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Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation: 3 Tips and Tools to Create a Safer Psychedelic Space

Atira Tan

Head of Integration, AYA Healing Retreats

Passionate about creating safer spaces and bringing healing and awareness to the world, Atira is the founder of the Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation and the Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Practitioner programs offered at AYA Healing Retreats, where she also serves as the Head of Integration.

She is also one of the core faculty at The Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification program, designed to empower plant medicine people to grow their thriving vocation in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

In this talk, she shares advice on trauma-informed facilitation from her years of experience with plant medicines as catalysts of trauma relief.

What you'll discover:

  • Why trauma-informed care is essential
  • The goal of trauma-informed plant medicine facilitation
  • Helpful tips and tools to create a safer psychedelic space

About Atira Tan

From the slums in Nepal to the Amazonian jungles in Peru, Atira has touched the lives of thousands of women, men, and children around the world, supporting them through her 19 years of experience in various somatic and creative trauma recovery approaches.

Passionate about creating safer spaces in the world, and bringing healing and awareness to the “shadowy” areas of life, Atira has worked as a trauma-informed integration specialist in retreat centers such as the Temple of the Way of Light and is currently the head of integration at AYA Healing Retreats.

Where to find Atira Tan

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