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Ancestral Teachings of the Siekopai Healers

Roberto Piaguaje

Traditional Siekopai Healer

About Roberto Piaguaje

Roberto is a connoisseur of medicinal plants native to the Amazon Rainforest. He lives in the present day Siekopai territory located in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon. He is one of the wise men of the indigenous Siekopai Nation.

He began his study with yajé when he was 6 years old; yajé is related and similar to ayahuasca. Among the great wise men of the Siekopai people, he was born in the ancestral territory of Miuña in present-day Peru. Today he shares his experience and wisdom with the community.

In this interview, he shares various ancestral teachings that were passed on to him by his elders and speaks of the importance of preparing the body every time yajé (ayahuasca) is drunk. He also shares about the ways to undergo a proper dieta so as to allow the body to connect with celestial beings, and the spiritual relevance of the Kakotëkawë period for drinking as a Siekopai native.

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