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Words from the Wisdom Keepers

Our Medicine is Union & Healing in Each of Us

Sâmia Biruany Huni Kuin

Sâmia Biruany is from Aldeia Pinuya, located near the city of Tarauacá, Acre, Amazon.

She is one of the leaders and coordinators of the female cultural group Mawa Isa Keneya, which does an important job of strengthening the study of traditional chants, together with the medicines and studies of forest medicine and women's healing.

Her hope is for a future with peace for humanity and our planet. So the new generations can live something different, even better than how we are living today.

Nawá Siã Huni Kuin

Young apprentice of the Huni Kuin spirituality and tradition, together with other young people and the spiritual leader Kupi at Pinuya Village.

Nawá Siã has been traveling in Brazil since he was 17 years old and today, at 28 years of age, he is recognized for his dedication to the study of traditional chants and for his original songs and melodies.

Nawa Siã brings the strength and energy of the new generation, being an inspiration for other youngsters to follow the path of the Medicine.

Bixku Huni Kuin

One of the main leaders of the Pinuya Village, Bixku has been a reference in the spiritual work of his community for more than 12 years.

Currently, he is the Vice President of the OAKAT27 Association, of the Colony 27 Indigenous Land, where he develops projects to benefit local families.
Representative of the Pinu Huya Keneya Group, he shares his culture and spirituality inside and outside of Brazil.

Bixku brings with him the responsibility and trust of his village and from the elders.

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