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Safe Trip-Sitting Essentials

Skye Weaver

Earth Medicine and Women's Leadership Mentor

Skye is an Earth Medicine and Feminine Leadership Mentor. She works with clients in groups and one on one, teaches harm reduction and trip-sitting courses, and legally facilitates psychedelic journeys with cannabis.

She is also one of the core faculty at The Plant Spirit School Integration Coach Certification program, designed to empower plant medicine people to grow their thriving vocation in the Psychedelic Renaissance.

In this talk, she shares her methods of preparing for and “holding space” during a journey while minimizing harm and maximizing benefit, as well discussing the importance of integrating the experience afterward.

What you'll discover:

  • The importance of assessment to minimize harm and maximize efficacy during a journey
  • How to prepare for and "hold space" during a psychedelic journey
  • Why integration is so important, not only for your clients but for yourself as a sitter

About Skye Weaver

Skye is a recovering overachiever who now supports overworked CEO's, entrepreneurs and psychedelic facilitators in developing tools and creating experiences to create more spaciousness in their lives, feel resourced in their bodies and tap into their inherent wisdom for a more sustainable, and regenerative path of service.

She weaves coaching, teaching, mentorship, body and energy work, somatic and psychedelic therapies together through the legal use of psychedelic cannabis as a potent sacrament for transformation.

Since earning her Master’s from Harvard University in 2009, Skye has trained in Mindful Somatic Psychology (The Hakomi Institute), Mindfulness-based Psychedelic Therapy (Medicinal Mindfulness), 500 hour RYT, Reiki and bodywork (Cloud 9 Yoga), and feminine health and well-being (Remembrance Apothecary/Ambrosia's Table).

She's been featured in Playboy and on Gaia TV for her role in the burgeoning psychedelic renaissance and feels purpose and fulfillment in having supported thousands of clients and friends as they navigated and processed their personal growth journeys. Always remembering, it's not what we are doing, but who we are being that matters.

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