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The Ancestor Messenger 8-Week Sacred Spaceholding Program & Tribal Immersion

Elevate your sacred spaceholding skills with the guidance of

ancestral wisdom keepers.

The Ancestor Messenger Sacred Space-Holding Program is an 8-week hybrid virtual and live, in-person program specifically designed for emerging Leaders of the Renaissance to cultivate the essential skills of a plant medicine integration provider and ceremonial space-holder. Learn directly from indigenous wisdom keepers who are ancestral custodians of sacred plant medicine traditions and…

Claim Your Purpose in the Psychedelic Renaissance!

Why Join the Ancestor Messenger Sacred Space-holding Program?

  • Gain essential ceremony guardianship skills and know what to do if someone is having a hard of cross-cultural bridgekeeping and space-holding for ceremony participants
  • Learn and practice indigenous songs so that you may share the powerful healing frequencies of these ancient prayers with the blessing of the wisdom keepers.
  • Grow your confidence in leading integration circles so that you may create community-building, revenue generating events in your locale.
  • Understand the nuances of cross-cultural bridgekeeping & learn how to support lasting positive transformation for yourself and others through the intentional use of ancestral medicines.
Lorna Liana

Hosted by Lorna Liana, Founder of EntheoNation & the Plant Spirit School

Lorna Liana is the CEO of EntheoNation, a media company and educational platform covering psychedelics, ancestral plant medicines, and global medicine culture.

She is also the Founder of The Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification Program, designed to help plant medicine practitioners become thriving integration coaches in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

Moderated by Aluna Lua, Entheogenic Facilitator & Head Coach of the Plant Spirit School

Aluna Lua is the co-founder of the psychedelic media company Ascension Arts and head coach of The Plant Spirit School. She works as a ceremony facilitator, performing artist and integration coach. Lua is from Brazil and has been an ally for indigenous communities for over a decade. She is specialized in the medicines of Hapé, Kambo and Cannabis and is based in Los Angeles, CA. She provides peer support at Burning Man through the Zendo Project and offers trainings, retreats and mentorship for sacred space holders.

As a passionate entrepreneur, brand designer and creative director, Lua also supports artists and healers to design their sacred offerings, express their healing gifts and become professional leaders of the renaissance.

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