

Short Film by Lara Jacoski & Patrick Belem, Bem-Te-Vi Produções, with Host Lorna Liana

Filmed in the Huni Kuin community of Novo Futuro in Acre, Brazil, this mini documentary shares the tribe's decision to open their village to outsiders and seek alliances with people from the Global North. Directed by the Brazilian filmmaker Lara Jacoski and Patrick Belem from Bem-Te-Vi Produções, you will witness the Huni Kuin people’s long process of recovering their roots, remembering their culture, and emergence into better times, the era of indigenous rights. 

Lara Jacoski |Filmmaker & Director, Bem-Te-Vi Produções

Lara Jacoski is a filmmaker valuing ancestral knowledge from mother earth and indigenous people, working with the Huni Kuin for the past 5 years. Director of the feature "Eskawata Kayawai" she shares about her experience going deep into the heart of the Amazon, and connecting with her own heart.

Lorna Headshot Photo
Lorna Liana | Plant Spirit School Host & CEO of EntheoNation

Lorna Liana is a new media strategist, online business coach to visionary entrepreneurs, and founder of EntheoNation, a transformational media company that creates content and courses about psychedelics, modern shamanism, and visionary culture.

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Module 1 | Psychedelic Medicine of the Mind


Wade Davis
World-Renowned Ethnographer
& Author

Humanity’s Universal Hunger for the Transformation of Consciousness

As a seasoned ethnographer and author who has explored the remote reaches of both this world and other realms, Wade shares his insights on the current state of the Psychedelic Renaissance and the implications of the globalization of ayahuasca.


Carmen Jackman 
Students For Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

Sensible Drug Policy & Racial Inclusion in a World With Legal Psychedelics

Working as a Staff Liaison for the Intersectionality Committee at Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) in Washington, DC, Carmen is well acquainted with the current state of drug policy and the psychedelic industry. She discusses what it will take to advance community access to psychedelics-assisted therapies and bring more inclusion and diversity into the realm of psychedelic companies.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Storytelling The Psychedelic Renaissance & New Frontier Of Mental Health

How do we talk about plant spirit healing & psychedelic medicine in a grounded, evidence-based way that integrates scientific research, ancient wisdom, and shamanic states of consciousness? In this 90-minute panel discussion, notable psychedelic media influencers talk about the unique ethical challenges of documenting the Psychedelic Renaissance. You’ll hear from:

Anya Oleksiuk

Documentary Filmmaker, Psychedelic Society UK

Shelby Hartman

Double Blind Magazine

Mike Margolies

Psychedelic Seminars

Mareesa Stertz

Documentary Filmmaker, The Healing Powers on Gaia TV & Lucid News


Cameron Wenaus
Founder, Retreat Guru

Emerging Trends in the Psychedelic Retreat Industry

Psychedelic tourism is a niche, but growing market. The rise of psychedelic retreats in wellness travel is one of the leading trends in the health and wellness industry. Clients range from patients struggling with treatment resistant ailments to well-heeled tech industry professionals. Cameron Wenaus, co-founder of Retreat Guru, has the inside scoop on this mushrooming market, and shares his predictions for psychedelic retreat industry.


Shelby Hartman
Co-Founder, Double Blind Magazine

Seeing Past the Hype of Psychedelic Media

Drawing upon her years of experience with psychedelics, media, and psychedelic media, Shelby lays out some truths about the current mainstream image of psychedelics and what information and which entities are shaping the conversation around the well-known, as well as novel research substances.

Click Here to Get the Free Gift >> DoubleBlind – The Beginner Mushroom Growing Guide

An outline of the process of mushroom growing, including FAQs, to empower you to grow your own medicine if that’s something you feel called to do.

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If you want a more in-depth course on how to grow your own mushrooms at home – complete with video tutorials and expert lessons – you can sign up to the DoubleBlind 101: How to Grow Mushrooms course with 20% off using the code "ENTHEO"!


Jesse Gould Photo
Jesse Gould
Founder, Heroic Hearts Project

Healing War Trauma & PTSD With Ayahuasca

As the founder of the Heroic Hearts Project, one of the most prominent veteran voices pushing for psychedelic based therapies, Jesse speaks about his experience running this non-profit and helping veterans heal their war-induced psychological damage with ayahuasca.


Anya Oleksiuk
Documentary Filmmaker, Psychedelic Society UK

Creators of the Psychedelic Renaissance

As the co-director of the Psychedelic Society UK and filmmaker with five years experience documenting the psychedelic renaissance, Anya discusses the importance of grassroots organisations in supporting the growing psychedelic community, and the hopes and shadows of the globalization of psychedelics.

Click Here to Get the Free Gift >> WEBINAR: Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy

Hear from Imperial College London’s Psychedelic Research Team, as they share their discoveries and insights from the groundbreaking Psilocybin for Depression studies, Psilodep 1 and Psilodep 2. Leonie Schneider, a study participant on Psilodep 2, will share her personal story of healing and transformation.


Kyle Buller
Psychedelics Today

The Shadow Side of Psychedelic Healing

Coming from the academic field of clinical psychology, Kyle elaborates on the importance of the integration process in psychedelic experiences, discusses the emerging field of psychedelic integration coaching and therapy, ways to get involved, and shadow aspects to be aware of.

Two workbooks to provide tips and techniques to bringing awareness and intention, and help minimize risks in psychedelic journeying.


Joseph Peter Barsuglia 
Research Psychologist, MAPS
Tricia Eastman
Founder, Psychedelic Journeys

Psychedelic Union: Pioneering New Territory with Respect, Reverence & Innovation

A pair of initiates into the Bwiti iboga healing tradition and psychedelic healing facilitators, Tricia and Joseph tackle the emerging field of iboga treatment specifically, and plant medicine healing in general, diving deep into the topic of qualifications aspiring healers need to possess in order to serve the medicine and successfully treat their patients.

Essential tools and tips to help enrich your entheogenic experiences, which contains information about different practices and supplements that can help ease the integration process and questions for inner inquiry which can help you grow and get the most out of whatever type of work you do – also applicable to non-psychoactive medicine states.

Module 2 | Ancestral Plant Spirit Healing


Bruce Parry 
Director (Tawai, Tribe), Filmmaker & Explorer

The Wisdom, Gifts & Challenges of Living with Tribes

Bruce Parry has gone where few, or no Westerners have before. In this talk, he shares his uniquely profound insight and incredible details about his experiences living with the indigenous, as well as what we can learn from these communities to advance our own culture and understanding of life.


Darren Le Baron Headshot
Darren Le Baron
Ancient Future, Psychedelia Railway Gatherings

Psychedelics in Africa: The Untold Story

Although not often recognized by researchers and scientists, fungi and plants have been used by indigenous Africans, and those in the diaspora for spiritual and community development for millennia. Several groups use these sacred plants in their rites of passage initiation ceremonies and daily ritual. Darren reveals the untold story of psychedelics in Africa, the history and mythology around their use, and the present state of this landscape.


Elizabeth Bast
Iboga Provider & Integration Coach
Chor Boogie
Visionary Artist/Iboga Provider

The Bwiti Approach to Microdosing Iboga & Whether It’s Right for You

Elizabeth Bast and Chor Boogie are Bwiti initiates and iboga facilitators. Together they discuss the Bwiti tradition of iboga initiation, the risks and benefits of microdosing iboga, and the impact the medicalization of psychedelics is having on iboga sustainability.

Both are passionate about including the voices of our indigenous relations in the psychedelic renaissance and encouraging those that seek healing with iboga to approach it with respect and responsibility.

Click Here to Get the Free Gift >> Emotional Alchemy

A 6-step practice for transmuting challenging emotions.


Cecilio Soria Gonzales
Founder Of The Shipibo Radio Show
Voz Indigena: La Hora Shipiba

Comando Matico - The Plant Medicine Formula for Shipibo Resilience

A veteran communicator for the Shipibo nation and the elder brother of the founder of Comando Matico, Cecilio tells the full story behind this movement which has successfully helped much of the local population of the Peruvian Amazon (including himself) heal from COVID-19, and shares a recipe for a natural health elixir to boost immunity and alleviate symptoms of the disease.

With voiceover interpretation by Marc-John Brown, shamanic coach, apprentice of the Shipibo tribe, and practicing linguist.

12. The Bwiti Approach to Microdosing Iboga & Whether It’s Right for You

Elizabeth Bast, Iboga Provider & Integration Coach

Chor Boogie, Visionary Artist/Iboga Provider

Elizabeth Bast and Chor Boogie are Bwiti initiates and iboga facilitators. Together they discuss the Bwiti tradition of iboga initiation, the risks and benefits of microdosing iboga, and the impact the medicalization of psychedelics is having on iboga sustainability.

Both are passionate about including the voices of our indigenous relations in the psychedelic renaissance and encouraging those that seek healing with iboga to approach it with respect and responsibility. 


Jazmin Pirozek
Boom Bay Integrative Healing

How Plant Medicine of the South is Healing
Indigenous Communities in the North

A seasoned healer with Boreal plant medicines, Jazmin shares her insights about the distinctions between dieting and healing with these less-known plants in contrast to working with the flora of the Amazon rainforest.


Don Miguel Headshot
Maestro Don Miguel
Shipibo Maestro AYA Healing Retreats
Elio Geusa
Director of AYA Healing Retreats

Psychedelic Union: Pioneering New Territory with Respect, Reverence & Innovation

At a very young age Don Miguel began his apprenticeship as a curandero through plant dietas under the supportive guidance of his grandfather. Also known as Senen Yoi (meaning Speaking the Truth), Don Miguel uses a variety of plants to heal and treat ailments of many kinds – mental, physical, spiritual, emotional. In this talk, Maestro Don Miguel shares the practice of Master Plant Dietas, what gifts they offer, how to prepare for one, and how you can do this practice at home.

Presented by Elio Geusa, Director of AYA Healing Retreats, with interpretation by Angelo Mosca.

Click Here to Get the Free Gift >> The Master Plant Dieta eBook

The Master Plant dieta is an integral component in the healing traditions and plant medicine ceremonies of the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon. Fasting on Master Plants in conjunction with Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years by curanderos to open their minds and hearts to guidance and to learn from the spirits of the plant how best to heal others. Discover how.


Angell Deer
Founder Of The Sanctuary Healing Center

Sacred Plants - Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

At the height of a successful business career, Angell realized that the rat race doesn't fulfill him, so he turned to plant medicines and other healing methods for guidance. In this talk, he explains how opening up to receive the ancestral wisdom of Plant Spirits can help us make sense and find purpose in today’s world.

Click Here to Get the Free Gift >> The Sanctuary Morning Practice

The Morning Practice is a 5-step morning routine that can become a powerful anchor for your life.


Carlos Tanner
Founder Of The Ayahuasca Foundation

How Ayahuasca Tradition Can Guide Modern Psychedelic Medicine

Having beaten his own depression and drug abuse with the help of ayahuasca, Carlos's journey led him to the position of director of the Ayahuasca Foundation retreat center. He discusses the future of mental health care and how the healing paradigm of ayahuasca tradition is both relevant and needed in the emerging field of psychedelic medicine.

Where to Find Carlos >> Ayahuasca Foundation

If you sign up to Ayahuasca Foundation's newsletter, you'll be the first to hear about their new discounts and programs! 

MODULE 3 | Reciprocity & Storytelling


Tashka Yawanawá Headshot
Tashka Yawanawá 

How to Be The Allies We Seek

Tashka Yawanawá is chief of the Yawanawá people in Acre, Brazil. As chief, he leads 900 people stewarding 400,000 acres of Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Since the 1980s, Tashka has actively fought for the rights of indigenous peoples. Realizing that he needed further education to improve the situation of the Yawanawá, he pursued higher education in the U.S. and abroad. He shares his thoughts about the globalization of ayahuasca, and how Westerners support the indigenous movement. 


Jeremy Narby
Anthropologist & Author

Neocolonialist Spiritual Extractivism & How We Can Do Better in the West

Jeremy Narby shares why he considers the ayahuasca proliferation of today to not be much different in theory than the original colonization of Latin America or the subsequent centuries of resource extraction from the Amazon basin, as well as what we can do to make things better.


Nat Kelley
Actress (Fast & The Furious), Fantastic Fungi Board Member
Alan Scheurman (Santiparro)
Musician, Healer

Folk Medicine - Direct Relief as Active Reciprocity

Motivated by their deep immersion into the lives of Peruvian Amazonian indigenous peoples, Alan and Nat decided to take action and create a change in these communities with feeble mental healthcare and high susceptibility to COVID-19. They discuss their pandemic relief fundraising project and ways of fostering active reciprocity with the indigenous population.


George Cheng 
Dancer, Activist & Indigenous Liaison

What It Takes to Be A Trusted Advocate of the Indigenous

As the foreign liaison for the Huni Kui Peoples Federation of the State of Acre (FEPHAC) in Brazil, George shares about his unique journey of getting involved with the Huni Kuin, the intricacies of their life and its encounters with modernism and international attention, as well as what it means to be a communicator for their culture.

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Blessings & Challenges Of Indigenous Storytelling

In this 90-minute panel discussion, you will hear from documentary filmmakers and media producers what it truly takes to elevate indigenous stories and serve as an authentic media channel to bring indigenous perspectives to the global conversation.

Kumiko Hayashi
Kumiko Hayashi

Filmmaker (The Roots Awaken)

Jimmy Piaguaje
Jimmy Piaguaje

Siekopai Leader, Alianza Ceibo & Filmmaker

Lara Jacoski Headshot
Lara Jacoski

Filmmaker (Bem-te-vi Produções)

Ivan Sawyer Garcia
Ivan Sawyer Garcia

Founder, Voices of Amerikua


Chris Kilham 
The Medicine Hunter

Does the Western World Owe the Amazon for Ayahuasca?

Humans have been trading agricultural commodities and medicinal plants since the dawn of time. The expansion of plant medicines like ayahuasca beyond their native regions follows a similar trend. So is it culturally appropriative for non-indigenous people to drink ayahuasca or lead ayahuasca ceremonies in their own style? Do we owe something back to the Amazon? The answer isn't clear cut... find out why.


Andrea Langlois
Andrea Langlois
Director Of Engagement, ICEERS
Ricard Faura
Project Manager, ICEERS

Charting a Path Forward for Iboga

Ricard shares with us the impact of the global interest in iboga and ibogaine is having on communities in Gabon. He highlights the sustainability concerns around iboga and shares steps that need to be taken to bring it back into balance. Andrea shares with us what it means to have a collective vision for the future of iboga and ibogaine. Sustainability and reciprocity are the key recommendations coming out of ICEERS' exploration of the impacts of the globalization of iboga.


Rak Razam
Shamans Of The Global Village

Shamanism in a Time of Change

A true shaman of the global village, Rak has been all over the globe, immersing himself in indigenous traditions and experiencing shamanic medicines as an entheonautic journalist.

He shares his recent pilgrimage to the peyote gardens of Wirikuta, what shamanism represents for a changing, increasingly technological world and how we can honor the legacy of the indigenous world in the emerging Western neo-shamanic currents.

PANEL DISCUSSION: How To Bypass Spiritual Bypass (Weaponizing Oneness & Other Woke Foibles)

In this 90-minute interactive panel, audience members were invited to submit their top spiritual bypasses to our panel of experts for (snarky) commentary. The panelists discuss what qualifies these statements as bypassing and harmful, and what may have been better to say instead.

Daniel Sitaram Das Shankin
Daniel Sitaram Das Shankin

Founder Of Tam Integration & Host Of The Psilocybin Summit

Oriana Mayorga

Students for Sensible Drug Policy Board Member


Kumiko Hayashi
Kumiko Hayashi
Filmmaker (The Roots Awaken)
Jimmy Piaguaje
Jimmy Piaguaje
Siekopai Leader & Filmmaker

Plant Medicines as a Force for Indigenous Sovereignty

Having spent over seven years living in a number of indigenous communities across the Americas, Kumiko shares her experience working with indigenous tribes and plant medicine, and advice on initiating your healing path and bridging the gap between the western and indigenous mindsets. Jimmy Piaguaje shares the role that plant medicines play in indigenous spirituality as well as political sovereignty.


Jason Prall
Filmmaker, Human Longevity Project

Healing & Extending Longevity Using the Wisdom of Indigenous Elders

Spending time with indigenous healers around the world, Jason discovered the profound value of plant medicines, energetic work, awareness-based trainings, and other methodologies that have been used for thousands of years to improve well-being and extend life naturally. In this interview, he shares with Lorna some of the most fascinating realizations he’s made and advice on how we may live more mindfully and healthily.

Click Here to Get the Free Gift >> Episode 1 of The Human Longevity Project

Filmed over 2 years, in over 50 locations, in 9 countries, on 3 continents, this film covers the key lifestyle, environmental, and physiological components to prevent chronic disease, increase health span, and put the brakes on aging in our modern world.


AnnaBariyani Headshot
Anna Bariyani
Txai Fernando
Txai Fernando

Music as Medicine

Anna Bariyani has spent years living with, and learning from, indigenous tribes all over the globe. She is inspired to tell stories inspired by native culture and sing inseveral languages, including Hatxa Kuin, Yawanawá, Sami, Spanish, Portuguese, English and her mother tongue, Norwegian.

Txai Fernando is a Brazilian musician and producer based in Oslo, Norway. He has worked with the Huni Kuin people for over 20 years, making bridging work between indigenous and modern societies in a myriad of different ways. He is a musician in Astral Flowers and Curawaka, music producer for Curawaka, Ayla Shafer, and Chandra Lacombe, and the co-founder of Nixi Music.

Listen to Anna and Txai at >> Curawaka

International quintet Curawaka describe their unique sound as «sacred world music».
A respectful yet passionate way of connecting the new with the ancient, the open mind and searching heart with the spiritual and ritual. The quintet leads us on a journey through the soundscape of the natural world and its native indigenous cultures, invoking a deep memory of something meaningful and profound in most of us.

MODULE 4 | Safety & Harm Reduction


Daniel Sitaram Das Shankin
Daniel Sitaram Das Shankin
Founder Of Tam Integration & Host Of The Psilocybin Summit


With two decades of experience teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, along with years of integration coaching, Daniel Sitaram Das Shankin has witnessed the impact of psychedelic states on a wide range of people. Daniel shares his valuable insights on how to facilitate personal evolution, both with and without the help of psychedelics, and what some common obstacles are when leveraging psychedelics as a tool for lasting transformation.

  • Create practice and ceremony that will guide you towards the life you want
  • Develop a personal relationship to spiritual practice
  • Learn to deepen and mature your relationship to medicine


Daniel Sitaram Das Shankin
Daniel Sitaram Das Shankin
Founder Of Tam Integration & Host Of The Psilocybin Summit


With two decades of experience teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, along with years of integration coaching, Daniel Sitaram Das Shankin has witnessed the impact of psychedelic states on a wide range of people. Daniel shares his valuable insights on how to facilitate personal evolution, both with and without the help of psychedelics, and what some common obstacles are when leveraging psychedelics as a tool for lasting transformation.

  • Create practice and ceremony that will guide you towards the life you want
  • Develop a personal relationship to spiritual practice
  • Learn to deepen and mature your relationship to medicine


Kat Courtney
Kat Courtney
AfterLife Coaching

So You Want to Be an Ayahuasca Shaman?

A 16-year veteran of the plant medicine space and a traditionally trained Ayahuasquera and Huachumera, Kat Courtney shares what it takes to facilitate plant medicine ceremonies safely and well.

Click Here to Get the Free Gift >> The Ancient Shamanic Art of Protection

The video invites you to explore the Shamanic art of protection where together we learn to embrace vulnerability with safety as a priority. 


Ben Malcolm
Spirit Pharmacist

Drug Interactions with Ayahuasca - The Good, the Bad & the Spiritual

Everyone interested in drinking ayahuasca needs to know the proper precautions and potential negative interactions. The community's resident Spirit Pharmacist is on duty to advise on which medications are high-risk and how those taking contraindicated medications may still have therapeutic experiences with the Amazonian brew.

Click Here to Get the Free Gift >> Antidepressant and Psychedelic Drug Interaction Chart

An up to date and evidence-based chart detailing the drug interaction potential and minimum discontinuation times for safe and beneficial psychedelic experiences


Atira Tan
Atira Tan
AYA Healing Retreats

Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation & Why It Matters

Atira pioneered the first ever Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation program, covering topics of trauma-informed care in ceremony, screening, as well as preparation and somatic integration tools. In this talk, she explains the concept of Trauma-Informed Facilitation and why is it vital in our community.


Christina Pratt
Last Mask Center

Keys to Decolonizing Your Altered States

Non-traditional shamanic healer Christina Pratt shares advice on how plant medicine community members may cultivate the resiliency and hardiness that "living your best self" requires, and stop unconsciously perpetuating unsustainable cultural narratives in our altered states of consciousness.

Click Here to Get the Free Gift >> The Gift Not Yet Opened mini-course

Secrets to unpacking the strange, challenging, and sacred gifts life gives us that are uncomfortable to open and all too easy to ignore.

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Good, Bad & Ugly of Psychedelic Retreats

In this 90-minute panel discussion, you will learn about both the light and shadow aspects of the psychedelic retreat industry - from authentic experiences in pristine, safe, and accessible environments to concerns about predatory behavior and industrialization of sacred medicine.

Tim Cools

Psychedelic Experience

Adeptus Psychonautica

Adeptus Psychonautica

Erica Jung Headshot
Erica Jung

Spiritual & Integrative Healing Guide


Dr. Tone Rawlings Headshot
Dr. Tone Rawlings 
Decolonizing The Heart

Decolonizing the Heart and Mind

Dr. Tone Rawlings, artist, scientist, educator and guide, shares why plant medicine and other entheogens can be a powerful means of healing for POCs. Why identifying, tracking, and healing the internalized White-supremacy, colonial mind-set, and dominator culture constructs within ourselves first could help us shift society and our soul wound.


Dr. Anja Loizaga-Velder
Clinical Psychologist & Founder, Nierika Institute

How to Integrate Difficult Psychedelic Experiences

While many in the psychedelic community might argue that there is no "bad trip" only "difficult trips "that unearth challenging lessons that must be faced, and past traumas that are ripe for healing... psychedelic ceremonies, for a variety of reasons, can have unanticipated negative outcomes.

Dr. Anja Loizaga-Velder shares what to do if a psychedelic ceremony leaves you traumatized, feeling messed up, and struggling with PTSD months later. 


Caitlin Thompson
Facilitator, Medicine Frog Kambo

The Therapeutic Benefits & Risks of Kambô Frog Medicine

After having successfully treated her own Lyme disease with kambô, Caitlin discovered the immense therapeutic potential of the Amazonian monkey tree frog's venom. In this talk, she shares the key steps to taking kambô safely, the benefits of microdosing kambô, and its potential in science and medicine.


Merrill Ward Headshot
Merrill Ward
Entheogenic Enthusiast, Awakening Divinity Ministries

5-MeO-DMT - Entheogens and the Science of Spirituality

As an experienced "entheologian," public speaker, and staunch proponent of cognitive liberty as well as a passionate advocate for the safe and responsible use of entheogens for engendering direct spiritual experience, Merrill shares his insights into how entheogens (and especially 5-MeO-DMT) can provide a uniquely exceptional connection to Source consciousness, and what the latest scientific research says about the "mystical unitive or non-dual experience" we get with entheogens and its relationship to healing.

Click Here to Get the Free Gift >> The Conclave Ethical Commitments

The Conclave is an international anonymous collective of nearly 60 conscientious practitioners (including medical doctors, therapists and psychologists) who support the safe and sacred use of 5-MeO-DMT, and who have actively worked with this powerful entheogenic sacrament for decades.

This document was released in September of 2019 to support the growing need within the psychedelic underground for a simple, yet well thought out framework toward the development of ethical standards within the broader psychedelic/entheogenic community.


Skye Weaver Headshot
Skye Weaver
Psychedelic Cannabis Facilitator & Integration Specialist

Psychedelic Cannabis & Holotropic Trauma Healing

Although traditionally not consumed as a psychedelic, at Medicinal Mindfulness, cannabis is approached as one. In this interview, Skye Weaver, lead facilitator at Medicinal Mindfulness, presents the case for cannabis as a sacred plant ally rather than a "weed," giving a fascinating account of how it can be used to heal trauma. She also discusses somatic self-healing and the Holotropic Principle.

A guidebook about resourcing and the seven stages of integration to help support the psychedelic process.

MODULE 5 | Leadership & Transformation


Tony Moss
Recording Artist, Founder, I.AM.LIFE

Plant Medicines & the Evolution of Consciousness in a Post-Truth World

Tony Moss is the founder and leader of an nonprofit organization that creates community healing spaces that celebrate connection, tolerance and diversity through music and cacao ceremony. But the last year has revealed painful truths, traumatic divisions and loss of friendships in a community that was once so loving, diverse, and inclusive. Tony shares his insights on the underlying dynamics and unexamined beliefs behind fragmentation of the plant medicine community. We discuss if it’s even possible to heal those differences and evolve our consciousness in a post-truth world.


Beth Weinstein
Psychedelic & Spiritual Business Coach

Integrating Visionary Experiences into Conscious Entrepreneurship

Seasoned spiritual business coach Beth Weinstein reveals the importance of integrating psychedelic experiences into one's life and work. In this frank, strategy-filled conversation, Lorna and Beth debunk the money myths that keep aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs broke, and discuss what it really takes to bridge the gap between the vision of your highest self received in ceremony, and where you are now, so that you can move towards the soul purpose vocation that you dream of.

If you haven’t noticed, the “Psychedelic Revolution” is here. Sacred Medicines are growing more popular every day.

If you feel you want to integrate psychedelics into your business, or integrate your own visionary experiences into your soul's purpose… Or you’re trying to figure out what your business is, but you aren’t clear… Or you just don’t know what to do first or next… then this free training is for you!

Special Offer!

Get $20 off Beth's online workshop – Psychedelics: Sacred Medicines, Purpose, and Business – by clicking this link!

This bundle of resources includes over 60 talks with psychedelic and business experts, aimed to help you understand how to translate visionary experiences into conscious entrepreneurship.


Marie Mbouni
High-Impact Manifestation Coach

Plant Teachers, Self-Integration & Belonging in a World of Isolation

Marie Mbouni reveals how Plant Spirit Teachers can help us truly heal our core wounds with Self Integration and attain deep belonging, alignment, resilience, empowerment, and fulfillment.

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Path to Evolved Leadership & Conscious Enterprise

This 90-minute panel discussion features business leaders who intentionally leverage plant medicines as a tool of personal growth and leadership innovation.

Palak Patel, Chef & Food Network Star
Palak Patel

Chef & Food Network Star

Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal Headshot
Dr. Taryn Marie

Resilience Leadership


Barry Stamos 
Co-Founder, 1heart

Accelerating Awakened Leadership with Ayahuasca

After a life-transforming experience with ayahuasca, Barry Stamos and his partner Brandon Evans, both silicon valley entrepreneurs with a successful unicorn exit, decided to co-found a different company. 1heart is a life elevation & human accelerator for heart-led leaders that offers plant medicine retreats as the catalyst for leadership development.

Barry shares what some of the most profound lessons his high impact clients have received from working intentionally with ayahuasca, and whether it's possible to shift to a more conscious form of capitalism one entrepreneur at a time


Shereen Sun
Radiant Wild Heart

Unleash Your Creativity & Grow your Sacred Business With Plant Medicines

Shereen's colorful career as a teacher, creativity expert, business coach, healer, and intuitive stems from her discovery of her inner purpose through plant medicine experiences. In this talk, she shares how we may leverage the insights gained from mystical experiences to help us grow a business into a sacred enterprise.


Dr. Burnetta (Bee) Thomas
CEO, Beelogica

How to Launch a Successful CBD Brand Step-by-Step

In this value-packed master class, Dr. Bee Thomas shares the step-by-step roadmap to launching a successful CBD brand, how much capital it takes, whether the over-saturated market has room for another player, and the keys to standing out above the noise.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Psychedelic Stories

"The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms." - Muriel Rukeyser

Listen to our panelists and audience members share their most personal, meaningful experiences with psychedelics!

The Hosts:

Mike Margolies

Founder, Psychedelic Seminars

Mareesa Stertz

Documentary Filmmaker, The Healing Powers on Gaia TV & Lucid News

The Panelists:

Lorna Headshot Photo
Lorna Liana

Founder & CEO, EntheoNation

Wade Davis

Ethnographer & Author

Paulo Sanson
Paulo Sanson

Filmmaker & Medicine Man


Greg Lawrence 
Psychedelic Integration Specialist

How to Microdose Your Way to Lasting Transformation

As interest in microdosing expands, the need for safety and efficiency in this practice becomes more vital. With ample experience in psychedelic integration coaching, Greg Lawrence shares advice on the importance of intention in microdosing, and how to avoid common mistakes and achieve lasting results.

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If you have taken psychedelics and are frustrated because things aren’t changing the way you expected they might, you will want to take a look at the top five integration tips Greg shares with his clients.


Mareesa Stertz

Celebrating the Psychedelic Healing Journey

From her extensive experience with various psychedelics and entheogens worldwide, Mareesa unpacks the main messages from her psychedelic-themed series The Healing Powers and Adventures of the Psyche, expanding on how we can leverage psychedelic experiences to deprogram our societal conditioning, embrace ourselves as we are, overcome difficulties, and attain spiritual growth.


Travis Bodick
Travis Bodick
Healer & Author

Microdosing Plants for Spiritual Guidance

Drawing upon his years of practice with a large variety of plant medicines and psychedelic fungi and apprenticeship with healers from various parts of the world, Travis shares his unique insight on how to best benefit from natural psychedelic medicines in a modern world while honoring their ancient cultural use.


Lynn Marie Morski
Dr. Lynn Marie Morski
Psychedelic Medicine Association

How Mainstream Healthcare Providers Can Include Psychedelic Medicine in Their Practice

Dr. Morski has dedicated herself to educating the mainstream medical community and healthcare providers on the therapeutic uses of psychedelics and the latest in psychedelic science. Learn why this should be a priority and what the barriers are to integrating psychedelics with the traditional medical model.

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