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Alma Peregrina

by Mantric Mambo

Mantric Mambo is a band that has grown together over the last 20 years. Its members lead the ceremonies at Templo Mãe D’água, a center for Sacred Medicines in Chapada dos Veadeiros. The teachings of these medicines and their connection with the cycles of nature deeply inspire his musicality.

They are very connected with music in its diversity, rooted in Afro/Latin rhythms, in a folkloric and gypsy balance. Its melodies are invigorating, transmitting with its lyrics a message of beauty, faith and hope. The band was born spontaneously, out of the purest joy and love for music and sacred medicines. Its mission is to bring people together in ceremonies in a celebratory way.


Ambika Cruz

One of the leaders of the ceremonies in the Mãe D’água Temple and main organizer of the Condor Eagle festival. Ambika is a composer and a vocalist dedicated to helping people connect with the transformative potential of their voices.

Pablo Comesana

Born in Buenos Aires and raised in Brazil, Pablo is a guardian of the Sacred Medicine of the Mãe D’água Temple, a composer, and a guitarist. He is very knowledgeable about the fauna and flora of Chapada dos Veadeiros and other places around the world where he has lived and traveled.

Ninad Yage

Ninad is a composer, music producer, and musician who plays guitar, charango and bass.  Since 2000 he has been part of the Templo Mae D’água band, participating in the formation of this unique style that characterizes Mantric Mambo.  In his studio in Alto Paraiso de Goiás he has produced Mantric Mambo's albums, as well as albums by other artists. Like the emblematic “Transforming Tradição”, by shaman and singer Huni Kuin “Ninawa Pai da Mata”.


Raghini has walked this path of melodies, communication and healing for over 25 years. Currently, she sings, prays and plays at Templo Mãe D’água. Her participation in the band Mantric Mambo has led Raghini to the perfect meeting between music and spirituality, the teacher and the apprentice. His voice full of emotion, his musical compositions, his poetry and devotion continue to spread throughout the world.

Ion David

Ion is a guide, tourism entrepreneur and photographer. For more than 20 years he has been recording Chapada dos Veadeiros through his lenses. It has a large collection of images of the region, including natural and cultural aspects. He has been a member of Mantric Mambo for over 15 years, bringing the Andean atmosphere to the arrangements with Zampoña, in addition to the rhythms played on Djembé and Berimbau.

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