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The Band of Mercy 

Presents A Celebration Of Brazilian Fusion Medicine Music

Enjoy soul-shifting sacred Brazilian fusion medicine music to uplift your day. We welcome The Band of Mercy, featuring the ethereal voice of Aluna Lua, the harmonic guitar of Danny Stark, and the grooves of Royal Taj and rhythm of Michael Mowgli. Together, they create a cultural ceremony experience blending Brazilian, indigenous, reggae, and folk music, setting a sacred space for reverence and celebration of ancient medicines. Let's open our hearts to the blessings from different medicine lineages that call us forward to create a more beautiful world. Get ready for a magical prayerformance designed for spiritual connection and community.

Featuring Aluna Lua, Entheogenic Facilitator & Head Coach of the Plant Spirit School

Aluna Lua is the co-founder of the psychedelic media company Ascension Arts and head coach of The Plant Spirit School. She works as a ceremony facilitator, performing artist and integration coach. Lua is from Brazil and has been an ally for indigenous communities for over a decade. She is specialized in the medicines of Hapé, Kambo and Cannabis and is based in Los Angeles, CA. She provides peer support at Burning Man through the Zendo Project and offers trainings, retreats and mentorship for sacred space holders.

As a passionate entrepreneur, brand designer and creative director, Lua also supports artists and healers to design their sacred offerings, express their healing gifts and become professional leaders of the renaissance.

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