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Indigenous led retreats

Iraci Calixto

Ira Calixto was raised by an indigenous Brazilian mother who served as a medicine-midwife and a Brazilian father of African descent. Prayers, music, drumming, and dancing were also part of her upbringing.
She had her early instruction in both modern and African dance at Minas Gerais, Brazil’s Folk Instiute De Danza Aruanda, where she acquired a degree in dance.
She began her career as a health therapist and fitness instructor, concentrating in dance- theatre for whole body wellness.
She continues to practice Yoga and Acroyoga as part of her routine.
Acupuncturist and facial/skull massage therapist at the Spanish School of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nejing. Trained as a sound therapist at the Instituto Espanol De Sonoterapia.
She explores the ancient Mayan sites in Mexico in 1994, when she fell in love with the Maya’s indigenous teachings, customs, worldviews, and ancestral philosophies, and has never forgotten her affection for those beautiful lands. Guardian preparation for the Cacao Ceremony and Sacred Fire
Ira has participated in a wide range of initiatives and events devoted to spiritual development, cultural appreciation, holistic health, and whole-person development.

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