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Yajé and the Siekopai Cultural Sovereignty

Jimmy Piaguaje

Siekopai Leader & Filmmaker

About Jimmy Piaguaje

Jimmy is a filmmaker, producer, and community leader of the Siekopai people. He currently lives in Siekoya Remolino with his community; the Siekopai territory stretches from Northern Ecuador to Peru. Jimmy has worked for various organizations working to protect the Amazon; including Alianza Ceibo, Amazon Frontlines, Fundación Raíz, and others.

He is currently the director of the indigenous led Siekopai organization, Sëra, whose aim is to create a circular economy, food security, value creation education, and the defense of their territory.

In this interview, he discusses the changes he has undergone in his personal life through yajé (ayahuasca) that led to the changes in the community in order to continue to protect their territory and culture.

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