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Storytelling as a Force for Change: How Narratives Shape Our Culture, Psychedelic Journeys, and Our Future

Melissa Barker

Founder, The Phoenix Project

About Melissa Barker

Dr. Melissa Barker, EdD is an entrepreneur, activist, and emerging voice in the growing psychedelics movement. Dr. Barker is the founder of The Phoenix Project, a community-led mental health tech platform that’s now in the process of developing AI-assisted support for trauma survivors who are utilizing psychedelic therapy.

Her experiences with ketamine, MDMA/MDA, psilocybin, and LSD (alongside her work helping other survivors) spurred her into a deeper understanding of what healing from sexual trauma, abuse and violence means for women, particularly in today’s current climate.

Dr. Barker has appeared on The Psychedelic Podcast by Third WaveSex Love Psychedelics, and many others. She recently co-anchored the panel “MDMA Saved My Life: Psychedelics & Healing from Sexual Trauma” at SXSW 2024 alongside Sutton King, Dr. Sunny Strasburg, and Dr. Cat Meyer.

Where to find Melissa Barker

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