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What it Takes to Be a Psychedelic Integration Coach

Greg Lawrence

Psychedelic integration specialist

Greg Lawrence is a psychedelic integration and transformational coach, speaker, educator, and integration circle facilitator.

In addition to his private practice, Greg does integration coaching for The Transpersonal Center in Los Angeles, and for retreat centers around the globe. He is a member of Innerspace Integration’s provider network and has been leading integration circles for PsychedeLiA Integration in Los Angeles for over five years now.

He is also one of the core faculty at The Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification program, designed to empower plant medicine people to grow their thriving vocation in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

In this talk, he digs deep into transformational psychedelic experiences and psychedelic integration, sharing some of his transformational techniques for working with clients, and discussing ways of getting the most out of a psychedelic experience.

What you'll discover:

  • What psychedelic integration means
  • Greg’s transformational techniques for working with clients
  • How to get the most out of your psychedelic experience

About Greg Lawrence

Greg Lawrence is a psychedelic integration and transformational coach who credits much of his personal transformation to his conscious use of psychedelics, and, more importantly, the integration of those experiences.

In working with clients, Greg draws on his knowledge of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, numerous personal and spiritual development disciplines and philosophies, as well as many tools and techniques he has developed himself.

Greg believes that everyone has the right to explore their own consciousness so that they can truly know themselves, and that people who choose to use these powerful molecules have the right to information that will enable them to do so in an informed, safe and responsible manner.

Where to find Greg Lawrence

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