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Taita Universario Queta

Taita Universario Queta is a Cofán traditional healer who lives in the Santa Rosa del Guamuéz indigenous reserve, Putumayo, in the south of Colombia. As a child, Taita Universario studied the sacred Yagé medicine under the guidance of his parents who were authorities on traditional medicine in the community.

He later learned to become a Taita or curaca (healer) under three Cofán elders, who posed him with numerous challenges during his process of study. Today, he is a renowned healer in his community, who has healed countless individuals from various spiritual and physical illnesses, both in Colombia and other parts of the world. He walks at the hand of his wife Vitelia Criollo, who accompanies him in this process of healing and guiding humanity.

Taita Universario Queta is Cofán medicine man who lives in the south of Colombia, in the Putumayo region, in the Santa Rosa del Guamuéz indigenous reserve, where there is a great wealth of natural jungle.

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