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The Condor Eagle Prophecy and Responsible Use of Sacred Medicines

Jue Karollys

Colombian Medicine Man and Sundancer

Jue (pronounced joo-eh) Karollys is a medicine man from Manizales, Colombia. Jue has been a student of various ancestral traditions for 20 years, including the Kallawaya of Bolivia, the Dakota of North America, and the Chavín and Matsés of Peru.

Jue has dedicated his life to the study of ancestral medicines and has learned at the hands of several indigenous elders, who have shared with him the ancestral knowledge and wisdom to be able to lead sacred ceremonies himself.

Together with his wife Susanna, Jue carries the profoundly powerful and healing Huachuma and Wilca altar. They also work with corn, in the form of the ancestral chicha drink, coca leaf, and sacred tobacco. He is a Sun Dancer and leads Inipi under the Dakota tradition. Jue is also a trained Kambo facilitator.

Jue lives in Santa Elena, Medellín, Colombia with his wife Susanna and their three daughters, Ayni, Arawi, and Qori.

In this insightful interview, you will discover:

  • Jue's path studying sacred traditions, from the Dakota of the North, to the Andes of Bolivia and Peru, to the Amazon jungle
  • What the Condor Eagle Prophecy means to Jue and how he sees it coming into fruition
  • The path of the medicine carrier and the responsibility of leading an altar
  • How to be respectful and responsible stewards of sacred medicines

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