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The Path to Become an Ayahuasca Facilitator

Elio Geusa

Director, AYA Healing Retreats

Elio is the founder and director of AYA Healing Retreats. He is immensely passionate about sharing his knowledge on Master Plants, respecting traditional ways of knowing, interpreting and navigating plant medicine work and helping to re-awaken his guests to the innate intelligence and benevolence of the natural world.

In this talk, he shares about the training shamanic initiates undertake in the Shipibo lineage, as well as what it takes to become an Ayahuasca facilitator in intensive retreats.

What you'll discover:

  • The best practices for working with Ayahuasca and supporting those seeking healing
  • What it takes to become an Ayahuasca facilitator in intensive retreats
  • The kind of training needed in order to become an Ayahuasca facilitator within the Shipibo lineage

About Elio Geusa

Originally from Italy, and now living in Melbourne, Australia, Elio Geusa is the founder of AYA Healing Retreats. He is a qualified Social Worker and has over thirteen years of experience working both on national and international humanitarian projects.

Elio has worked with people living with intellectual disabilities and mental health conditions. He has also had the privilege of supporting refugee populations to overcome the trauma of displacement throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia. Elio believes that compassionate and inspired action can create meaningful change in the world.

Elio’s grandfather was a highly-respected healer in a small village in southern Italy. From a young age, Elio was drawn to healing as a profession after witnessing the profound differences his grandfather made in the lives of members of their community.

In 2009, Elio encountered the plant medicine ayahuasca for the first time. Convinced of its power to cure the incurable, Elio began an apprenticeship under the guidance of Maestro Vegetalista Manaco Manain. Since 2009 he has continued to deepen his knowledge, experience, and understanding of the workings of the sacred plant medicines, studying the Shipibo traditions under the revered Mahua family and has undertaken numerous Master Plant Dietas with well-respected curanderos in the Peruvian Amazon.

Elio founded AYA Healing Retreats because he is convinced of the healing potentialities of sacred plant medicines. Not only does he hope to share the indigenous wisdom of the ancient traditions of the tribe’s peoples of the Amazon, but he also intends to invest part of AYA Healing Retreats profits into humanitarian projects that are creating a more compassionate world.

Where to find Elio Geusa

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