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Storytelling as a Force for Change: How Narratives Shape Our Culture, Psychedelic Journeys, and Our Future

Mareesa Stertz

Professional Storyteller, Co-Founder at Lucid News, Lead of Strategy/Comms at Global Psychedelic Society

About Mareesa Stertz

Mareesa Stertz is a professional storyteller, Steward and Lead Strategy/Communication at the Global Psychedelic Society, Co-founder at Lucid News, and a filmmaker who's created the documentary series, “The Healing Powers of Psychedelics", currently streaming on Gaia TV. She is on a mission to shift dominant narratives and celebrate the healing journey; and her work has taken her around the world, filming documentaries with the curanderos of Peru to the holy men of India.

She has shared her stories of working with psychedelics on stages internationally and offers storytelling workshops online and in retreats. Her work has been featured on Gaia TV, Viceland, Merry Jane, Double Blind, and Lucid News, and her workshops have been offered through Naropa, Synthesis Institute, Beth Weinstein Programs, and Tam Integration.

Where to find Mareesa Stertz

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