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The Art of Hapé in the Brazilian Amazon

with Gesileu Phaspy Ninawa & Lorna Liana

In this film short, EntheoNation founder Lorna Liana speaks with master hapé maker Gesileu Phaspy Ninawa on the art of making sacred Amazonian snuff. You will discover how wildcrafted, organic sacred Amazonian snuff is made, what plants are included in the blends, along with how indigenous tribes used this sacred medicine for healing, hunting, and more.

Featuring Gesileu Phaspy Ninawa

Gesileu Phaspy Ninawa is a true master in the art of ancestral medicine. His knowledge has been acquired through years of studying with the most respected shamans of the Acre tribes, especially the Huni Kuin and the Yawanawa. His dedication and commitment have earned him a reputation as the finest producer in the region, known for the exceptional quality of the Rapé he creates.

Gesileu’s Rapé is truly special. Its production is carried out carefully and respectfully, following the traditional rituals passed down by the shamans. Each ingredient is precisely selected, combining sacred herbs and high-quality natural tobacco. The result is a powerful healing tool that can assist in various aspects of life.

Lorna Liana

Hosted by Lorna Liana, Founder of EntheoNation & the Plant Spirit School

Lorna Liana is the CEO of EntheoNation, a media company and educational platform covering psychedelics, ancestral plant medicines, and global medicine culture.

She is also the Founder of The Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification Program, designed to help plant medicine practitioners become thriving integration coaches in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

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