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At the Parliament of World Religions

The Parliament of the World’s Religions, a conference gathering people from more than 200 faiths, is one of the most unlikely places one would imagine encountering the psychedelic brew ayahuasca. It is here however, that indigenous people from the Amazon joined forces with leaders in the plant medicine community to take powerful steps towards world wide acceptance by being recognized as a legitimate spiritual practice. Join host Mareesa Stertz as she takes us on a journey through what makes this event such a momentous occasion.

Featuring Benjamin Mudge

Benjamin Mudge led a team to the Parliament of the World’s Religions to get recognition of ayahuasca ceremonies as legitimate religious practices. He has a background in political activism and recently founded of the not-for-profit community interest company Bipolar Disorder CIC. His sings and plays guitar in Santa Estrela and Mudge FM.

Benjamin is doing PhD research about ayahuasca and is planning clinical trials of sacred ayahuasca ceremonies for the treatment of mental illnesses. He has participated in ayahuasca ceremonies since 2007, experiencing a wide range of traditions in various countries. He facilitates Kambô frog medicine ceremonies, having trained since 2010 with Huni Kuin, Noke Kuin, Puyanawá and Yawanawá tribes and other Brazilians.

Mareesa Stertz

Directed by Mareesa Stertz, Co-Founder of Lucid News

Mareesa Stertz is a professional storyteller, Steward and lead of Communications at the Global Psychedelic Society, co-founder at Lucid News, and a filmmaker who's created the documentary series, “The Healing Powers of Psychedelics", currently streaming on Gaia TV. She is on a mission to shift dominant narratives and celebrate the healing journey; and her work has taken her around the world, filming documentaries with the curanderos of Peru to the holy men of India.

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