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Santo Daime, La Religion de la Floresta

Santo Daime, the Religion of the Forest

Santo Daime is a syncretic religion originating in Brazil that uses ayahuasca ('daime') as a sacrament. In this episode of 'Voices of Ayahuasca', produced by Iñaki Berazaluce and Aitor Biedma, we trace the origins and history of this spiritual movement and speak with members of the Santo Daime church in Spain.

The series is directed by journalist Iñaki Berazaluce and produced by The Hard Men Path. It began in early 2023 as a line of defense for ayahuasca "in response to ongoing attacks on ayahuasca practices by the Spanish police and certain media outlets," according to the director of 'Voices of Ayahuasca'.

Directed by Iñaki Berazaluce, Journalist

A journalist with more than 25 years of experience in print, online and radio media, including El País, Diario Público, 20 Minutos, Huffington Post, and magazines such as GQ, Cadena Ser, Revista Cáñamo or Condè Nast Traveler. Since 2020 he has also been involved in psychedelic activism, collaborating with ICEERS, Cannopia and the Plataforma de Defensa de la Ayahuasca.

Produced by Aitor Biedma, Visual Artist  & VJ

Aitor Biedma is a visual artist, whose work is deeply connected with music. In his projects he uses nature as a canvas to create otherworldly  and multisensorial experiences.

He's been involved in different artistic projects around Europe and is  honored to be part of the Voices of Ayahuasca documentary series about ayahuasca, the traditions and all the cultural heritage behind this project.

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