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Shipibo and Harakbut: A Cross-Cultural Amazonian Alliance

Cecilio Soria Gonzales

Shipibo Activist & Communicator

About Cecilio Soria Gonzales

Cecilio is a lawyer and Shipibo communicator, one of the founders of AIDESEP (Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Rainforest), ex-president of REDCIP (The Peruvian Network of Indigenous Communicators), two times councilman of the district of Coronel Portillo, ex-national director of the CCP (Peruvian Farmers’ Confederation), and the founder of Voz Indigena: La Hora Shipiba, a magazine and radio show about indigenous nations published in Shipibo and Spanish.

A promoter of the Shipibo culture and Shipibo empowerment, in this interview from the first Harakbut Women's Congress he talks about the cross-cultural alliances with the Harakbut nation and the importance of protecting the rights of Peru's indigenous populations.

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