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Fleet Maull

Author, Meditation Teacher, Coach, Motivational Speaker, Social Entrepreneur and Peacemaker

Integrating Plant Medicines & Deeply Embodied Meditation

Dr. Fleet Maull, a renowned meditation teacher and mindset coach, is the founder of Heart Mind Institute, a transformational education platform hosting online summits and courses. He is also the founder of the annual Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Global Summit, one of the premier online events for this field, which has been attended by over 300,000 people since the first summit in October 2022.

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Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness Training E-Book

Learn to tap into your body's innate capacity for auto-regulation into profound states of awareness, coherence and flow.

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Ben Malcolm

Founder of Spirit Pharmacist LLC

Mindful Med Management and Plant Medicine

Ben Malcolm is the founder of Spirit Pharmacist, who works as a Psychopharmacology Consultant and Psychedelic Educator. In this interview, he shares some of his thoughts on approaches to drug interactions between medications and plant medicines.

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Psychedelic Screening Essentials

Safe facilitation of psychedelic experiences begins with a systematic intake and screening process. A good intake process will reduce risks associated with psychedelic use, prevent adverse effects from occurring, and increase the odds of a beneficial outcome.

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Spirit Pharmacist Member Resource and Support Program

The member resource and support program aims to optimize efficacy and safety of psychedelic drug use, while empowering persons and providers autonomy in choosing therapies and treatment plans best suited for them or their patients. It provides courses, webinars, written drug guides, a personalized drug information service, and discounted psychopharmacology consulting all in a single place.

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Beth Weinstein

Spiritual & Entheogenic Business Coach

You Are the Medicine: Psychedelics, Soul's Purpose & Transformational Business for These Times

Beth Weinstein is a business coach helping coaches, healers, Psychedelic Pioneers and spiritual leaders to align with their soul's path and expand their businesses. 

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Integrating Psychedelics & Sacred Medicines Into a Transformational Business

You carry your own Unique Medicine and YOUR Medicine is what we need For These Times. The medicine path guides you to Your True Path through a journey of opening up your heart and listening to your higher self. In this journey, your Soul wakes up and starts to crave more fulfillment, freedom, fun and to be of service in the world. The Soul desires a life that aligns with your deeper heart’s purpose and who you truly are. If you want to integrate your psychedelic experiences into your purpose… Or you want clarity on what your business looks like… Or you don’t know what to do first to bring psychedelics into a business… Then this free Psychedelic Business training is for you!

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Start & Grow a Transformational Psychedelic Business Or Career

Psychedelic medicines have growing more popular and are in the mainstream – and the psychedelic coaching, healing, transformational and personal development industry is growing exponentially every day. If you want to learn how you can start a business or career in the psychedelic space, this 3-part training will teach you how. (This exact training was part of an esteemed Psychedelic Training Program that costs over $10,000 – and it’s available to you here for only $44.) With the growing use of psychedelics for healing and transformation, there is more need for psychedelic-informed and psychedelic-assisted support. It’s time to start sharing Your Unique Medicine so you can make a difference in the lives of other’s doing what you love.

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Melissa Stangl

Founding Partner, Soltara

The Profound Gifts of Indigenous-Led Retreats

Melissa holds a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering with a background in cancer research. In 2015, she moved to the Amazon to support retreat operations alongside Shipibo healers. She is currently Founding Partner of Soltara Healing Center, an ayahuasca center working with Shipibo healers in Costa Rica and Peru, with an innovative and integrative before and aftercare program. 

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Soltara Plant Medicine + Holistic Healing Toolkit

Support your healing journey with frameworks, practical tools, plant medicine resources, and holistic practices you can incorporate into your everyday life.

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Robin Flynn

Co-Founder of Visionary Hearts & Star River Sanctuary

Spiritual Sovereignty and Power Dynamics within the Shamanic Realms and Psychedelic Space

Robin Flynn M.A. is a heart-centered guide, plant spirit medicine ceremonialist, visionary artist, and sanctioned teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Robin along with her husband Darcy Kopas is the co-founder of Visionary Hearts and Star River Sanctuary in British Columbia.

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The Resource & Empowerment Guide to Psychedelic Healing

This guide walks you through how to choose your healing modality, medicine, and practitioner wisely

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Kat Courtney

CEO Plant Medicine People Inc.

Psychedelic Therapists vs Coaches

Kat Courtney is a pioneer in the psychedelic coaching space with almost 2 decades of experience with clients and behind the altar; she's an indigenous-trained shamanic guide, author of a book on psychedelic plants, and she's the CEO of Plant Medicine People, Inc.

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The 5 Most Effective Traits for Psychedelic Coaches

For all those called to the incredible path of Psychedelic and Plant Medicine Coaching - these are Kat's 5 most essential qualities and traits for those that want to be the best of the best.

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Anahita Anais

Founder & Integrative Microdosing Expert at Microdose Guru

Microdosing For Emotional Intimacy

Anahita Anais is a NeuroHealth & Emotional Agility Coach, and Microdosing Expert. She supports individuals and couples to heal their nervous systems so they can live, love, and lead from deep inner harmony.

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Mindful Microdosing Guide- a complimentary step-by-step handbook on building a foundational, supportive, and long-lasting microdosing practice

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