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Sacred Plants of Africa – Ancestral Traditions & Contemporary Uses

with Daniel Shankin, John Lockley, Jean-Francois Sobieki & Audrey Braddock Ndjogo

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Daniel Shankin Moderator

Psychedelic Integration Coach & Founder of Tam Integration

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Tam Integration Coaching Training Program

Tam Integration’s year long integration coaching training creates a powerful container for people with emerging spiritual visions. By the end of the year, program participants will have the skills to serve others in as catalysts for powerful personal change. Tam Integration Coaches have the tools to work with clients both in and out of the context of the psychedelic journey. Our coaches leverage the experiences they’ve had in entheogenic spaces, engaging with individuals from a place of deep presence, healing and care. Our program offers group members an opportunity for community connection, coaching, guidance, and conscious practices. You will be offered a curriculum designed that is intensely practical, so you feel confident in your ability to give your clients the lasting results that they not only deeply need, but also deserve. We’ll cultivate our innate capacity for both groundedness and presence. You’ll gain tools to build clarity so that you can be available for the people sitting in front of you. We’ll come to understand how to support people artfully as the prepare for and integration from their journeys. We’ll strive together to ensure that one’s work both in and out of ceremony is infused with inner peace and positivity.

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John Lockley

Fully Initiated Sangoma in the Xhosa Lineage of South Africa.

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Jean-Francois Sobieki

Audrey Braddock Ndjogo

Founder & Nganga, Bwiti Roots

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