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The Path of the Chachi Wachumero


Bladi is a spiritual guide and healer, and has been a student of the Chachi tradition from the Cayapas River area of Ecuador for 15 years. He and his wife Ruth facilitate powerful and profound healing work through Wachuma and the music they bring.

The Mesa Chachi Prayer Circle with Bladi and Ruth is a glimpse into the sacred and mysterious wisdom of the Andes. Chants and prayers are shared around the fire from the evening until the next morning to honor the four elements and the ancient mystical traditions of the Chachi people. A true encounter with “Sumak Kawsay”, the Andean principle of living a life in balance with nature and walking in beauty with All Our Relationships.


Alongside her husband, Bladi, Ruth facilitates Wachuma ceremonies that originate from the Chachi tradition of Ecuador. While Bladi and Ruth do not come from the Chachi community themselves, they were welcomed by tribe’s elders because of their eagerness to learn the Wachuma tradition and share its healing power where it’s most needed – in the cities.

Today, she walks with immense gratitude to be able to bring feminine essence and wisdom to the Wachuma ceremonies she leads together with Bladi.

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